What Are the Best Chicago Suburbs to Live In?

Knowing how to find the best Chicago suburbs for your needs can be hard. Perhaps you are a single young professional, a retiree looking to settle down after a busy career, or maybe you just want to start a family in a safe residential neighborhood with good public schools. Well, call up your local movers in Chicago because, with our guide, you will be certain where to move in no time.

Where Are the Best Places to Live in Chicago? We’re Scouting Best Chicago Suburbs for You

So, you’ve decided: it’s time to create a moving expenses checklist and learn all the moving hacks there are to relocate to a new home. You want to find the perfect one, outlying a big-city district, ideally in a residential neighborhood with fantastic nature. And there are some truly amazing ones, making it hard to pick and choose.

Each of them has something different to offer, so finding the perfect community will also heavily depend on what exactly you are looking for. No worries, here is a list of the top ones according to different needs you might have. Now, all you are left to do is learn what the difference between packing dishes and learning how to pack plates when moving is. Without further ado, here is the list of highly-rated neighborhoods in the area:

The Windy place from a distance
The downtown is vast and so are its outskirt, but with our guide, you’ll soon find out which part is for you

Ideal Family Living in Buffalo Grove

With a population of 41,062, it is one of the best suburbs of Chicago if you are moving as a household. Not only do the public schools have high ratings, but almost 30% of the population is aged under 18, so if you have kids, their social life is going to be blooming here. Not to mention that this suburb is home to some amazing libraries where you and your kid can spend time reading. So, in case you are having trouble with packing books for moving, don’t worry – here you will be able to find everything you need.

This is a beautiful middle-class area whose residents tend to have moderate political views. Most of them, actually 80%, are homeowners, and the median home value is around $332,300. Another reason why so many people want to settle here is the crime rate. The crime rate in Buffalo Grove is more than 70% lower than the Illinois average, making it one of the best Chicago suburbs to live in with a family.

The Art Communities of Buffalo Grove

If all that was not enough to convince you, this place also has its own attractions, one of them being the local history museum – The Raupp Museum, and it has historically been a place of arts and culture. Did you know that the author of James Bond novels, Raymond Benson descends from here?

The town also hosts two festivals in the summer. The first one is named Buffalo Grove Days, while the second one, known as the Invitational Fine Arts Festival, attracts over 30.000 visitors annually. If you are a theatre buff, you will be happy to visit The Community Arts Center. Space hosts the local theatre group and provides both a theatre space and classrooms for theatre schools. If the arts got your attention, it’s only fear to learn more about BG. To see more about the local area, check out the video below.

A Retirees’ Heaven – That Is the Affluent Lake Forest

If you wondered what is the most affluent suburb of Chicago, look no further – Lake Forest is your answer. It is located on the shore of beautiful Lake Michigan. The population of 19,375 is mostly aged over 40, with many conservative retirees. And it’s no wonder an older population lives here since to buy one of the luscious grand homes whose median value is $842,900. You probably have to have a life filled with business accomplishments under your belt.

Lake Forest Is Also a Chicago’s Medical Center

If you are a medical expert, you might be scouting Chicago moving companies since the top employers in the village are Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital, Pfizer, and Abbott, all medically and pharmaceutical oriented. In case you are a doctor, hospital executive, nurse, or the like, moving with your family, don’t worry – this is a nice suburb in Chicago to start a household life in. Although there are not many public schools there, the one that is is very highly rated.

An older man and woman on a couch
Live your ideal retired life in this magical village

Safe and Connected in Clarendon Hills

Clarendon Hills is hands down one of the best south suburbs of Chicago. With a population of 8,716, its demographics have a significantly higher educational profile than the current national average. With two popular and highly rated schools, as well as a high percentage of people younger than 18 – 33% to be exact, it is a great place to raise kids in. If your relocation options are tied to answering the question: what is the safest Chicago suburb, be sure to put Clarendon Hills on your list.

Not only is it great for family living, but it is one of the safest neighborhoods with a crime rate that is 78% less than the rest of Illinois. This is also one of the best neighborhoods when it comes to commuting to the city. It has great proximity to the downtown area, which is only 18 miles away, so if you or your kids want to explore the city, downtown is easily accessible from there with both a daily rail service and bus lines 663 and 664.

Nature Lovers Can Enjoy the Park District and Morton Arboretum

If you are a nature lover or have just moved with a pet you want to spend time in nature with, this area is perfect for you. It hosts a public Park district where a community of people of all ages can enjoy public events and recreational activities. And you definitely shouldn’t miss the Morton Arboretum conservation area, which protects over a hundred rare and endangered tree species. This is a public educational space where you can learn how to grow the plants you see in these enchanting landscapes. Their mission is to teach visitors to enhance the environment and work on creating a healthier space.

A blooming crabapple tree
At the Morton Arboretum, you can see the beautiful pink trees of Crabapple cultivars bloom

The High-Class Life in Arlington Heights

If you can afford a 36% higher cost of living than the average resident in the US, check out this lovely north suburb of Chicago, situated right on a pond. It is no wonder it attracts a bit of an older population aged over 40 years since the median home value is around $358,300. With a population of 75,724, this is the largest community that was incorporated as a village in the US. With a density of 4,500 persons per square mile, it remains the most densely populated suburb. With such a high number of residents, you will surely find some new friends to visit the city with.

Amazing Nature: Arlington Heights Edition

There is a reason so many people want to live here. It has beautiful houses, it’s near the downtown area, and still, you get to live near a pond with amazing nature. The community was first formed in the early 19th century as a railroad village called Dunston. The center of the community was the wonderful pond, which even today remains the town center. Near it, a high number of parks, as well as restaurants and coffee shops, are still spurring.

If scouting nice suburbs of Chicago with hiking options is on your moving to-do list, look no further. The Busse Forest Natural Preserve allows for both hiking and biking opportunities. The common sight of the grandiose local elk will remove any moving stress you might feel after spending months searching for moving companies in Chicago, IL.

Beautiful pond surrounded by greenery
Enjoy scenic views over the pond

Oak Park Is the Place for Young Professionals

If you are looking for a western suburb of Chicago as a young professional packing a computer to move, and even a professional who wants to have kids soon, Oak Park provides everything you need for a life you strive to have. Not only is it one of the favorite neighborhoods of Cook County, but without a doubt, you could say its name when somebody asks what are the nicest suburbs of Chicago.

With a population of 52,233, it’s one of the more diverse outskirts. It is a big town with a small-town feel to it, allowing for both employment opportunities, as well as nightlife and outing opportunities. At the same time, it has great schools that would be wonderful if you are planning to start a family. There is a true community feel here too, and people support each other as well as local businesses. There is nothing to not like about this, so we understand if you are already packing to move in a hurry and calling up your friends and loved ones to organize a moving away party downtown – we would too.

Suburban houses in red brick
Call up one of the moving companies in Chicago to get help with moving to one of the beautiful houses

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