Top 5 Best Neighborhoods in Chicago for Families

Looking for the best neighborhoods in Chicago for families might be easier than you thought. With plenty of great options, it will be hard to make a final decision and choose only one of the suggestions. Think about your priorities and things you are looking for in a neighborhood – most of these are offering good schooling options and high safety.

Is Chicago a Good Place to Raise a Family?

According to many reviews and online statistics, some of the safest neighborhoods are definitely great places to raise a family. You can feel completely comfortable knowing that you and your children are going to have a wonderful time living here and exploring many amazing amenities. Before making a final decision to relocate, you need to determine your current priorities. Do you already have a job, or are you looking for something new? What is your budget? Do you want your children to attend a school that’s close to your home? 

Once you have an answer to all these and many more questions, it can be much easier to make a selection and a final decision. When you successfully pick just one of them, you can start planning your relocation process. Hiring professional movers in Chicago for assistance might be a good solution, especially if your children are young and you have plenty of responsibilities. Experienced Chicago movers can offer you proper guidance and support while handling your local move, so you can have enough time for other important tasks.

Is Chicago Safe for Families?

Considering the fact that we’re talking about a big and urban city, it’s natural that you might be concerned about safety, especially if you have children. According to crime rates and statistics, this city is becoming safer and safer every year, with the violent crime rate dropping by a significant 13% since last year. On the other hand, when you take a look at all the pros and opportunities that come with living in Windy City, it can easily be one of the nicest places to call home.

Which Part of Chicago Is Safe to Raise a Family?

Every metropolis has some sort of crime-related problems, and several areas of Windy City are not an exception. Naturally, you want to avoid these parts of the city, so you can live comfortably and without any worries. That is why it is important not to generalize and know that there are also some very safe areas such as Edison Park – which has a crime rate 77% lower than average, and Forest Glen, a crime rate 71% lower than the average.

Street and a tram
If you live in the city, you might be familiar with crime rates and their dropouts during the past years

What Is the Best Neighborhood to Live in Chicago?

If you choose one of the best neighborhoods for your new home, there is no room for moving stress. In the following article, we’ll try to help you get a bigger picture of a lifestyle you can expect in some of our top suggestions. From housing options and pricing to some of the highest-rated educational institutions in the area, we will go through everything that makes these places an excellent choice for every family. Our top picks include:

Children in school
 If you relocate with children, they can attend excellent educational institutions 

Beverly Is One of the Best Neighborhoods in Chicago for Families

This exciting place with its affluent historical district, picturesque homes, and the low crime rate is very popular among Chicagoans, especially those with kids, since 30% of the residents are families with children. It is a very close-knit community with a small-town feel and beautiful amenities such as Beverly Unitarian Church looking like a castle from medieval times. Around the place, you can find restaurants with great cuisine, as well as two popular microbreweries. Original Rainbow Cone is one of the hotspots for those with a sweet tooth, so our guess is that your children are going to love it.

Cost of Living and Great Schools are Some of the Things That Might Attract You

Housing in this area varies from mansions to Tudor-style houses and cozy apartments. The median home value is about $330,000, and the median rent is about $1,000. Some of the highest-rated public schools in the area are Morgan Park High School and Sutherland. When it comes to private schooling, our top choice is Morgan Park Academy. Little Hands Learning Center is a daycare option local parents adore. 

Lined houses
Beverly offers fantastic housing options

Edison Park in North Side Is One of the Local’s Favorite

This attractive neighborhood offers it all – from fantastic shopping places, fine dining and recreation. Just name it, and you’ll find it here. You’ll love the fact that in this community of homeowners, almost 30% of locals are families with kids. Dolcetto Patisserie & Cafe is known for its delicious Tiramisu and Lemon Ricotta Cookies, so make sure to take your children there. You can also have a fun and active day at Olympia Park, where you can play volleyball or basketball.

Edison Park Is a Chicago Neighborhood With Crime Rates Lower Than 97% of Illinois Cities

Located on the North Side of the city, this place attracts people not only from all parts of Windy City but also from the entire state for one very good reason – crime rates here are the lowest in Illinois. Your children can attend some of the prestigious public schools such as Edison Park Elementary School or St. Juliana Private School. When it comes to housing prices, you can buy a home around here for approximately $340,000, which is the median real estate price. Keep in mind that household incomes around this area significantly overcome the national average, so this price can be considered more than affordable.

Family with a toddler
If you want to live here,  your children can attend prestigious schools

Lincoln Square Is One of the Best Family-Friendly Areas

Lincoln Square offers a small-town environment while still being reasonably close to Downtown. With cozy single homes and tree-lined streets, you’ll feel like you stepped into an oasis of peace. With many small local businesses, this place is great for developing your creative ideas and starting a career. Around Lincoln Square, you can find attractive bookstores, lovely coffee shops, and nice restaurants. Crime rates here are significantly lower than average, so you can feel comfortable walking everywhere on your own – even if you are relocating with pets, night walks are permitted.

Your Children Can Attend Top-Rated Schools

As a parent, you must be concerned about your childrens’ education – it’s a part of your duty. Don’t worry, relocating here might bring out great possibilities. According to reviews, some of the highest-rated public schools in the area are Walter Payton College Prep and Northside College Preparatory High School, while the highest-rated private schools are Queen of Angels Catholic Elementary School and Lycee Francais de Chicago.

Tree-lined street with houses
Lincoln Square is a true oasis close to city busyness

Palos Heights Is One of The Best Options on the South

According to reviews, this place is incredibly safe and has several playgrounds and parks. Crime rates go from little to no crime at all, so it’s no wonder many families rush to move here. If you are among them and you’re moving in a hurry, professional movers in Chicago can offer you amazing residential moving services and help you move efficiently in the shortest possible time. Some of the highest-rated public schools your children can attend after becoming a resident of this place include Carl Sandburg High School and Chippewa Elementary.

Palos Heights Offers Affordable Housing, Making It Great for Homebuyers

This lovely suburb has about 12,000 residents, and 95% of them own their homes, so this location is perfect for first-time homebuyers looking to settle down and stay here for a while. Median home value is close to the national level, so this place attracts many young families looking for good real estate options and safety. The median home price in this area is about $280,000, and the median rent is approximately $1,300.

Calculator and a piggy bank
Finding a new home here might be very affordable

If You’re Looking for the Best Neighborhoods in Chicago for Young Families, West Loop Might Be a Good Choice

With safety better than 86% of Illinois cities and great housing options, this lovely place will win your heart in a blink of an eye. As a part of downtown, this place offers everything you and your offspring might need. Some of the highest-rated public schools around here are Skinner North Classical School and Galileo Scholastic Academy. Your children will undoubtedly love it there, but don’t forget to bring their old books once you start packing for a move. If you don’t know how to pack books for moving, our professionals can offer you the proper assistance. 

Tips for Like West Loop Places Your Children Will Love

Around this exciting area, you can find different activities for you and your loved ones every day of the week. Mary Bartelme Park is perfect for a fun afternoon picnic. The National Hellenic Museum offers interesting exhibition settings, POW!Kids is a great spot if your kid is into sports or has some extra energy, as well as Brooklyn Boulders. These and many more are the reason why West Loop is one of the best Chicago neighborhoods for families. Check out this fun video to get an idea of what you can expect around the place.

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