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Crystal Lake

Moving to Crystal Lake

  • Median Home Price – $219,200
  • Median Rent – $1,263
  • Median Income – $49,936

About Crystal Lake

If you are planning on moving to the Chicago areasoon, you are probably looking for the perfect place to call home. There are a lot of amazing cities just outside of Chicago but Crystal Lake with its unique charm and friendly community will for sure capture your hearts. Crystal Lake is the largest city located in McHenry County and definitely the place we recommend for families, couples and professionals to start their new life chapter in.

A little bit of basic information about Crystal Lake – it got its name after a lake 1.6 miles south from its downtown and it is located 45 miles northwest of the city of Chicago with a current population of around 40,000 residents

💡 Did you know?

The present day city of Crystal Lake was originally known as Crystal Ville.

Crystal Lake Neighborhoods

Crystal Lake has many separate neighborhoods, each offering a feel of its own.
Moving to Crystal Lake, you will have many options to choose from, and at least one neighborhood is bound to meet your needs and expectations. 

Some of the popular neighborhoods include:

  • Downtown Crystal Lake neighborhood

Downtown Crystal Lake is where Crystal Lake Central High School is located.
The houses in this neighborhood range in age and size, and it is possibly the most diverse neighborhood in the entire city.

  • Coventry neighborhood

Coventry is located south of downtown with multiple schooling options and a lot of housing options as well you can choose from, great for couples with or without kids.

  • Wedgewood neighborhood

If you are thinking about moving to Wedgewood, it’s a good choice, it has gorgeous single-family homes and townhouses perfect for families.

  • The Village neighborhood

Moving to the Village is an amazing option since it is hands down the neighborhood with the best, unbeatable breathtaking views.

You will surely find a neighborhood that checks all the boxes for you, as each offers something unique and special.

What does Crystal Lake have to offer?

Moving to Crystal Lake, you probably wish to get to know the city a little bit better and what are its best features, here are some we would single out. Let’s show you why people love living in Crystal Lake and never want to leave.

Amazing park district

Crystal lake has so much to offer, it has more than 400 parks that span out over 2,000 acres with abundant recreation areas and opportunities.

Most popular parks are:

  • Veteran Acres Park – a large 140 acre park perfect for kids and families with dogs;
  • Lippold Park  – the largest park in the district, covers 305 acres. 

It has been the host to the McHenry County Youth Sports Association Summer International 15-year-old Baseball Championships for the past 22 years, welcoming teams from across the nation and Puerto Rico as well as from Japan, Brazil, and other countries

  • Winding Creek Park– has a great biking / hiking trail

  • Wingate Prairie Nature Preserve – This unique prairie land, with its rolling terrain, oak savanna and conifer groupings, is home to several rare and endangered plant and animal species including the Prairie Buttercup, Pinweed, Queen of the Prairie, Pale Vetchling, Purple Flowering Raspberry, Silvery Blue Butterfly, and the Franklin Ground Squirrel.

Family-Friendly Community

While Crystal Lake is home to over 40k people, you can still enjoy a tight-knit community feel that offers family oriented events and amenities, making Crystal Lake a perfect city in McHenry County to move to with a family.

It is a wonderful community. The beach access, farmers markets, quaint downtown, and schools make this an incredible place to raise your kids. If you like water activities, parks, and the 4th of July, Crystal Lake is for you.

💡 Did you know?

The only daily newspaper published in McHenry County, the Northwest Herald, calls Crystal Lake home.


When talking about higher education the city of Crystal Lake can offer 3 higher educational facilities. Those are:

  • McHenry County College

  • William Rainey Harper College

  • Elgin Community College

If you want to move to Crystal Lake and get a college degree, then you will definitely not be disappointed. 

The high schools in the city of Crystal Lake are in a separate school district, as opposed to the elementary and middle schools.

The city of Crystal Lake has five high schools: Crystal Lake Central, Crystal Lake South, Prairie Ridge High School, Cary-Grove High School and Woodstock High School.

The public schools in Crystal Lake offer their students with education that is above average, so if you move to Crystal Lake you will have great options for your children’s education

Prepare for Cold Winters

There are people who don’t mind the cold climate, and if you are planning on living in Crystal lake you should be ready for both hot summers and cold winters, and Crystal Lake is a bit colder than its large neighboring city of Chicago. 

During the summer months, you will experience temperatures that are comparable to the ones in Chicago, with the hottest month of the year – July, with the average temperature of 86 degrees although it can often exceed 100 degrees.

The winters can be colder with the coldest month of the year – January, with an average temperature of 23 degrees.

Cultural sites of interest

If you are planning on moving to Crystal lake with your family, expect a large number of cultural institutions. There are a lot of churches within the city, hosting a lot of annual events.

Downtown Crystal Lake, which was reconstructed not long ago, is now home to an abundance of small local shops and businesses, and is considered to be a shopping district.

The Raue Center for the Arts is also located in the downtown district, hosting concerts every year.

The city is also home to the Crystal Lake Strikers, Crystal Lake Community Band, McHenry County Music Center and Voices in Harmony.

💡 Did you know?

It was first settled in by the whites in February 1836. Beman and Polly Crandall from New York were the first settlers of the area.

Places to Visit in Crystal Lake, IL

  • The Crystal Lake

  • Moraine Hills State Park

  • Chester Gould Dick Tracy Museum

  • Santa’s Village – Illinois

  • Racing Rapids Water Park

  • Six Flags Great America

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