How to Pack Dishes for Moving and Find Cheap Supplies in Chicago

Relocating your kitchen isn’t as easy as one would think. Learning how to pack dishes for moving is a particularly challenging task since most of them are fragile. And nobody wants to open containers in their brand new kitchen only to realize they have nothing left to put on shelves. With our guide, there’s no […]

Tips for Moving With Pets to a New Neighborhood in Chicago

A feline in a suitcase

Did you know that roughly 67% of US households live with a pet and that around 31 million Americans move every year? If you add up the numbers, simple statistics will show you how standard moving with pets is. Since it is a fairly widespread practice, you shouldn’t get worried. You are neither the first […]

How to Stop Getting Mail for Previous Residents – 4 Easy Tips to Follow

A pile of envelopes

After your relocation is over, you would think that all the trouble is behind you. But, sometimes, this isn’t the case. You’ve noticed a couple of letters that aren’t addressed to you on your doorstep, and now you’re wondering how to stop getting mail for previous residents? Don’t stress over this, it’s a common issue. […]

How to Pack Pots and Pans and Move Your Kitchen to a New Chicago Neighborhood

Although it might seem unimportant at first, learning how to pack pots and pans will allow you to move your kitchen much more efficiently no matter where you live in Chicago. If you’re not sure how to handle kitchenware properly, this quick guide will take you through all the necessary steps, ensuring that every single […]

The Ultimate Moving to-Do List When Changing Neighborhoods Within Chicago

While you don’t have to be a professional to organize a relocation by yourself, knowing how to make a good moving to-do list will allow you to move from one Chicago neighborhood to another without a single problem. Although each move has its challenges, this blog will help you plan everything from beginning to end […]

How to Throw a Fun Moving Away Party

People in costumes

The process of finding a new home and relocating can be a tiresome and stressful venture. You will have so many tasks on your plate that you might forget what this is all about – the joy of starting your life afresh. Throw an amazing moving away party to remind yourself of this and to […]

Most Commonly Forgotten Things to Pack When Moving to a New Home

Getting ready for a trip is stressful enough, not to mention a local move because most of us start way too late and end up being in a rush. If you don’t want to end up forgetting some of the most commonly forgotten things to pack, here is a list of things that tend to […]