How to Change Your Address When You Move to a New Chicago Neighborhood

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If you are about to relocate within the wonderful city of Chicago, you should figure out how to change your address when you move. Since this is not an activity you do every day, and there’s a high chance you may have never done this before, we created this guide to help you in these trying times. Don’t worry, it’s not a difficult task to take care of – as long as you follow our tips.

If You Are About to Relocate in Chicago, You’ll Have to Know How to Change Your Address When You Move

Every move entails a bunch of tasks: decide on where you want to live, find reputable Chicago movers, pack all fragile items and furniture, clean before you move out, and, of course, do not forget to do a very important thing – deal with bureaucracy. Organizing your documents and filling them with multiple government institutions is not considered to be a fun activity, generally. 

But it is one that has to be done if you want to move efficiently into a safe Chicago neighborhood. So, in order to assist you with informing the government offices and private institutions about your new details, we’ve created a checklist of all the things you need to be aware of to do the job efficiently.

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What Details Do I Need to Change When Moving Address?

To figure out how to update your address, you’ll first need to prepare. And that means collecting the important information and documents and having them by your side prior to visiting institutions and places to change your address when you move. Here are the most important things to have on you:

  • Your personal information – You’ll want to have your ID, Driver’s License, Passport, and Social security number. These will help you verify your identity in order to get the task of changing your residential information,
  • A credit or debit card – Getting the update done won’t cost you much, but at certain points, you’ll have to pay a dollar here or there. So write these costs on your relocation expenses checklist, and have your financial information on you so that you can easily pay where needed, as well as verify your ID easily,
  • Your new street number and name – Hopefully, you already know the name of the street and the house number in the best Chicago neighborhood that’ll soon be known as your new home. Although you’ll soon get used to it, for now, it might still be a strange one, so write it down correctly so that you don’t misspell anything accidentally once you get to filling out official paperwork.

Write Down All Your Usernames and Passwords

There are a bunch of places you’ll have to update your info, and that includes streaming services, memberships as well as magazine subscriptions. To switch your details, you’ll have to have the account numbers, usernames, and passwords to enter the accounts. 

For most of these accounts, you’ll be able to revise online, so that means you’ll want your log-in details on you the moment you sit in front of your computer. Having them laid out on a piece of paper will mean a lot. Just make sure you don’t leave your private info laying around later on. 

Make Sure All the Details You Have Are Correct

Another important point to remember is that you have to double-check if all the info you are updating is correct. Mistakes happen, especially when people move in a hurry and are just getting used to changes in their lives. 

To avoid any mistakes and make sure you won’t have to deal with all this paperwork all over again, later on, you’ll want to double-check everything you are revising. Trust this relocation tip: if you didn’t double-check it, don’t officially update anything! 

 A woman going through her binder before local movers in Chicago reach her
It’s crucial to have all your forms organized before starting the process

When Should You Change Your Address When Moving?

Let’s answer the second crucial question: when should I change my address when moving? If you don’t want to end up forwarding the problem of how to deal with misaddressed mail for previous residents to the next people who will occupy your soon-to-be former home, you should get to updating your details as soon as possible. 

And that means you’ll want to have everything figured out at least two weeks before you move with the help of a mover in Chicago, IL. That way, you’ll ensure none of your important mail or bills get delivered to the wrong residence after you’ve moved.

A mailman carrying mail to a wrong address
If you want to avoid your mailman taking the mail to the wrong location, inform the authorities about your move at least two weeks before

How Do You Change Your Mailing Address When You Move?

So, you’re still wondering: how can I change my address with the postal office? Well, it all depends on where you’re renewing your info. Some things you’ll be able to get done online, some you’ll have to do via a phone or email. And unfortunately, some you’ll have to get done in person in the post office. Depending on how you’ll go about the process, there will be a difference in finding out the best way to notify of an address change. Here are some of them:

  • Fill up the 3575 form at the local office – If you decide to visit the post office, you may request the Mover’s Guide Packet there. Inside of it, you’ll get the 3575 form which is the only one required for an update. You may also download the form online from their website if you don’t feel like taking a drive to your local office.
  • Visit the website and fill out an online form – The USPS has its own website, where you can fill out every form online. No downloading, no driving around town, just a simple way to solve your problem in no time out of the comfort of your home. If you want the process to last as short as possible, be certain you have your email and a credit card number on you.
  • Make a phone call – If you don’t have phone anxiety, you may consider getting the job done by making a call. By calling 1-800-275-8777, you’ll be able to get the process done in no time. And here is a little relocation hack people too often forget in the middle of the relocation frenzy: make sure to check out the working hours of the support center so you don’t plan your COA for the wrong moment.
A COA form taken by a person
There are multiple ways you can get the COA done, you just have to pick the one that works best for you

What to Do When Changing the Address for the Entire Family?

If you were on the lookout for the best Chicago neighborhoods for families, the chances are you are not relocating alone. If you’re relocating with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or even an entire family, you might have to think about other people’s bureaucratic tasks as well. Especially if these people are minors or illiterate

In these situations, you should go about changing the details of everybody. And actually, it’s quite simple. Before filing your new info with the post office, you’ll want to include the names of all the people relocating with you. That way, the USPS will know that you aren’t the only one relocating safely and can get all the people living in your home accounted for.

Watch Out for Security Issues and Home Address Fraud When Relocating With Family

If you hire one of the fraudulent Chicago moving companies, you might run into a relocation scam. However, this is not the only point where possible problems might arise. A different one is residential info fraud. If you want to avoid it, be wary of where you leave your sensitive details. Especially when you are updating your personal info online. 

Try not to save any passwords or account numbers, and you’ll probably be good to go. They say that the best way to be prepared for hard times is by informing yourself. So, to find out more about fraudulent offenses in relation to residential details, we recommend checking out the following video:

Where to Change Your Address When You Move to a New House?

Let’s move on to the third question one should have an answer to in order to move with their pets or family, and that is: where to change address when you move. We present to you the complete to-do list of all the state institutions and private places you should revise your residential details with prior to relocating to the best Chicago suburbs:

  • Start with the postal service and government offices – The most crucial state institution you’ll want your details updated with is the USPS. This update will cost you $1 at the DMV website. In addition, be certain you visit the DMV and the IRS. There you will be able to renew online or in person at the Secretary of State office. 
  • Make sure your employer is aware – While you may not think of your place of employment as an important institution, you should still tell your boss about the big life changes coming your way. In case you are changing your job, you should, of course, inform them as soon as possible. And if not, it still won’t hurt to make it known you are relocating – just in case.
  • Inform the insurance agencies and financial institutions – Banks, credit card companies, car insurance, and life insurance providers – inform them all. That way, all those forms you filled out a few months back won’t end up as if they never happened. It is really important not to have your bills and fees arrive at the wrong place, and this is the best way to ensure it won’t happen.
  • Renew the important memberships and subscription services – Don’t neglect your favorite magazine subscriptions or other important memberships like the gym one. Once the relocation stress sets in, you’ll want to have these hobbies to ease your mind and body.
A USPS sign on a building
The USPS is the most important institution you have to inform

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