How to Move a Piano – The Right Way

Relocating comes with many struggles, and one of them is transporting a valuable and delicate instrument. It is always better to hire local movers in Chicago, IL, to assist you, but if you decide to do this by yourself, you must know how to move a piano properly. We can teach you what to do in this situation.

Pianos can weigh from 300 to 1,000 pounds, so this task will require much preparation and friends ready to sacrifice their day and energy to assist you. However, with a bit of patience and concentration, everything can be done satisfyingly. Your beloved instrument will get to your new home, and it will continue to enrich your space for many years to come.

Can You Move a Piano By Yourself?

These beautiful instruments are often the owner’s favorite part of the living room, and they are always what makes any home feel more welcoming and more elegant. Is there anything more relaxing than the soft tones of this exquisite instrument? To continue enjoying both the view and the sound of music when you relocate to one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago, you must somehow move it without any damage. You will probably wonder – is moving a piano yourself a good idea? Should you add this task to your to-do list?

Does Moving a Piano Damage It?

Well, this strongly depends on how you move it. Of course, it is easy to damage it if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is why we suggest you carefully research this topic, as it is a very complex one. But that shouldn’t scare you. If your moving expenses checklist can’t afford the cost of professional assistance for this task, you can move your instrument without damaging it – in most cases. We must emphasize that there are some heavy grand pianos that you likely won’t be able to transport on your own, even with the assistance of friends.

Close view of the woman playing a keyboard
Instruments are valuable and beloved items, you should know how to move them properly

How to Move a Piano Yourself Like a Pro – Here Are Our Tips and Tricks on the Easiest Way for Moving It

Let us be honest here – this job won’t be as easy as packing books or learning numerous relocating hacks that will prepare you for packing dishes. You will need some severe persistence, positive thinking, and a lot of time to manage to do every step adequately. Here are basic instructions on what supplies you’ll require and how to approach the process.

What Kind of Equipment Do You Need?

Before doing anything else, you’ll want to make sure that you have all the right packing supplies that will protect your instrument from any kind of damage. Here’s a list of essential supplies:

  • Moving blankets – They are highly effective. You need them for padding all sides of the instrument. In case you don’t have them, regular blankets or towels will do the job just fine.
  • Tape – You should get plenty of it because you’ll use it to secure all those blankets in place for transportation.
  • Dolly – If you own an upright type of instrument, you should get a dolly, but be careful to find one that can support the weight of your instrument.
  • Skid board – This is used for relocating grand ones, so if you have that, get this instead of a dolly. A dolly won’t be of much help with the very heavy instruments.
  • Straps – They come in handy for securing the instrument onto a dolly or skid board.
  • Screwdriver – For disassembling, you’ll have to use this tool. You can sometimes relocate without disassembling, though, but it can be more difficult if you decide to go that way.

Don’t Try to Do It Alone, It’s Not Possible – You Will Need Plenty of Help From Your Friends

During the relocation process, some tasks will be so dull that you will want your friends by your side to cheer you up and pack with you, so the work gets done sooner, or maybe they will remind you to take some of the most commonly forgotten things to pack with you. It’s always good to have someone by your side, as packing can get very overwhelming. But in this case, friends are not here only for moral support, like in the case when you’re packing plates or decluttering your attic and taking stuff to storage. You quite literally cannot move such a heavy instrument, it doesn’t matter which one, without a few more sets of hands. We suggest you get yourself at least 4 or 5 assistants. So, call your crew and tell them to dress in comfy clothes that they won’t mind getting dirty. Also, sneakers are a must-have for this job.

Make Sure That the Instrument Can Pass Through All Rooms – Measure Doorways and Stairs

It is of utmost importance that you make sure the instrument can pass through your home without getting a single scratch. Plus, you will need to measure hallways and doorways in your new home. Otherwise, all your preparation will be for nothing if it’s not possible to take the instrument to the truck and later inside the new place. Of course, you should protect the floors and stairs as well, both in your current and new home.

A close view of the keyboard
Relocating requires a lot of preparation and assistance from friends

How to Move an Upright Piano?

Moving an upright piano is usually straightforward, as it isn’t very heavy. So, you likely won’t have to disassemble it. How to move upright piano? One of the most critical steps is the first one, and that is to secure pedals and keys with blankets. You should cover all sides of the instrument as well. Logically, you’ll want to tape all that properly so it can’t move.

And now comes the time when you require assistance from friends. Your combined strength should be enough to lift the instrument, put it onto the dolly, put straps so that nothing can move, and then get all that to the truck. If there aren’t many obstacles in your house, that won’t be so hard, but if there are – well, you should be extra careful not to damage the instrument or doorways and stairs, not to mention that you can injure yourself. Just take it slowly, watch your steps, and it will all be okay. Check out this video below to see how this can be done if you have to do it without enough assistance.

How to Move a Grand Piano?

Moving a grand piano is one of the most challenging tasks when relocating or taking things to storage, there’s no denying that. If you’re relocating with pets and kids, on top of that, things can get out of control. You must have plenty of patience. Just think of how you will relax and enjoy the music in your new house. So, let’s get started! You will have to lower the top lid and secure it with tape. After that, get the screwdriver – it’s time for disassembling the instrument.

Legs and pedals must be taken off and carefully wrapped in protective supplies. When taking the legs off, be careful not to drop the whole instrument. We don’t have to tell you how heavy it is. Your friends should be there not to let it drop. Once it is disassembled, take the blankets, paddle all sides of the instrument, and tape them well. Now, load the clavier to the skid board and fix it with straps. Don’t forget to bring your legs and pedals with you! Finally, push all of that to the truck, and you’re done! Remember to thank your friends for assistance – throw the best going away party.

Close look of the baby and man playing the keyboards
Take care of your instrument, so you continue to enjoy it in the new house

Is It Expensive to Move a Piano?

The answer to this question depends on what kind of instrument you own and how much it weighs. Basically, when you consider the pros and cons of paying a professional company to load it to the truck and relocate it, you will conclude that it isn’t costly. If you’re not confident that you can move it yourself, it’s better to pay for assistance. The damage you can inflict on the instrument can be way more expensive than paying the relocation company in the first place. Plus, the DIY approach will also cost you a lot of relocation stress, and although that’s not technically expensive, it will take a toll on your well-being. In the spirit of relocating efficiently, hiring pros is likely for the best. But, you must research the company before you hire them – you don’t want to end up being a victim of a relocating scam, right?

How Much Does It Cost to Move an Upright Piano?

Naturally, smaller ones are less expensive to transport. For your local residential move, you can expect to pay around $200 – $500. Lucky for you, local relocation to the safest neighborhoods in Chicago or a storage location nearby is not so expensive. Plus, you should know that transporting large pianos can be more expensive because it is more complex and can end up costing up to $1,000. If the workers have to face obstacles such as steep stairs or narrow doorways on their way to the truck, there could be additional charges.

A man trying to lift the instrument
Is it worth paying the professional company to transport your instrument? We think so

The Best Way to Move a Piano Is to Hire Professional Movers in Chicago to Help You

Why burden yourself with this challenging task? Relocation is already stressful even without issues like this, and an instrument usually isn’t on the list of items movers won’t move. Our Chicago movers are here and ready to help you move this valuable instrument. Out of all Chicago moving companies, we offer the most affordable and efficient service and promise that your move will be the easiest one yet. We’ll make sure that your beloved instrument is protected and stays without a scratch if you decide to go for a local relocation with us. We offer other services such as packers and movers, and you can always hire us for in and out of storage service. Don’t hesitate, contact us today.

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