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Do you feel like changing your residence? 

Wheeling movers can help you relocate to one of the excellent Chicago suburbs. 

Check out our article, and maybe you will realize why 

This is the perfect place for you and your family.

What Makes Wheeling a Great Home?

When deciding on where you would like to live, you should pay attention to a couple of things, such as living costs, things you can do around, as well as job and educational opportunities. 

This suburb does great regarding all those things, making it one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago.

Wheeling is a quiet, safe, family-friendly, diverse suburb of Chicago. There are many resources accessible to the area such as great public schools, community fitness centers, Metra that takes you straight into Chicago, and more.

So, Let’s take a quick look at everything this place has to offer.

Wheeling is an Affordable Chicago Neighborhood

When you take a look at the list of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago and compare living costs, you will see that this suburb is quite affordable. 

  • For the rent, you will have to spend about $1,250 per month, which is excellent when you know that you will have everything close by. 
  • The median home value is even better, and the number is lower than the national average, which is impressive for the Chicago area. 
  • To buy a home, you need approximately $199,000. On top of that, the average household income is $7,000 higher than the national average. 

Sounds fantastic so far, what do you think?

💡 Did you know?

Wheeling is named after Wheeling, West Virginia.

Place With Long History and Amazing Community

Since the late 1890s, this community was considered a friendly and refreshing stop on the way from Chicago to Wisconsin. 

Numerous taverns and inns where travelers used to take breaks from the exhausting trip were the beginning of what is now known as the Restaurant Row. 

Residents quickly realized that the land was very fertile and decided to use that to their advantage. 

Since then, this city has been known for its countless plant nurseries, which are still here today, and have excellent reviews. 

The local area is known for its friendly residents, so you can expect kind neighbors who will be ready to help with anything.
This diverse community is constantly growing and developing.

You Will Have Numerous Amenities at Your Disposal

Besides the Restaurant Row that we’ve mentioned, there are plenty of coffee shops, stores, and fitness centers.
For those who like to get some fresh air daily or are relocating with pets, you won’t lack the space for a walk since there are many parks, and the streets are clean and well-maintained.

Space for outdoor activities makes this a great place to raise children, plus it’s one of the suburbs with high-quality public schools, so you don’t have to worry about your kids not getting a proper education here.

All in all, countless reviews say this neighborhood is suitable for families.

Still, there are many young professionals as well, which comes as no surprise – the center of Chicago is only 45 minutes away.

The commute won’t take much time.

💡 Did you know?

John Francis Daley, actor was born in Wheeling, as well as Haley Reinhart, the singer.

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Most Professional Movers 

We are among the best moving companies in Chicago, which is why our local movers in Chicago always do the most to ensure our clients have the easiest relocation ever. 

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Wheeling Movers Can Offer You a Wide Variety of Moving Services 

If you become our customer, you will have plenty of services to choose from. Decide what suits you and let us know. 

That way, you will cross out a critical entry on your to-do list early in your relocation process, and that is the answer on how to move efficiently. 

Check out our services in the list below:

  • Residential relocation

    This is an excellent solution for pretty much anybody. Our reviews regarding this service stand out from many local companies.

  • Commercial moving

    Don’t worry, relocating a company is something we do daily, and we are very experienced in this type of work. We have relocated numerous companies in the city. All were satisfied with the job done.

  • In and out of storage service

    Our team is cautious when handling customers’ belongings, so you can rest assured that we will be careful when loading items to the truck. The only thing you have to worry about is knowing which items workers won’t move so that you can declutter them before the move.

  • Packing service

    If you want to spare yourself some packing, feel free to contact us for assistance. Whether it is packing dishes or preparing to move a piano, we will do it in no time.

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