Relocating an office in Chicago becomes significantly more manageable once you get our excellent office moving company by your side during the process. Booking a relocation with us will provide you with an incredible team capable of handling any task you throw at them, allowing you to move in record time and without any delays. Learning more about our fees and pricing will only require you to contact us and request a free quote.

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By moving your business with the commercial movers at Legit Movers Chicago you will receive:

No unnecessary downtime/p>

No stress for you or your employees

Complete moving plan made by our relocation experts

Professional supplies and equipment

Uninterrupted workflow

Guaranteed positive customer experience

Our office movers will make sure your move is quick, seamless and easy

When it comes to office relocations, hiring an office moving company in Chicago, IL, has already become standard practice. If you’re looking for a professional that can provide you with the necessary services, Legit Movers is one of the top companies in Chicago. Our Chicago office movers have been handpicked and trained to provide the highest quality service on the market, allowing every client to get exactly what they need.

Now we are among the top office moving companies in Chicago, IL, according to customer reviews

While anybody can claim they are one of the best movers in Chicago, our reviews rank us among the city’s top professionals. Most of our clients leave very positive feedback, which keeps our review score consistently above our competitors’. Many praise the quality of service provided and the friendliness of our entire staff, including the customer support. Anyone still hesitant to book us should find a moment to go through some of the feedback and see what made the previous customers so happy about the things we provided.

The office movers at Legit Movers Chicago will provide you with a service with minimal downtime

Even with professional help, office relocations require a lot of planning. Failing to realize the true extent of the work that needs to be done will lead to a significantly more extended downtime than initially intended. Every day your move gets delayed causes the business to lose plenty of money, meaning that hiring a mover who knows what they’re doing becomes paramount. The good news is that hiring our moving company in Chicago will enable you to move in the shortest time frame possible, allowing the entire office to resume its operations reasonably quickly.

What is included in our office loading and unloading services?

While everyone shares the same benefits when hiring a professional, business owners will usually have very different needs and preferences depending on the type of company they are running. Thankfully, our commercial moving services in Chicago are very flexible, allowing the owners to focus on tasks they deem more important. Generally speaking, booking our company will get you:

All-Inclusive Rates

A crew of professional, trained local movers with 5+ years of experience

Access to professional tools and equipment

No hidden charges

A clean, regularly serviced moving truck according to your move size

Furniture assembly services

Do you need additional office moving and packing assistance?

As we already mentioned, not all types of companies will require the same approach. While most will find the basic package sufficient, others might need to get some additional services. Thankfully, our local movers in Chicago can provide you with a professional packing option that greatly complements the commercial move itself. Depending on the type of business that needs to be moved, entrepreneurs might have to get a packing service. Everything inside your office would be appropriately boxed up by our movers, making this option incredibly valuable for anyone working with delicate equipment or in an office.

We offer competitive, all-inclusive pricing with no hidden fees or gimmicks. We are open with how we conduct business.

We believe getting some of the best office moving services in Chicago shouldn’t leave the business penniless. That’s why our office moves are very affordable, especially compared to other companies on the market. Many smaller and mid-range businesses praise the generosity of our fees, particularly considering the high quality of the service we provide.

Get a free, detailed quote with the best office moving company Chicago knows and loves

As we mentioned several times, each business move is its own thing, meaning that the cost of relocating a company varies significantly depending on many factors. To find out the pricing details, all you have to do is contact us and request a free quote. Talking to our customer support will tell you everything you want to know and more, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have.