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If you are ready to start packing and move, you should first find professional Streamwood movers who can help you have a successful one. While many Chigaco moving companies serve the area, our local team shines and has glowing reviews for a reason. Let us tell you more about our company, the services we offer, and why we are the right choice. But, before that – we’ll tell you all about the place you wish to inhabit.

Living in Streamwood, Illinois

This is a village in Cook County and one of Chicago’s northwestern suburbs. Those who live there consider it to be among the best places to live in Illinois. Just short of 40,000 people call it home and live in some of the best neighborhoods around Chicago. Let’s see how you’ll like it and if you are ready to start packing your bags.

Cost of Living in Streamwood, Illinois

Let’s examine the cost of living here, so you can get your moving expenses checklist sorted out before you start packing. The cost of living index is 102, according to BestPlaces. That’s a little over the state average of 93.4, so you can expect housing prices to be slightly higher. The median home value is around $197,000 if you want to buy a property. If you would prefer to rent first – you should know that the median rental fee is $1,530. If you decide to make this village your home, you won’t regret it, as it has some of the safest neighborhoods.

A Picturesque Middle-Class Suburb

This is a small middle-class environment that is perfect for young families and those looking to start a family. The environment is safe, and kids can play outside safely without their parents worrying about them. If you are relocating with pets, you will find that they are beloved in this village, and there will be lots of potential furry buddies for your pet. Schools are above average, which is another thing parents appreciate. The community is diverse and welcoming, and neighbors are always there for each other. All in all, it’s a great environment for kids to grow up in.

What’s There to Do?

Families mostly like to visit some of the parks nearby. That’s also an excellent way for you to relieve some of the remaining moving stress. Arthur L. Janura preserve is nearby, so you can take your family for a road trip. There are plenty of community events throughout the year, of which the Streamwood Summer Festival is the most popular. Stores are easily accessible, and there are shopping and dining options. There are great recreational centers to make sure you stay in shape. Other towns and cities are nearby with plenty more amenities.


Before you get to packing, make sure you’ve got your moving to-do list in order. The first item on the agenda should be finding reliable Chicago movers with the right relocation hacks to make sure you move efficiently and successfully. We are a company that provides excellent moving services in Chicago and beyond, your new town included. We have stayed on top of all lists and have glowing reviews for a reason – we are both reliable and affordable.

Our Movers in Streamwood Got You Covered

Whatever kind of help you need – you will find it in our local team. They can move a piano, or they simply help you pack books for moving. They can also transport your furniture into a storage location if you want it done fast and efficiently. Our team can help you disassemble or assemble the furniture – they do it all, and they excel at what they do.

What Moving Services Do Our Streamwood Movers Provide?

We had to develop a different set of services in order to be able to help you in every way. Each move is different, so we offer a different solution to each situation. Here are our core services you can choose from:

  • Residential moving service – If you want to transition into a new household – contact us. We will transport all your furniture into your new home safely and fast.
  • Commercial moving service – Contact our company if you have an office to move as we efficiently move businesses.
  • Packing service – Contact us if you want our professional packers to pack plates, other fragile items, or antique furniture, so it arrives at your home safely and in no time.
  • In-and-out-of storage service – If you don’t want to waste time driving your furniture to storage in multiple turns, contact us, and we will do it in no time.
  • Labor service – We have professional movers that could load or unload your rental truck so nothing gets damaged and no one gets hurt.

Find the Best Movers in Streamwood Through Reviews

We always ask our customers to leave reviews of our services after their move is completed. That gives us a chance to improve and keep the quality of our service at the very top. And we also advise each potential customer to see our reviews online before booking us so they can know what to expect and why they should choose us.

Get in Touch With Us to Get Your Free Quote

If you would like to get a free quote from us, contact us and request it. Your free quote will be based on several factors, and it will be a reliable estimate of the final price. If your free quote is acceptable, reach out to our company so we can finalize the details and get ready to move with no stress attached. We will be waiting for your call, and our local team will be readily available.

If are you simply moving within Chicago itself. At Legit Movers Chicago we are specialized in local moves from packing service, domestic removals, office relocations. Over the year, we have built an enviable reputation as a moving company; this doesn’t just come to be. It is due to the quality services provided to our client, which we based on integrity and honesty.