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If you are packing your bags and getting ready to move, you will need the services of professional Highland Park movers to help you settle down smoothly in a new home. 

We are Chicago movers who cover a wide distance around the Windy City and your new town, too. 

So, before packing your bags, make sure you have the best moving company in Chicago on your payroll, and we’ll tell you why you should choose our company.

Welcome to Highland Park

This suburban city is nestled in the southeastern part of Lake County, Illinois, a 27-mile distance from Chicago. 

It’s a small place that houses just short of 30,000 people, and it’s considered to be one of the best neighborhoods around Chicago.

Highland Park is a very safe and family friendly city near Chicago. Great schools, great neighborhood, cute downtown. Everything is super accessible year round and there is great access to Lake Michigan.

Let’s give you a brief introduction to the place, and what you can find in the distance around, so you can make a decision on whether or not you want to move here.

Cost of Living in Highland Park

Let’s give the cost of living a closer look before you start packing your bags, as it’s a make-or-break factor for most of us. 

  • The city has an overall cost of living index of 132.9 per BestPlaces, which is significantly higher than the state average of 93.4 and the national average of 100. 
  • That means that a median home would cost you around $470,000, while the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment would be around $1,570 per month.

But, if you can afford it, you will be living in one of the safest neighborhoods around Chicago for sure, not to mention the amazing work life balance and a great area for raising kids.

💡 Did you know?

Golden Globe-winning actress Rachel Brosnahan from Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel grew up in Highland Park and attended Highland Park High School.

Upscale Small Town Close to Chicago

This is a nice, clean, and safe environment to live and raise your children in. 

The school system is excellent, and schools are within walking distance.

 Everything else is also easily accessible, and there is an abundance of resources. 

There are a lot of houses with spacious yards for your dog to play in if you are relocating with pets. 

The area is peaceful, and the community is friendly and welcoming. 

Many kids who grow up here choose to return here and start their own families as it’s one of the best places to live in Illinois.

Things to Do in Highland Park

  • The biggest attraction is Lake Michigan, where the whole family can go shake off some of that relocation stress after you’ve moved. 
  • There’s the beach, sports areas, or you can grab a bite to eat. There is a charming downtown with great shopping areas and amazing restaurants. 
  •  There are also lots of parks throughout the city and hiking and biking trails are plentiful, and there are amazing events held throughout the year. 
  • Ravinia Brewing Company is where you should go if you feel like having a great beer. 

Ravinia Festival is a must-visit, open-air pavilion seating 3,200, which hosts classical, pop, jazz and latin concerts in the summers. 

  • Of course, if you feel like going to Chicago, it’s just a short distance away and easily accessible.

💡 Did you know?

Highland Park was used for location shots for several movies written and directed by John Hughes in the 1980s including 

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Weird Science, Sixteen Candles, Uncle Buck and Home Alone.

 Other popular films from the 1980s shot or partially set in Highland Park include Ordinary People, Risky Business, and Lucas.

Highland Park Movers Like No Others

Before you start packing and figuring out what the most commonly forgotten things to pack are – make a to-do list. 

The first thing you will want to do is choose which one of the moving companies in Chicago you want to handle your move.

 We are movers in Chicago that offer moving services in Highland Park and the city -you will want to move with. 

The reviews from our customers and the trust we have go to show the quality of our service. 

If you are eying an easy and stress-free move – choose our company.

Our Movers in Highland Park – Pride of Our Company

You can’t entrust just anyone with your furniture and all your possessions. 

You want to avoid moving scams, and you want someone with the right experience, moving hacks, and knowledge to carefully handle them. 

Our professional team has it all and will give great attention to your furniture, floors, and wall of your old and new house. They will make sure everything arrives safely at your doorstep. 

All you need to do is read what items movers won’t move, contact us, and we’ll make sure you move efficiently.

We Offer the Following Moving Services

We offer many different services so we can better assist you and make sure you can move easily and swiftly. 

Choose whichever suits you or mix and match, depending on your needs. Here are the options:

  • Packing service 
  • Our professional team of packers can pack plates, dishes, valuable furniture, or anything else with great skills and prime packing gear.
  • Residential moving service

    We can move you into a new home securely and stress-free, so contact us for the job.

  • In-and-out-of storage service

    Contact us if you want your furniture taken into storage you’ve rented or from one to your new home.

  • Labor service

    If you are DIYing your local move, contact us if you need help carrying the heavy furniture up and down the stairs and into each room.

  • Commercial moving service

    If you have a business that needs relocating, we are your best bet.

Our Highland Park Movers Have Top Reviews

On your search for the right professional movers in Chicago, online reviews could prove to be extremely beneficial. 

Reading testimonials from other people through reviews will give you an insight into our way of work and what you can expect from us. 

It will also show you why we are your top choice.

Contact Us to Get Your Free Quote

If you want to hear more about our services or fees, contact us. You will be able to get a free quote with no strings attached. 

We are affordable, and we won’t be much of a burden on your relocation expenses checklist. 

If you are satisfied with your free quote, schedule your local move with us, and you won’t regret it.

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