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If you plan to move and want everything to go smoothly, you can always hire professional Northbrook movers for assistance.

Our movers in Northbrook, IL, are trained and licensed professionals who will do everything in their power to answer all of your special requests and meet your needs in the best way possible.

If you want to find out more information about this exciting place and more details about our moving services in Chicago, keep reading.

💡 Did you know?

When incorporated in 1901, the village was known as Shermerville in honor of Frederick Schermer, who donated the land for its first train station.

How’s life in Northbrook?

This vibrant and inspiring place was later renamed, and it’s now famous for its special park district, shopping centers, beautiful bars and restaurants, and plenty of other interesting amenities.

Northbrook is a quaint village famed for its idyllic natural scenery and beautiful buildings. Living in Northbrook offers residents a dense suburban feel while being just 20 miles away from Chicago.

So this place might be good for your new home even if you need to commute for work or for any other reasons.

💡 Did you know?

Northbrook was a filming location for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Cost of Living Is Above Average, But Worth It

When it comes to the cost of living, you should know that life here is fantastic and therefore a bit more expensive.

  • If you plan on buying a home around here, you’ll need approximately $500,000, which is the median home value in this area.
  • The median rent value is about $2,000, but most residents own their homes, so finding an available apartment to rent might be challenging.
  • The median household income in this area is about $125,000, which is twice as high as the national median household income.

    Keep in mind that the business opportunities around here are amazing, so people usually have incomes higher than average and the quality of life is amazing 

so it is a win-win.

Highly rated local schools

In case you’re relocating with children, we can assure you there is no need for moving stress because they can enjoy safe surroundings around here and also get a great education at some of the excellent schools in the area.

According to some reviews on Niche, the highest-rated schools serving this place are New Trier Township High School and Glenbrook South High School.

Many Options for Recreational Activities

No matter if you’re relocating with pets or love spending time outside with your friends, you’ll be amazed by the recreational options local parks offer.

Northbrook Park District provides a golf park, sports center, sports fields and organizes fun community events.

You will also enjoy Meadowhill Aquatic Center, so don’t forget to visit it as soon as you get the chance.

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Our reliable company might be the best choice for your relocation.
Check our online reviews to see experiences from our satisfied clients and decide which moving services in Chicago will suit your needs.

Experienced packers and movers from our company can help you move efficiently and show you some useful moving hacks.

We highly value your time, money, and privacy, so there is no need to stress over potential relocation scams if you decide to hire our company.

Local Northbrook Movers = Excellent Relocation Service

Our local moving services might surprise you with their efficiency and affordability.
Feel free to choose the ones that suit your needs and contact us to arrange all the details.

Some of our moving services in Chicago and area around it include:

  • Packing service

    A perfect solution if you don’t know anything about packing dishes or have a problem with packing fragile items on your own, so you need professional Chicago movers to help you with packing and relocating your household belongings.

  • Apartment relocation service

    This is a great option if you want to relocate your apartment inventory to your new home – professional movers in Chicago will help you with packing everything, loading a truck with your furniture, and transporting it all to your new apartment.

  • Residential relocation service

    Perfect for relocating larger homes and residences, our crew will come equipped with high-quality supplies and a truck, ready to transport your furniture and other belongings to your new home address.
  • In and out of storage moving service

    This is ideal if you have storage inventory that you want to relocate to another storage unit or to your new home.

  • Commercial relocation service

    This is suitable if you want to move your business office to one of the best places in Chicago and give it a boost.

    Our crew will carefully transport your furniture, electronics and help you get back in business in no time.

Labor-Only Moving Services? Of course!

Labor-only moving service might be a good option if you have a truck but need assistance for loading furniture and other heavy items.

Some large and bulky furniture pieces might be hard to handle on your own, so an additional workforce might be a perfect option that will save you from potential injuries.

Our local movers in Chicago can also remind you of the most commonly forgotten things to pack so that you won’t be experiencing any inconveniences during this process.

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Feel free to call us today if you have any other questions or concerns regarding your upcoming relocation.

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