How Many Movers Do You Need For Your Move?

The biggest question of them all – how many local movers do you need? Many people think that 3 men movers crew is the optimal number for any service. But is it really like that? Moving comes with a fair portion of stress and if you want to make it worry-free, we recommend planning and researching every step that’s ahead of you.

Luckily for you, true moving experts are here to help you out. As top notch movers, we have experience with every type of move, so you are in safe hands. Here is how you can determine if a 3 men movers crew is enough for you. 

Two types of local moving companies 

Let’s say that you are going to hire professional movers to help you out. This is the safe bet and you can be sure they will recommend just the right number of professional movers for your move. But how do they decide? There are two types of moving companies: 

Local movers who charge hourly 

Professional movers who are charging hourly are charging usually by the number of local movers they are sending. The price won’t be the same for two movers and a crew of 3 men movers. However, since you are paying by the hour they spend working – having more team members might help you save. The move will be done faster after all. 

Flat rate professional movers 

When it comes to the local movers who are providing flat rates, they usually provide in-home estimates. When professional movers are charging like this, the number of movers is not that relevant. You can be sure that the service will be done in the most efficient and safe way. 

You should know that both options are completely legit, and you shouldn’t be afraid of local movers who are charging hourly. If they are professionals, they will never try to trick you into paying more than you should. And bear in mind that the client is not paying for any longer breaks professional movers take, so no worry when it comes to that either. 

Fair local movers

How local movers decide the crew size

Now, let’s dive right into the methods professional movers use to determine how many team members they should send you. 

Type of move 

First things first, whether 3 men movers crew will be sufficient depends on the type of your relocation. It’s not the same when you are moving from a house to another home and when you’re relocating your entire business. Some relocations are more complex than others, and that’s why your project might need more local movers than your friend’s.

Since the type of move is different, the way your local movers determine how many team members they need is different too. For the business relocation, your professional movers will probably need to know the inventory you are taking with you. While for the home relocation, they might be able to determine if the 3 men movers crew will be sufficient just by the number of bedrooms.

Type of move can determine how many local movers you need

Size of your move

Every relocation is unique and that’s because our houses and offices are different. Most moving companies determine how many professional movers you will need based on the size of your project. You can expect them to ask you questions about the number of bedrooms, inventory lists, square footage, and so on. That’s the best way to determine how big a moving crew you should hire. Here’s the equation many local movers are using: 

*This table is informative, the number of professional moves for your type of relocation might be determined differently due to other factors.

Information about heavy items 

It’s not the same when you are moving from a regularly furnished 2 bedroom home and the one with a grand piano, a huge safe, or an antique armoire. In situations where heavy items are involved, your chosen moving company might recommend more professional movers to keep the items safe and sound.

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Usually, most of the heavy items can be handled with 3 men movers crew, but sometimes that might be even more. So, make sure you notify your professional movers if there are some excessively heavy items when booking the service. They will ask you about it – that’s for sure. 

Local movers handling heavy items with ease

Stairs information 

If there are numerous flights of stairs involved in your relocation and there’s no elevator – you will have to add more local movers for sure. One reason is safety, the other one is efficiency, and the most important one – your local movers will be exhausted if only two of them have to handle everything. Many moving companies have strict rules when it comes to this and they are not allowed to send less than 3 men movers crew for a job with more than 2 flights of stairs. 

girl trowing a box to a man

Long hallways 

Any long carries will affect the time needed for your local movers to perform the job. That’s why many local moving companies are recommending adding more movers, to speed up the process. The situation is pretty much the same as when there are stairs to be handled. Just imagine if professional movers need to carry every piece of your furniture through a long hallway or from your home to a parking spot. Not fun.

Local movers handling long hallways

Time restrictions 

Sometimes your move might be restricted when it comes to time. Whether you have an elevator reservation or your building requires you to move in or out at a certain time – you will have to be efficient. In a situation such as this one, you might want to hire more local movers than you would normally. Always mention any type of restriction to your local movers, so they can be aware of it in advance and determine the size of the crew accordingly. 

Time restrictions for the move

Additional services

If you require some additional services from your professional movers – they might need more manpower to handle your requests timely. A frequent request is packing and most of the local movers who are offering this service will add more team members on a moving day. Packing takes a lot of time, and having more professional movers means that more people will work simultaneously.

By having a 3 men movers crew for packing and moving, one person can pack while the other two are carrying the furniture. This will save you a lot of time and the end goal is efficient moving service!

Local packers and movers

Priorities you should have in mind

When moving, it all comes down to your priorities. But even if you are looking for local movers that will fit your budget or if you are looking for top-notch movers – some priorities are always the same.

Safety of your belongings

The number one priority you should have when hiring professional movers is the safety of your items. If you reach out to one moving company and they tell you they will need to send you a team of 3 men movers – trust their judgment. We are sure you will find another company that will recommend 2 movers and a truck, and at first it might seem like a better and cheaper option. But imagine if they can’t move all of your belongings.

Or if your move takes eternity. The worst case scenario is that your furniture movers damage something. It’s way better paying a little bit more for local movers than buying new furniture because of the damages. Prevention is better than fixing, right? 

Avoid damages on your items

Time efficiency 

When professional movers are charging hourly, you will want them to be as efficient as possible, right? It’s not the same when you hire a 3 men movers crew and have just 2 local movers helping. The more the merrier, especially if you are in the race with time. Professional movers are also interested in performing your move in a fast and safe manner.

Oftentimes, local movers have one job in the morning and the other one in the afternoon, and they need to be efficient because of that. That’s why every moving company will try to recommend the team of local movers that will be ideal for your moving project. 

Efficient local movers


Being honest with your professional movers is the key! Hiring a team of experienced local movers means they want to prepare for the service in advance. And that’s the only reason why your chosen company will ask you many questions – to determine what your moving needs are. If you don’t mention over the phone that you need help with packing, that will bring additional stress on the moving day.

Your professional movers won’t be prepared for that, which means they won’t bring adequate equipment and that will make you a dissatisfied client. The same goes for excessively heavy items. If you don’t bring that up maybe 3 men movers team won’t be able to move it and that means you will either have to leave it behind or pay the extra price.

And no one is happy when additional expenses and fees show up. Open communication with your professional movers will ensure that you have a worry-free relocation without any hiccups along the way.

Be honest when hiring local movers

Trust your local movers 

When hiring professional movers the key to a successful relocation is to trust each other. And if you don’t trust their recommendation when it comes to the crew size, how are you going to trust them to handle your precious items? Finding trusted professional movers might take some time, but it is worth investing in. 

Local movers you trust

Legit Movers Chicago is the company of choice for many Chicagoans! The reason behind this is simple – we are local movers who are transparent, experienced, and skilled to help you with any type of move. We are professional movers with a long tradition of helping our neighbors move. Would you like to become our next happy client? We are here for you every day of the week and are more than happy to provide you with a free moving estimate! Just give us a call and enjoy your worry-free move! 

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