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Wealthy individuals thinking about relocating to this incredible village should book our Winnetka movers as soon as they start going through the local real estate market. Hiring a well-trained team of professionals will help you move in record time and with as little stress as possible. If you’re interested in learning more about everything we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us and request a free quote.

This Wealthy Town Is One of the Top Places to Live in the Entire Country

Wealthy homebuyers interested in acquiring some incredible real estate near Chicago should take a look at Winnetka. Besides having highly educated residents, this place is known for having one of the highest household incomes in the entire country. In addition to this, excellent schools and almost no crime make it a perfect choice for families with children. It was even ranked as the second-best town to live in the US by the 24/7 Wall St.

Local Real Estate Is Perfect for Wealthy Homebuyers

The village is known for being one of the wealthiest communities in the entire US. The median household income of $250,000 is four times higher than the national average, with two-thirds of homes earning over $150k per year. Considering the buying power of its residents, it’s not surprising that Winnetka’s median home value of $1.1 million is one of the highest in the state. Most of the houses up for sale are worth over $750k, with fewer than 20% of listings costing between $400k and $749k.

Despite having expensive real estate, 90% of all homes are occupied by owners, making the village ideal for homebuyers looking for premium housing. For comparison, the median rent of $1,600 is a lot more affordable, with almost half of all rentals being in the $1,000-$1,499 price range. There’s plenty of premium options as well, as 40% of places rent for over $2,000. Take these prices into consideration when making your relocation expenses and throw an excellent moving away party once you find a home that suits your liking.

Most Of the Locals Are Highly Educated

The village’s residents have access to several excellent public and private schools. The average test score nearly doubles the state numbers, but more importantly, almost everyone finishes high school. The quality of education can also be seen in the fact that over 90% of residents have completed their bachelor’s. Additionally, half of all adults have a master’s degree, something that occurs only in the best neighborhoods.

The Village Barely Experiences Any Crime Whatsoever

Another thing that makes the village attractive is the incredibly low crime rates. There are less than 650 crimes per 100,000 residents, with the vast majority of them being property crimes. According to the latest FBI report, the village experienced just 80 crimes in 2019, out of which only one was violent assault. This doesn’t happen even in the safest neighborhoods in Chicago, which shows just how safe Winnetka’s residents are.


Moving becomes significantly easier with the right mover in Chicago, IL, by your side. However, with a large number of Chicago moving companies on the market today, many are afraid to hire professionals in fear of running into relocation scams. Thankfully, reading some customer reviews will allow you to find a reputable company in almost no time. The feedback itself should also be available on multiple websites, as that’s the only way to prove their authenticity. If you want to hire the best movers in Winnetka, Illinois, you’re already in the right place. Legit Movers has plenty of excellent reviews, showing we provide the best service on the market. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help.

Need Moving Services in the Chicago Area? Take a Look at Some of the Options We Have

The diversity and quality of local moving services are some of the main benefits you’ll receive when hiring our professional movers in Chicago. They will keep your relocation stress levels low, which makes them particularly good for anyone who has to move in a hurry. If case you’re not sure what to get, take a look at all the excellent services we have available:

  • Residential relocations – Moving to a new home will require you to cover numerous tasks, so it’s better to let a professional company take care of the preparations for you. We offer both apartment relocation and standard residential move, allowing everyone to use our services. No matter how much furniture you have, we will provide you with a large team and truck that can handle it.
  • Commercial moves – Relocating a business takes a lot of work, often requiring you to book moving companies in Chicago, IL, several months in advance. If you want to move efficiently and within a short time, our company will provide you with a large workforce that can handle anything you throw at them. If you’re relocating company products as well, check with our customer service that they are not one of the items movers won’t move.
  • Packing service – While the previous options we mentioned include some packing, they don’t cover items smaller than a cubic foot box. If you need some help with packing a computer or any other fragile item, our movers and packers in Chicago are at your full disposal.
  • Labor-only service – This option is perfect for anyone who’s already done with packing but needs some assistance with heavy lifting. Avoid suffering an injury by letting a team of professionals handle all the heavy furniture.

Our Winnetka Movers in Illinois Also Provide in-and-Out-of Storage Moving Services

Besides packing and other standard moving services, our local movers in Chicago also provide in-and-out-of storage relocation. What’s great about this service is that it can be used even when not relocating, allowing you to move things to a unit you own without transporting them yourself. This also means that our Chicago movers can take some furniture out of storage and deliver it to any address you want.

Contact Us Today to Receive a Free Quote From One of the Best Movers in Chicago

If you have sufficient resources to move to this suburb, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t hire our Winnetka movers, IL, to assist you. If there’s anything that interests you that we haven’t mentioned here, contact us. Our customer service will walk you through the entire process and offer you an excellent free quote you won’t be able to refuse.

If are you simply moving within Chicago itself. At Legit Movers Chicago we are specialized in local moves from packing service, domestic removals, office relocations. Over the year, we have built an enviable reputation as a moving company; this doesn’t just come to be. It is due to the quality services provided to our client, which we based on integrity and honesty.