Tips for Chicagoans: How to Check How Safe Is Your Neighborhood

If you were wondering how safe is your neighborhood in Chicago, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are just moving to a different district or want to sleep more soundly at night in your own bed, we are here to help. We’ve compiled a list of the ultimate online resources and offline clues that could get you an answer to your question. Here is how to research felony and security rates without too much trouble.

Why Is a Safe Neighborhood Important for Home Buyers and Renters?

Psychologists have shown long ago that safety is one of the basic human needs. And whether that’s emotional material or physical safety, it’s crucial for good mental health and the overall well-being of any person. Living in one of the safest Chicago neighborhoods can help you form healthy habits, such as going on daily walks, becoming a part of a community, and enjoying useful facilities, which will ultimately increase your quality of life. So, to avoid relocation stress and make sure you don’t have to pack your furniture up once more just after you’ve unpacked, consider our relocation hacks related to scouting the safest Chicago districts. 

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The felony rate is directly related to the lifestyle one can lead, and thus their quality of life as well

Is Chicago Considered to Be Secure Overall?

Chicago is known for many things, and unfortunately, a high crime rate is one of them. However, while many talk about Windy City as the murder capital, this image isn’t actually true. Don’t get us wrong – there are crimes in Chicago. However, many cities on the US map have a much higher rate per capita. Of course, that doesn’t mean the Chi-town officials are ignoring the visible felony problem in the city, yet their efforts to clean the place up are working, as rates tend to drop each year. Additionally, Chicago is a big city, and not all of its parts are considered unsafe. That’s why we’re here – to help you find the best Chicago neighborhoods and decide on a new home in one of them.

What Chicago City Areas Have an Optimal Crime Rate?

One of the things to do before settling on a location is to thoroughly research how safe this community is you want to move to. Later in this blog, we’ll provide you with the tools to research security on your own, but first, we’ll try to help you by listing up all the safest areas. So, if the affordable Chicago area of your dreams is on this list, you can call it a day and know that you’ve chosen a great location to move efficiently to:

  • Edison Park,
  • Lake View,
  • Forest Glen,
  • Rogers Park,
  • Printers Row,
  • Andersonville,
  • Lincoln Park,
  • Streeterville,
  • Gold Coast,
  • Chicago Loop.
Chi-town at night
Find your oasis in Windy City

So, How Do You Find Out How Safe Is Your Neighborhood Using Online Tools?

One great way to check out the security of a district is by researching the matter online. There are multiple apps and websites that allow you to find information about your future residential district, including the felony rate. So, a thing you should definitely not forget to do, and the first step to take when you are researching where to move should be to check out the following top 5 internet resources:

  • AreaVibes,
  • NeighborhoodScout,
  • Nextdoor,
  • Family Watchdog,
  • ADT Go.

AreaVibes’ ”Livability Score” Is a Unique Way to Find Out More About an Area

For anyone interested in the safest places to live in the US and Canada, AreaVibes is a great resource. They rate neighborhoods or addresses in a city based on the cost of living, education quality, amenities, felony rate, employment opportunities, and the housing market. The quality of life is calculated via a Livability Score on a scale of 0 to 100. That way, you not only get all the relevant information you might need before changing your address but can also compare the livability of multiple locations you might be considering.

NeighborhoodScout Is a Website for Profiling and Comparing Safety Ratings

Relying on raw data acquired from all law enforcement agencies in the US, the website provides easy access to crime-related information, as well as its crime and safety index. The crime and safety index calculates the felony rate per 1000 people for each specific type of felony or violence. Finally, it provides you with an index from 0 to 100 that shows how much safer, in comparison to other places on the US map, the district you want to get a new home in is. 

So, if you were wondering is reliable, we’ll tell you that it is – not only because it takes raw data from the source, but also because it makes easily understandable information from it. Actually, the website is perfect for anyone scouting the best Chicago suburbs and nearby areas, allowing you to easily check your neighborhood safety rating and compare it with those of others.

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Nextdoor App Has a Feature Allowing for Real-Time Neighborhood Watch on Your Phone

There are other reasons to get in touch with your neighbors other than to stop getting misaddressed mail to your home. And one of them is to organize with your neighbors regarding security issues. With the Nextdoor app, you’ll be able to easily get in touch with those living near your home and start sharing information that will ensure all of you are protected. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to report any criminal, suspicious or unusual activities and ensure everyone around you is secure. Additionally, you can filter posts so that they only relate to avoiding danger and crime.

Family Watchdog Works Perfectly for Anyone Who Wants to Ensure Their Children Are Secure

Although there are numerous benefits of relocating, making a mistake when choosing the address you’ll move to can be fatal. However, with a good free service, such as Family Watchdog, you can easily confirm that you indeed did move to the greatest Chicago location for families. The website allows you to check crime statistics by address. Also, it allows you to scan for registered sex offenders near the place of your residence or even near the address of the school or daycare center your kids go to. Although there already are registries of sex offenders, this website allows you to easily and quickly check if there are some near you and ensure you move safely in every possible way. 

ADT Go Is a Cost-Free Way to Keep Your Family Safe

ADT Go app provides you with the criminal history of your area, as well as with the latest felony data. However, its special features, such as the SOS Emergency Response and Family Location Sharing, make it one of a kind. So, not only will this service help you decide where the moving company in Chicago should relocate you to, but it will also assist you after you’ve moved.

Most parents want to know that their children have safely arrived at school or a friend’s place, but even when kids use their phones 24/7, they too often forget to let their parents know of their whereabouts. Well, with this app, you can see where your household members are on a map and get alerts when they reach their destination. Additionally, the app provides an SOS button that directly reaches the ADT if you ever feel unsafe. So, if you were wondering: how do you keep safe in a neighborhood – this app may be the answer to your question.

Two girls talking about Chicago moving companies while they research the city
Online resources are a great way to learn about city security without putting yourself at risk

What Are the Best Ways to Check Neighborhood Safety Offline?

Although you might be internet savvy and know how to pack electronics, at the same time, you could be keen to investigate the area yourself. If you already checked out the previously mentioned online resources and are still asking yourself how do I know if a neighborhood is safe, you might want to take a different route. So, here is how we recommend you look into the safeness of a district yourself before Chicago movers start moving your large items, and it’s too late to look back. 

Talk to the Local Shop Workers and Owners

Local shop owners and workers will always know if there is a crime. Basically, theft is a good indicator of how secure a district is overall. It is the most common type of criminal activity in the US, making up for almost 60% of all felonies. So, if the local shop workers tell you theft doesn’t happen often, you probably won’t have a problem with other crimes either.

Ask Around With the Residents Forming Community Groups or a Neighborhood Watch

The more communal the feel in a district is, the fewer felonies there will be. So, first off, if you notice various types of communal bonding around you, such as community events and youth groups, know that you are already off to a good start. Additionally, don’t be thrown off if you see that there is a neighborhood watch. According to statistics, more than 40% of areas are covered by one of these. Even more so, it shows that the residents and the law enforcement cooperate well, which is another good indicator.

A girl serving coffee to woman hiring the best moving services in Chicago
Don’t forget to talk to your local workers and baristas to find out more about the district

The Looks Of a Neighborhood Can Tell You a Lot About Its Security

If the thought of your going-away party drains all your social energy, a walk with the pet you are about to move could also provide you with relevant information. The appearance of the district could tell you that the place is secure or that it evidently isn’t. So, what we recommend is checking out the streets by foot or car, and here is what you should look out for on your outing. 

Well-Lit Streets Are One of a Indicators of a Family-Friendly District

Did you know that studies show that good lighting in urban spaces can decrease the risk of crimes by up to 36%? For this reason, you want your future residential district to be well lit. In addition, well-kept parks and numerous schools also indicate that a zone is family-friendly and secure. 

Abandoned Buildings and Untrimmed Landscapes Correlate With a Higher Crime Rate

Additionally, you can look for clues that will tell you a place is probably quite unsafe. Reports show that with abandoned storefronts and buildings comes an increased chance of crimes relating to property and vehicle theft. Likewise, unkempt parks and yards aren’t just off-putting but can also indicate a lack of community and safety in a district. So, if you notice many lawns which are not neat, consider the online resources and offense indexes that could provide you with more information.

The beautiful parks of Chicago
Abundance of green spaces correlates with a lesser number of crimes

Once You Decide on a Crime-Free Area, Assure Your Move Is Supported By the Best Movers in Chicago

A sense of security is not important only after you move, but while you do as well. Whether you are packing to move in a hurry or not, hiring professional movers in Chicago will be more than helpful. That’s why we always recommend finding one of the Chicago moving companies that will assist you in making this stressful task an easy and enjoyable one.

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