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Moving to Evanston

  • Median Home Price – $380,600
  • Median Rent – $1,366
  • Median Income – $52,437

About Evanston

So you are moving to the Chicago area soon and you are wondering what is the best neighborhood for you. Well, this blog will help you find out some new things about Evanston and what it has to offer and if that is the place you will call home. You will read about education, transportation and in general what it is like living in Evanston.

Evanston, IL is a North Shore suburblocated 12 miles north of Chicago.
Located on Lake Michigan, it borders Chicago’s city limits and sits just north of Rogers Park.

Evanston is one of Cook County’s largest suburbs with a population of around 70,000 residents.

Year after year, Evanston is rated as the best place to live in Cook County.
This is due to a variety of outdoor activities, a diverse and inclusive demographic, and a world-class downtown district.

Moreover, the city of Evanston has seven beaches and many beautiful historic houses and museums.

💡 Did you know?

Evanston is named after John Evans, a founder of both Northwestern University and the University of Denver.

Transportation in Evanston

Evanston’s growth occurred largely because of its accessibility from Chicago by rail.

The city is served by the CTA’s Purple Line which belongs to the Chicago El system.
Metros’s Union Pacific North Line has stations in Evanston.

The city of Evanston is served by O’Hare International Airport and by the Chicago Midway International Airport.

What does Evanston have to offer?

Moving to Evanston, you probably wish to get to know the city a little bit better and what are its best features, here are some we would single out. Let’s show you why people love living in Evanstonand never want to leave:

Lots of outdoor activities

With a wide variety of parks, there are plenty of opportunities to get outside in Evanston!
Indeed, we have 77 parks here, so many that 98% of homes are within a half-mile of one of them!

Then there’s the fact that even this far north, Evanston has seven (yes, seven!) beaches.

Being this close to Chicago also provides a fantastic opportunity to visit the Windy City on a whim.

One of the biggest and best cities in America, Chicago offers world-class amenities, dining, entertainment, and museums. We’re close enough that day trips aren’t just feasible; they’re enjoyable.

Family-Friendly Community

Evanston is a family friendly suburb 12 miles north of downtown Chicago. In a nutshell, Evanston is an all-around excellent environment for children to grow up in.

It has Lake Michigan, a small city feel, and bigger city amenities making it a near perfect city to raise a family. Let’s now forget the amazing education and school system.

💡 Did you know?

Early after its founding, because of its strong Methodist influence, and its attempt to impose moral rigor, Evanston was called “Heavenston”.


If you’re the parent of a school-age child, you’ll be glad to know that the school system here gets excellent grades!

An A+, to be exact, which is great news for you and your kids. Out of the 36 public schools in Evanston, a whopping 23 receive a grade of A or better!

That puts Evanston at the top of the heap in terms of schools and is one of the biggest pros of living in Evanston, IL.

The school district has a single high school, Evanston Township High School, with an enrollment of just over 4,000, covering grades 9 through 12.


Founded in 1855, Evanston is home to Northwestern University, one of the nation’s leading research universities

Located along Lake Michigan, Northwestern’s campus spans 240 acres with an estimated 250 buildings

Since 1908, Kellogg School of Management as well as Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary (1853) have institutions, of which both share the campus with Northwestern.

Evanston Events

The city of Evanston is host to the annual Evanston Lakeshore Arts Festival.

The festival features classical and jazz music and family entertainment.

Other events in Evanston include:

  • Custer Street Fair

  • Fountain Square Arts Festival

  • Starlight Concerts

  • Evanston Ethnic Arts Festival

💡 Did you know?

Marlon Brando grew up in Evanston, IL. How cool is that?

Prepare for Snowy Winters

If you really, truly love snow, Evanston will be a dream come true.

However, if you’re like the rest of us, the snow and cold while living in Evanston, IL can be downright brutal.

Considering how close we are to Canada, that’s not surprising. It also means that if you like winter sports, you’ll have several opportunities to enjoy them while living in Evanston.

No, we don’t have mountains, but we do have some great hills!

💡 Did you know?

Seth Meyers, John Cusack, Jake Johnson and Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra were born in Evanston.

Places to Visit in Evanston, IL

  • Evanston History Center

  • Fountain Square Tower

  • Frances Willard House

  • Grosse Point Lighthouse

  • Mount Trashmore

  • Northwestern University

Fun Facts about Evanston, IL

  • In 1939, Evanston hosted the first NCAA basketball championship game.
  • Tinker Toys were born in Evanston.
  • The headquarters of Alpha Phi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Sigma Chi are in Evanston.
  • Evanston is home to the temperance movement, and the town strongly supported Prohibition, starting in 1855 when an amendment passed outlawing the sale of alcohol within four miles of Northwestern University’s campus.
  • Evanston is a popular filming location. Much of the 1997 film Home Alone 3 was filmed in Evanston. Although not filmed there, the 2004 film Mean Girls is set in the Evanston suburbs, and makes several references to the area.

    Additionally, the baseball movie Rookie of the Year, featuring Gary Busey and Thomas Ian Nicholas, was partially shot at Haven Middle School.

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