Moving can be chaotic, especially when you might be downsizing or your move in and move out dates do not collide. Most people tend to panic in these situations, trying to come up with a sensible solution that won’t indefinitely leave creases in their pockets. Having the option of renting furniture storage units, short or long term, can be a lifesaving solution to all of your moving worries.

When you find the unit, you might figure that moving everything on your own will not be an easy task to complete. You might require the help of professional storage movers to take care of this project for you. Thankfully, we at Legit Movers Chicago offer just the service you need - at an affordable, competitive rate.

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We move valuables from and into furniture storage units with care and caution

When you need help moving furniture from or to your unit, we have just the crew of movers ready to fulfill each and every one of your needs. From wrapping up your furniture diligently with shrink wrap, to loading up the truck with absolute care and caution, to unloading everything into your unit and using the space as efficiently as possible - we have the perfect recipe to a successful moving venture that will exceed your expectations.

How we became one of the top moving companies with temporary storage

If you need your furniture stored overnight - we can offer our assistance. We offer overnight storage for our customers that need to move out and move in the day after. We will complete your move out in the afternoon and unload your furniture into your new home in the morning after, ensuring a quick and easy transition for you and your family without the need of hiring a third party moving and storage company in Chicago.

You pick the storage unit - we will make it happen

When you have landed on the perfect storage space for your belongings, we will take it upon ourselves to construct the perfect moving plan that will incorporate all of your specific moving needs and wishes. We are firm believers that happy customers are the foundation of a good business, which is why we will go above and beyond to make you happy and stress free during every step of the storage moving process with Legit Movers Chicago.

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We understand that you are probably most interested in our moving rates, which is why we will offer you a free quote before you make a final decision. You will receive a completely detailed quote within minutes, and the process of getting it is very simple – just go to our website and look for a free quote option or contact us via phone. We will make sure that you receive all vital information regarding your upcoming move with Legit Movers Chicago.

The benefits of local moving with Legit Movers

Packing assistance only

Labor only movers (on-site moving, no truck needed)

Standard service (no packing required, but truck is included)

Partial packing service (includes finishing up packing on your behalf)

Full pack service (includes packing of even the smallest items into boxes)