We know how easily moving can get chaotic even when you might be moving in next door. The stress levels are high and patience is low - and people tend to break down in the most unique ways during these times. It is quite common for people to not want to go through the hassle of moving themselves, and with kids and pets involved in the equation, you might be having nightmares about your move in advance. Hiring local movers near you in Chicago is one of the most popular choices when it comes to moving in this age, because it is effortless, quick, and painless.

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The benefits of local moving with Legit Movers

Professional, trained movers with 5+ years of experience

State-of-the-art moving equipment and supplies

Tens of thousands of satisfied customers

Clean, regularly serviced moving trucks in all possible sizes

Unique moving plans for your budget and needs

Available 7 days a week

We are one of the top local movers Chicago knows and loves

We have given ourselves a tough task to achieve, and that is to become one of the top local movers in Chicago. It isn’t easy with hundreds of local movers claiming to offer the same thing as us. However, over the years, we’ve stood out as one of the most caring, friendly movers in and around Chicago - and we couldn’t be more proud of our achievements. It isn’t easy staying on top in a city like Chicago but we have given our best and proved that we have what it takes to become a community favorite in the world of local moving.

How we became one of the top local moving companies in Chicago

One of the most important things a company needs to possess with their customers is trust, especially in an industry where we are taking your valuable possessions and moving them across town. You have gathered everything you’ve come to own over the years and placed it in the hands of strangers who claim to do a good job.

We’ve developed immense trust over the years by handling every issue with unparalleled amounts of professionalism and offering our customers the luxury of having a say in their moving experience with Legit Movers. If you want something done in a certain way - we will make it happen. If you have any questions or concerns, our relocation specialists will be available to you 7 days a week and are more than happy to offer their help.

We want to be available to you during every part of your moving experience with Legit Movers, and it doesn’t start when our local movers arrive at your doorstep. It starts with the first phone call.

We are one of the top local movers Chicago knows and loves

A quality service provided by our local moving professionals does not make us stand out, it simply makes us a decent moving company doing it’s job. What does make us stand out from others is the level of attentiveness we provide each and every moving job we are hired to complete. Our detailed moving plans will incorporate everything we have gone over regarding your move, including your wishes and needs. Your relocation specialist will be your main point of contact whenever you need any form of local moving assistance.

What makes us different from everyone else is apparent when you call us for a quote. We provide a transparent and straightforward quote in just a few minutes, with all the information you could possibly need for your upcoming move with Legit Movers. Apart from a detailed walkthrough of our services, you can expect the following:

All-Inclusive Rates

A crew of professional, trained local movers with 5+ years of experience

Access to professional tools and equipment

No hidden charges

A clean, regularly serviced moving truck according to your move size

Furniture assembly services

Local moving can be made easy with the right tools and manpower

Your relocation specialist will recommend the best crew size for your move size, and you will decide whether you will proceed forward with the quote. You can always give our quotes a thought and then reserve your move at another time.

Once you make the decision to hire us, we will land on the best date and time for our local movers to show up at your origin location and start the move.

The truck will be supplied with:

Shrink wrap and moving blankets

Tools, equipment and moving dollies

Additional supplies to use if needed

Wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes