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Hiring excellent Calumet City movers will allow you to have a much better relocation experience. Our company has one of the top teams working in the business today, with employees who will make sure you don’t have to worry about a thing. Please take a look at our services and book a move by contacting our representatives right away.

Check Out This Very Affordable Suburb Just Outside of Chi-Town’s Borders

This is a relatively small, densely populated suburb located immediately below Chicago’s southern border. The community is perfect for anyone looking to move somewhere more affordable while still having access to all of the neighboring city’s amenities. The local landmark called The Smiley Towers wishes everyone who passes through to “Have a Nice Day”, perfectly describing how polite the people are in the area.

Cal City’s Real Estate Is Very Affordable

If you’re looking to buy some inexpensive property just outside of Chi-town’s city limits, you should consider relocating to this place. The local housing market offers plenty of relatively affordable options, meaning you can easily find a place that fits your needs even if you’re working with a limited relocation expenses checklist. According to Niche, Cal City’s median home value of $106,000 is about 60% lower than Chicago’s $256,000.

Despite almost half of all listings falling in the $100-$199k price range, 35% of available real estate costs between $50k and $99k. The median rent of $950 is also relatively inexpensive, with most rentals going for $500-$999 a month. If you’re looking to spend a bit more, about 30% of all units are in the $1,000-$1,499 price range. Once you find a place that suits you, contact some local movers in Calumet City, IL, to help you with the relocation.

The Community Is Diverse, With a Large African American Majority

Similar to some of the best neighborhoods in Chicago, Calumet City’s population is very diverse. Based on official demographics, African Americans are the community’s most prominent group, representing about three-fourths of all residents in the area. White ethnicities make up the remaining 25%, while about 15% also identify as Latino or Hispanic.

You’ll Be Less Than 40 Minutes Away From All of Chicago’s Amenities

Although you’ll be living in a suburb, you’ll still have easy access to all of Chicago’s amenities. If you’re planning on commuting in a car, “The Loop” will be less than 40 minutes away. Despite the usual traffic, I-94 is still the shortest and fastest route, taking only 32 minutes to reach the downtown area. I-90 is also a good option, but it will take you slightly longer to get there. There are also several public transportation options, with departures occurring every 20 minutes. With all of them including a connecting train ride, it usually takes about an hour and twenty minutes to reach downtown.


Although using the well-known moving to-do list and various relocation hacks can help you organize the entire move, hiring professional movers in Chicago is still the best choice. A good moving company in Chicago will take a lot of relocation stress off your back and allow you to move efficiently without having to spend a bunch of time on preparations. If you need anything for your move, Legit Movers can help you have a much more enjoyable relocation.

No Other Calumet City, IL Movers Have Reviews as Good As We Do

With so many new Chicago movers continuously entering the market, it’s becoming harder to separate the real professionals from moving scams. In situations like these, having viable customer feedback is the only way to distinguish a real mover from a fake. Unlike many other Chicago moving companies, we have plenty of excellent customer reviews left by numerous satisfied clients. The feedback we continue to receive further reinforces our status as one of the best movers in Calumet City, Illinois, as very few moving companies in Chicago, IL, have reviews that are this good.

We Offer All the Essential Moving Services in Chicago

While reviews do a lot to promote our company, the quality of our local relocation services speaks for itself. Depending on what you require, our mover in Chicago, IL, can provide you the following options:

  • Residential relocation – Changing a home doesn’t have to be difficult, so whether you’re relocating by yourself or with family, this is the option you’ll probably need the most. If you’re relocating to a multi-story building, you’ll likely have to book an apartment move. Otherwise, a household relocation is a perfect choice when you’re switching houses.
  • Commercial relocation – As relocating a business requires a lot of planning, getting one of the top professionals in the field will significantly reduce the time it takes to prepare everything.
  • Packing and moving – If you don’t know how to pack plates or fragile belongings, hiring our movers and packers in Chicago will cover just about everything you have to prepare for relocation. Before getting our excellent packing service, make sure that you’ve dealt with all the items movers won’t move, as this could cause all kinds of problems when loaded into the truck.

Our Company Also Offers in and Out of Storage and Labor Moving Services

Besides all the relocation services we mentioned, we also have some other options you might find interesting. If you need some help with loading the truck, remember that you can always get our labor service. This option is perfect for anyone who needs to move a piano but doesn’t want to get the usual professional services.

While local movers in Chicago don’t provide full storage service, our company still offers in-and-out-of storage relocations. Let’s say you have some belongings you want to store in a unit you own. Our team will come to pick up the items and place them in storage for you. We can also take something out of the unit and deliver it to you.

Contact Our Customer Service and Get a Free Quote From One of the Best Movers in Chicago

Now that you’re aware of all the basics, nothing stops you from learning more about each service and its prices. If you have any questions or want to book a movecontact our customer support team and ask for a free quote. Our employees will explain everything and make sure you have the best moving experience possible.

If are you simply moving within Chicago itself. At Legit Movers Chicago we are specialized in local moves from packing service, domestic removals, office relocations. Over the year, we have built an enviable reputation as a moving company; this doesn’t just come to be. It is due to the quality services provided to our client, which we based on integrity and honesty.