10 Best Neighborhoods in Chicago to Live in 2021

The Windy City is one of the most famous cities in the U.S., and it’s for a good reason. Living in this metropolis opens you to numerous possibilities, and if you decide to change your life a bit and head to this fantastic place, you won’t make a mistake. So, what are the best neighborhoods in Chicago? How do you find the perfect fit for you?

The great thing about the City of Big Shoulders is that it’s one of those places where everybody can enjoy living and working. There are neighborhoods where you go for a night out, and those where you go to spend time with your family, in nature or maybe visit a good restaurant. Nothing’s out of the question, which makes it a hot destination for relocation. Here’s our list of the top 10 best neighborhoods to live in Chicago. Which one is your first choice?

What Is the Best Neighborhood to Live in Chicago?

It depends on who you’re asking, don’t you think? Well, one thing is for sure – every place can make a fantastic home, but we would suggest you make your list of the nicest neighborhoods in Chicago based on what you’re looking for. Knowing you’re heading to a beautiful new house will help relieve some of that relocation stress you must be feeling these days.

Living in Chicago Neighborhoods Can Mean a Lot of Different Things Depending on the Part of the City You Choose

You need to know where you want to go. Are you planning to buy a family home in the area suitable for kids? Maybe check out Ukrainian Village. Outdoor activities and nature lover is your middle name? Lincoln Park is a solution for you. Are you an aspiring young professional who likes to go out after work? You’ll like River North. Either way, you’re not likely to get bored in here, and we can promise you that without a doubt. Let’s take a look at the best Chicago neighborhoods.

View of the trees and tall buildings in the distance
This beautiful metropolis has opportunities for all generations and ethnicities

#1 Lincoln Park – One of the Best Neighborhoods in Chicago and a Heaven for Outdoor Activities

This neighborhood has one of the most beautiful parks in the area. Green surfaces are everywhere, and there’s a free zoo with a long history you’ll love. On top of that, this is a place where you can enjoy walks since traffic and parking are better to avoid, but public transport is an excellent alternative. If you insist on living close to nature and in the urban space at the same time, this neighborhood is the one for you.

Young Professionals, Students, and Families All Love Living Here

Young professionals in their 20’s and 30’s are numerous here, and a lot of them stay for an extended period and don’t move when they start a family, so the number of families is rising rapidly. It’s a well-suited neighborhood for raising kids, considering all the outdoor activities you have at a close distance. Additionally, the selection of schools is above average, and some would say it’s amongst the greatest in the city. De Paul University’s campus is located in the very center of Lincoln Park, so you’ll see students at every corner, which adds even more charm and positive energy. Check out this video for a guide on Lincoln Park to learn more.

#2 River North – Artsy Neighborhood Mixed With Exceptional Nightlife and Restaurants Scene

River North Gallery District, as the name says, is famous for its many galleries. There are more than 100, and the only place where you can find more in one place is New York. It has been recently modernized and now offers great options for a night out on those days when you want to go out with friends after work. Restaurants are also what this place is known for – you can find all the international cuisines you can think of.

River North Is  Exciting, Urban, Not a Very Family-Friendly Area

This urban, the hustle and bustle kind of location is one of those that are never quiet, and if you have kids, this probably isn’t the place to relocate your life. It may get overly chaotic or crowded here. You can do better somewhere else if you want a quiet family life.

People cheering with wine glasses
Great restaurant scene can be found in this region of town

#3 North Center – Quiet, Go-With-the-Flow Type of Place for a Relaxing Experience

This is a peaceful and easy-going area. Whether you’re renting or buying, there are enough options here, but they are above average regarding prices. However, the neighborhood is worth it, with its vibrant Lincoln Avenue and a few pretty parks. Walking around can be even better than usual when you count in that there’s the longest pedestrian bridge in the city close by.

A man putting a coin in a jar
North Center can be pricey, and you may need to save money to move there

#4 Ukrainian Village – Place to Raise a Family, Now Attracting More and More Young Professionals

It has previously been known as a place where Ukrainian immigrants and other Eastern European communities gathered, and it still is, but now it is home to more ethnicities. However, it has held on to some of the European vibes. It has recently had plenty of developments, which made it a more promising place for young professionals. Shops, bars, and restaurants are adding to the appeal of Ukrainian Village. Families love it here, and it’s one of the top areas in Chi-Town for kids. Plus, if you’re relocating with pets as well, this is a top-notch location for your furry companions.

Two kids playing
Ukrainian Village is very family-friendly

#5 Logan Square – Historic Hub With a Touch of Great Architecture

Logan Square is for those who love a mix of history and art, especially architecture. Buildings and streets here are so beautiful that just walking around the neighborhood can lift your spirits and prepare you for whatever the day brings you. Historic sites are common, but you won’t lack the feeling of modern-day life. Logan Square feels a bit more modern than it was before due to a lot of recent changes. Highly-rated restaurants, fancy bars, and shops ensure the urban atmosphere. The independent artist scene is well-developed here and qualifies Logan Square as one of the artistic areas.

Group of people having a meal in a restaurant
Logan Square is an excellent place for a night out with friends

#6 Humboldt Park – Affordable, Yet Still Spacious Housing

This part of the West Side has a miraculous combination of affordable housing prices and apartments that aren’t the size of a shoebox. Yes, you heard it right. It sounds unbelievable when you realize that new properties are usually built to have numerous tiny apartments. You won’t have that problem here, and what’s even better is that there’s a lot of open, green areas. Artistic touch is also visible here. Humboldt Park is the center of Puerto Rican culture. You’ll quickly realize that it is common to walk by a mural painted by one of the prestigious Puerto Rican artists, and we do not doubt that you’ll like this area even more because of it.

Trees and buildings in the distance
A lot of neighborhoods have plenty of green space

#7 Hyde Park – Known for Its History and Famous Residents

Historical sites and landmarks are common here, so don’t worry about not having enough culture to experience. Here is the University of Chicago home, which means you can see many young people around the neighborhood. This university has given many famous scientists and professionals who were worthy of the Nobel Prize. One of those laureates, and with no doubt one of the most popular previous local residents, is the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. Hyde Park’s amenities are very diverse, and so are the current resident ethnicities. Besides rich history, there are plenty of places to visit and have fun on your day off, such as shops and bars. This part of town has a little something for everybody, making it so popular, yet the housing prices are below average.

University building
The University of Chicago is located in Hyde Park

#8 What Is the Safest Area in Chicago? The Loop – Excellent for Young Professionals and After-Work Fun

One of the top advantages Loop offers is job opportunities within walking distance of your home. This is an excellent idea for those who don’t like public transportation or traffic in general. And if you thought this couldn’t get any better, you were wrong. The Loop is considered a very safe neighborhood, so you don’t have to worry about getting home late at night after live music and drinks with colleagues and friends. It sounds like an ideal place, right?

A train and buildings behind it
You won’t need to think about public transport here, everything is within the walking distance

#9 Old Town Will Give You Peace and Serenity

The Gold Coast and the view of Lake Michigan are some of the advantages of this neighborhood, but far from these being the only important things about Old Town. Here, you can see old properties that are highly appealing, and will make you want to move here in the blink of an eye.

Old Town Is Pricey, But Worth It

This is one of the richest neighborhoods in Chicago. Let’s just say that Oprah used to live here, and you’ll probably get the idea of how pricey it is. But Old Town is not just about spending money. Many young people are coming here since working opportunities are excellent and the Loop’s close by for more employment possibilities. This town region is quite enjoyable and promises quality life, peace, and time for yourself.

Plane view of the coast of Lake Michigan
The Gold Coast is one of the most luxurious parts of town

#10 Wonder What Is the Coolest Neighborhood in Chicago? West Loop Is What You’re Looking for

Here, the buildings tend to look brand new, but it is typical to take an old property and modernize it to give it a fresh feel and attract new residents. Once an industrial district, today, this part of town has a trendy, fancy vibe. Night owls will love the bars around here, and finding a top-quality restaurant won’t be a challenge either. After a fantastic lunch, you can always go shopping. This part of town is the ultimate place for that, with many stores, including the expensive ones.

West Loop Is Great for Young Professionals and Families Alike

Families also like it here. Parks probably play a part in this, but one other desirable trait is a public high school attended by Michelle Obama. This school ranks amongst the top ones in Illinois, so it comes as no surprise that parents want to enroll their kids there. The constant development of this district brings employment opportunities, which makes young professionals rush here, and they don’t regret it.

A school bus, clouds, and buildings behind it
West Loop’s good for families with kids, and it has quality school choices

What Places to Avoid in Chicago?

Like all the cities in the world, the Windy City also has an ugly side. Truthfully, statistics say it is a dangerous place, but not amongst the worst-rated ones in the country. Luckily, with some research, you can avoid not-so-safe neighborhoods and head straight to the peaceful ones. Be sure to stay clear of these areas:

  • Englewood,
  • East Garfield Park,
  • Chatham,
  • Burnside,
  • Pullman,
  • South Shore,
  • Fuller Park.
A plane view of the buildings
No matter how great Chi-Town is, some regions should be avoided

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