Tips for Chicagoans: How to Clean an Apartment Before Moving in

If you wonder how to clean an apartment before moving in like you have OCD, you’re lucky that you found this article. Here you can find interesting and useful tricks and tips that will make the cleaning process a lot easier and as enjoyable as it can be. If you follow all of the below-mentioned steps, you’ll move in faster than you expected and have more time to spend exploring your neighborhood.

How Do You Clean Before Moving in? 

It’s much easier to grab a vacuum and start with home polishing if you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Imagine yourself unpacking all of your fresh clothes, clean dishes, and organizing your brand new cabinets that look good and smell like new? Sounds amazing, right? You can have all of this – all you need to do is to sacrifice a day or two, depending on the size of your home and the condition you find it in. If the previous owners didn’t leave a mess behind, a day should be more than enough to turn everything into perfection. 

Cleaning Apartment Before Moving in Requires Proper Organization

Start by writing a good to-do list and specify the steps of the process one by one – this usually requires getting some supplies, figuring out the ways you’re going to use them, and deciding in which order you want to sanitize different parts of your house. It is also smart to consider keeping the stuff you relocated in the storage unit during this period to avoid unnecessary things and random boxes getting in your way – this will maximize your relocation efficiency.

You’ll tidy your house much faster if it’s empty – this is one of the most efficient relocation hacks. For example, if you move books and have plenty of them, it will be much faster to tidy bookshelves without them lying around. If you have a storage space or a garage you can use for keeping your inventory, it’s best that you start by cleaning that area first and putting all other things inside. After everything is nice and clean, you can begin unpacking box by box and organizing each area. 

Girl with supplies that will help her with cleaning
Write a good checklist and get all the necessary supplies

What Do You Need to Clean an Apartment? Get the Proper Supplies From the Local Store

Imagine that you already relocated to one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago you’ve always dreamed of. Now that you’re finally there, you can find a great excuse for your first shopping adventure and start exploring local shops and markets. If you’re a techie and want to get a brand new vacuum cleaner that will be your number one ally in every upcoming cleaning session you’ll have at your place – this is the ideal opportunity to visit a local mall and get one. 

You can test its durability on day one, so you’ll definitely find a way to make this process more interesting. If you don’t find cleaning very enjoyable, think of yourself as one of the persons in popular TV commercials who test brand new products and all of the things they can achieve with their incredible possibilities. You can also explore some cool tricks and prepare DIY versions of sanitation products using some basic ingredients like vinegar and baking soda. 

Products You Should Consider Buying

Since chemicals are often among the items movers won’t move, and for a good reason – they might spill during the relocation and damage your furniture or other inventory. Don’t risk transporting them when you can easily get new ones once you finally move into your home in some of the best Chicago neighborhoods. Here’s a list of things you should get:

  • Rubber gloves,
  • Sponges,
  • Baking soda,
  • Disinfectant spray,
  • Spot cleaner for carpets,
  • Wooden surface cleaners,
  • Glass cleaners,
  • Furniture polish,
  • Microfiber cloths/wash rags,
  • Paper towels,
  • Newspaper,
  • Step stool,
  • Toilet bowl brush,
  • Trash bags,
  • Vacuum cleaner,
  • Broom,
  • Mop.

If you’re relocating on a budget and want to lower your expenses, it is a good idea to write a relocation expenses checklist – this will help you limit your spendings and make better decisions about your priorities. For example, if you have some delicate wooden floor in your living room, it is a good thing that you invest in some quality products that will keep it in good condition, rather than sanitizing it with some chemicals that might harm its delicate surface. Also, if you’re on a budget, relocating to some of the affordable Chicago neighborhoods making some homemade disinfectants might be a wise decision that will help you avoid relocation stress

Person holding bucket with different supplies
You’ll have to buy appropriate supplies in order to achieve your goals

One of the First Rules Is to Start From the Top

To avoid doing the same work twice, it is highly recommended that you begin from the top – dust from ceilings and walls should be cleaned with a dry cloth and a vacuum with a proper attachment. For greasy stains on the walls, you can rely on a mix of vinegar and water. Ensure you also wash the door and window frames and wipe the top part of cabinets. For electronic devices, take a dry cloth or appropriate gentle solutions that won’t harm them. You should wash windows with glass cleaner or use a homemade alternative mixture made from water and vinegar. Newspapers can also be helpful in this process if you run out of fresh cloths – just ensure you wash windows inside and out, and you’re good to proceed with the next steps.

After Cleaning the Upper Parts, Continue With Furniture

After you successfully cleaned all the upper parts, such as the ceiling, curtain rods, cabinets, and walls, from the dust, you should proceed with the furniture that’s already there before unpacking the items you brought to your place. Specialized solutions are ideal for delicate wooden surfaces and furniture pieces – this is also recommended for laminate floors and hardwood if you want to make them shine. A regular or a steam vacuum is perfect for fabric furniture such as sofas and armchairs. Look at this video that will help you get an idea of how to wash soft furniture.

How Do You Disinfect an Apartment Before Moving in? Sanitizing the Bathroom Should Be One of Your Priorities

Leaving the bathroom for the end of the process isn’t smart because you’ll probably need it as soon as you move in. For example, you’ll have to empty the bucket with mopping water or wash your cloths, maybe even more than once! You’ll also need to shower frequently during all the unpacking days. 

You don’t have to scrub every tile as soon as you get to your house. If you have more than one bathroom in your apartment, you can sanitize one of them as soon as you get to your home and use it for yourself, while you keep the other for previously mentioned purposes until you wash everything else in the home. 

Ensure You Scrub the Bathtub and Change or Wash the Shower Curtain

A proper sanitizer is something you’ll need for this room. To ensure everything is adequately sanitized, pay special attention to areas where bacterias and mold thrive. Scrub the bathtub using the proper sanitizers and wipe all the sinks and faucets. 

If you find some caked-on hairspray on the mirror, try removing it with a bit of shampoo and warm water, and then proceed with the glass cleaner. If you choose not to change the toilet seat, you should disinfect it starting from the seat and under it and then finishing with the base on the floor. Follow the laundry washing instructions for the shower curtain if you have it – or replace it. 

Supplies on tiles
Bathrooms require proper disinfection

Prepare to Spend Hours on Cleaning the Kitchen 

Unfortunately, the kitchen space is the most complicated one since it can contain numerous cabinets, appliances, chairs, and other things. They can often be left in bad condition, with a lot of greasy stains that require special attention. For cabinets and countertops, you can reach out for special sanitizers that don’t contain toxic chemicals. If you’re into natural and less aggressive products, you can always go with baking soda and vinegar. 

Scrub the Stove and the Interior of the Fridge Properly

Baking soda paste is great for scrubbing the stove. Dish soap can be used for the oven, and baking soda is also recommended for stubborn and extra greasy spots. Once you’re done with scrubbing, ensure you rinse everything off with fresh water. One easy and cool microwave disinfection tip is to get a cup of water, leave it inside and let it boil for a minute. Steam will help you remove all those stubborn grease stains easier. 

For sinks, it is recommended that you sprinkle baking soda down the drain and then add vinegar to make foam. Rinse with hot water and make a baking soda paste for scrubbing afterward. Once you get to the fridge, you should remove all the inside parts, racks, and drawers and wash them outside with soapy water. Wash the other parts with warm water and baking soda. You can also rely on this mix for scrubbing greasy dishes if you didn’t have enough time to wash pots and pans before relocating them and didn’t relocate clean dishes, or previous owners left some dirty ones.

A person that learned how to clean an apartment before moving is scrubbing the sink
Kitchen counters and stoves tend to get very greasy and hard to clean

Leave the Floors and Carpets for the Very End

Once you get to your place and inspect the floor, you can get the proper supplies that will help you clean everything in the right way. You can mix different ingredients to get a DIY carpet stain remover, but this process can be challenging without professional assistance. How do you deep clean an apartment without professional equipment? Well, you can hire professionals to take care of carpets – they usually have specialized equipment that’s perfect for deep cleaning. This is good for proper sanitizing, especially if you have young children that tend to play on the floor. Check out some of the local’s favorite companies that provide these services and make your life much easier. 

Professional cleaner vacuuming the carpet
Consider hiring professionals for deep carpet cleaning

Once You Learn How to Clean an Apartment Before Moving, You Can Hire Professional Chicago Movers for Easier Relocation 

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