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Known as the site of the first McDonald’s franchise restaurant, which was opened in 1955, and a museum devoted to its history, this exciting suburban city offers many interesting amenities.

If you find life here attractive, contact Des Plaines movers right away and relocate there with ease. Movers in Des Plaines, IL, can offer you amazing services and competitive rates.

If you want to find more details about their incredible facilities and more fun facts about this place, keep reading the following article.

Great place to live

If you are looking for a peaceful suburban city with entertaining amenities and good schools, Des Plaines might be perfect for you and your family.
According to many reviews, this place offers great diversity and many exciting business opportunities – it is often mentioned as one of the best places to live in this area.

It has a population of about 60,000 residents, and most of them own their homes. The community is well organized and structured, with plenty of grocery stores, bars, and restaurants. Crime rates and statistics show that this place is also very safe, making it ideal for family life.

The distance to Chicago is just 16 miles, so you can visit it frequently – driving distance is about 19 miles, and it should take you about 20 minutes to get there if you take the I-90 route.

💡 Did you know?

It is situated on and is named after the Des Plaines River, which runs through the city just east of its downtown area.

Affordable Housing 

Another of many advantages of living here are affordable housing prices combined with high household incomes.

  • The median household income in this area is about $70,000, which is higher than the national median household income.
  • On the other hand, the median home value around here is approximately $250,000, which is close to the national median value.
  • When it comes to renting prices, you can find a place to rent around here for about $1,100.

Keep in mind that most of the residents own their homes, so this might be a good opportunity to become a homeowner.

Whether you buy or rent, you will enjoy the new chapter of your life in Des Plaines for sure.

Highly Rated Schools

According to Niche reviews, some of the highest rated schools in this area are:

  • Glenbrook South High School
  • Prospect High School
  • John Hersey High School
  • Maine South High School
  • Elk Grove School

If you relocate here with your children, there is absolutely no need for moving stress – they
will surely get a great education and make good friends at some of the best local schools.

💡 Did you know?

The majority of the hit 1985 film The Breakfast Club was filmed at the now-defunct Maine North High School located in unincorporated Des Plaines.

Family-Friendly Amenities

After you unpack, it’s time to explore your new neighborhood. Some of the interesting amenities you can visit around here include:

  • History Center
  • Public Library

  • Theater
  • Deval crossing interlocking tower
  • Lake Opeka in Lake Park
  • Mystic Water Family Aquatic Center
  • Big Bend Lake
  • Rivers Casino
  • McDonald’s Museum, a reconstruction of the first franchised McDonald’s restaurant built by franchisor Ray Kroc, founder of the McDonald’s Corporation

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First class local movers in Des Plaines

Local moving services that our company provides can be really helpful for different types of relocations. Depending on your personal needs and the distance of your move, you can choose some of the following packing and relocation services:

    • Residential relocation service

      This is convenient if you want to relocate all of your home inventory from one location to another – we just need to know the distance. A team of professionals in our company will pack all of your belongings and transport them with a specialized relocating vehicle to your new home.

    • Apartment relocation service

      If you want to relocate your apartment belongings and furniture to your new home in a short period of time, just tell us the distance and what items you need to relocate. We can also offer you a free estimate.

    • Commercial moving service

      In case you want to relocate your business office inventory. All of your equipment will be carefully packed and protected – there is no need to worry about something getting broken – our professionals are specialized in packing fragile items.

  • In and out of storage moving service 

If you want to relocate your storage belongings from one point to another in no time, our team of experienced helpers will be ready to help you out.

  • Household relocation service

    This facility is convenient if you don’t know how to pack books or any other household items, so our professionals can assist you with packing and relocating them to the desired destination.

Need Labor-Only Moving Services?

Our team of packers and movers can also offer you labor moving service.
If you have already rented a moving truck and you need an additional workforce for furniture lifting, we can jump in with the right assistance.

Our local movers in Chicago can help you with loading and unloading relocating vehicles and help you move a piano or any other bulky and heavy object.
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