How to Pack Dishes for Moving and Find Cheap Supplies in Chicago

Relocating your kitchen isn’t as easy as one would think. Learning how to pack dishes for moving is a particularly challenging task since most of them are fragile. And nobody wants to open containers in their brand new kitchen only to realize they have nothing left to put on shelves. With our guide, there’s no […]

Tips for Moving With Pets to a New Neighborhood in Chicago

A feline in a suitcase

Did you know that roughly 67% of US households live with a pet and that around 31 million Americans move every year? If you add up the numbers, simple statistics will show you how standard moving with pets is. Since it is a fairly widespread practice, you shouldn’t get worried. You are neither the first […]

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Chicago Suburbs to Live in

Knowing how to find the best Chicago suburbs for your needs can be hard. Perhaps you are a single young professional, a retiree looking to settle down after a busy career, or maybe you just want to start a family in a safe residential neighborhood with good public schools. Well, call up your local movers […]

Top Five Affordable Neighborhoods in Chicago

Finding the right affordable neighborhoods in Chicago can be overwhelming. There are many options, and it’s hard to find the right one that will work for you. For this reason, we’ve created a list that encompasses all the most important factors, besides the price, one should keep in mind if wanting to move. Finding Affordable […]