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Glendale Heights Movers

If you are looking to have a smooth relocation experience, you should choose your local Glendale Heights movers carefully. Many Chicago moving companies operate in the area, but some are really better than others. And, choosing the right local movers in Chicago is the make-or-break factor that can determine the outcome of your move. We will introduce the moving and storage services we offer in Chicago and a wide distance around it, and we will also give you a quick tour of the place.

Welcome to Glendale Heights, Illinois

This suburb is located in DuPage County, a short distance away from the city of Chicago. It has a dense suburban feel to it, and it’s pretty lively, even though it’s a suburb. Around 34,000 people get to call it home, and they think it’s one of the best neighborhoods around Chicago. Let’s see what you will find here.

Cost of Living in Glendale Heights, Illinois

We will first acknowledge the financial aspect of relocating here, as most people want to have their moving expenses checklist in order before anything else. The overall cost of living index is based at 100.2, which is slightly over the state average of 93.4. That means that you would spend just short of $200,000 on the house here, should you decide to buy. Most people do, and they own their homes, but you can also rent. The median rent for a 1-bedroom apartment will be around $1,170 if that’s what you prefer. Either way, you decide to go, you won’t make a mistake as this is one of the safest areas around Chicago.

A Tight-Knit and Laid-Back Community

This is a charming place surrounded by beautiful nature. The community is very friendly and welcoming. Everything revolves around kids here, so if you are moving with kids, you will appreciate that there are lots of little ones here, and yours will be able to make friends easily. Schools are excellent and within walking distance. If you are relocating with pets, your pet will get to enjoy the abundance of green spaces. The community is pretty diverse and laid-back – everyone is friendly to each other, and people will say hello to you. You will also be able to live carefree as safety is exceptionally high over here.

What’s the Way to Spend Free Time?

You will find all the necessary resources for everyday life here. Big retail stores like Target, Walmart, Jewel, and others are present and within walking distance. There are skating rinks, a theatre, shopping outlets, and restaurants downtown. Have a hotdog at Tommy’s or head to some of the parks to get rid of the remaining moving stress. There are many sports centers, and events and fun activities are organized in the community throughout the year. The 4th of July is the merriest one, and that’s when the whole community gathers together to celebrate. Don’t miss out on the experience.


If you like the place, you should start making your moving to-do list. The first item on it should be choosing Chicago movers to help you with moving and storage services. Giving your trust to a professional company will not only save you from moving scams but also allow you to have the most carefree and smooth relocation experience. We are a professional company that is fully licensed, legit, and whose workers have the necessary skills and moving hacks to help you with every part of this experience.

Our Local Glendale Heights Movers Top the Lists

When you go through the reviews, you will notice that our local team tops all the lists. From packing and storage to commercial moving – they excel at it all. That’s because they are professional relocators with years of experience and up to any task. There are certain items movers won’t move – those are usually dangerous chemicals forbidden by law – but there’s nothing they can’t do. They come highly recommended and for a good reason.

Moving and Storage Services Our Local Glendale Heights, IL Movers Provide

We offer lots of different services to anyone interested in our help. All of these services have the same goal – to enable you to move efficiently into your new home. Check the list of the services we provide and choose the right one for you, or combine more services – whichever works best for you.

  • Labor service – If you decide to rent a truck and handle your own move, contact us when you need help carrying heavy objects from the truck to your new home.
  • Packing service – If you are having issues packing plates for moving or packing simply isn’t your thing – contact us. Our professional packers have the ultimate packing equipment, and they will handle it easily.
  • Residential moving service – Contact us if you want your entire household moved into a new home of your choice.
  • In-and-out-of storage service – We are who you should call if you need your belongings taken to a storage facility or from a storage facility to your new home.
  • Commercial moving service – If you have a company or business to move, get in touch with us as we move businesses easily and efficiently.

Reviews Will Reveal the Best Movers in Glendale Heights, IL

Don’t believe us – ask the people! If you don’t know anyone that’s moved recently, check the reviews of various professional movers in Chicago. Compare those reviews. You will notice our company tops all the reviews and lists due to the quality of our services.

You Can Get a Free Quote

Contact us, and get your free quote right away if you want to know more about our prices. The free quote you get is competitive and reasonable, and it beats any other quote any other mover in Chicago, IL, will give you. When you compare them and figure out we are the best option, give us a call and set your move in motion.

If are you simply moving within Chicago itself. At Legit Movers Chicago we are specialized in local moves from packing service, domestic removals, office relocations. Over the year, we have built an enviable reputation as a moving company; this doesn’t just come to be. It is due to the quality services provided to our client, which we based on integrity and honesty.