How to Move Efficiently – 6 Tips for a Fast Relocation

Relocations are never easy, that’s something universally acknowledged. We all have to move at least once or twice in our lives, but this number is way higher for most of us. If you want to know how to move efficiently and avoid being under a lot of pressure whenever you have to change your residence, we suggest you learn some of our tricks.

Efficient moving means you are not under unbearable stress, although a bit of moving stress is something almost impossible to avoid. However, there are plenty of tips that can help you during this difficult period in your life so that you can better organize your time, save money and your energy.

#1 How to Move Efficiently? First, Write a Moving to-Do List

The key to any successful relocation is having an excellent plan and being well prepared. As always in life, being well organized will get you a long way. This is why we advise you to take a minute to think through everything moving-related and come up with a solid plan. Don’t rush things, and try not to panic. How do you move efficiently? The essence of good planning when it comes to relocation is making to-do lists. They are game-changers, and people easily get lost without them, so why put yourself in the position where you’ll regret not writing everything down?

Packing Checklist

This type of checklist is the first that comes to mind naturally. The packing process is complicated and time-consuming, so you’re bound to miss something if you don’t have a plan. Of course, you’ll remember things you use daily, that’s hard to forget, but what about the most commonly forgotten things to pack?

List for Tasks

It is wise to keep track of little things you have yet to do. All the preparations will make you feel like you’re losing your mind completely, so the chances are that you’ll become a little forgetful. No need to worry about that, it’s nothing new or strange. Everything will go back to normal once the moving is over, but for now, you should write down anything of importance, just in case. Lists can help you keep track of what is left to be done, and we can assure you that marking a task complete will give you a relaxing feeling and keep your motivation high.

Moving Expenses Checklist

Relocations tend to be pricey, which adds up to the stress. With so many expenses and little time to prepare everything you need before the movers arrive, it’s easy to overspend and not even notice it. If you don’t want to end up with an empty wallet, it would be good to make an expenses checklist. Trust us, you’ll be happy if you do.

Notebook, pen, coffee, and a plant
Checklists will significantly increase your efficiency

#2 Get Boxes and Other Moving Supplies on Time

Finding quality supplies for your items is best to be done way ahead of time. If you end up being late with this, that means you won’t start packing on time, which in turn guarantees that you’ll be under a lot of moving stress once the big day approaches.

The Kind of Boxes You Want to Get

The type of boxes you need depends on the kind of items you’re packing. Using the wrong ones may put your things in danger of being damaged during transportation, no matter how careful the movers are. A general rule says that heavy objects should be packed in smaller packages. It makes sense – most of us wouldn’t even be able to lift a giant, weighty box, let alone transport it.

You will have to learn how to pack dishes. Those fragile things are the riskiest ones. Packing plates, for example, usually require special packages called dish barrels, which you can get in supply stores. If you don’t want to spend money on that, standard boxes are fine, but you better use medium ones. However, if you have new or valuable dishware that shouldn’t be bumping around the truck, better buy dish barrels.

Additional Supplies That Will Help You Pack

The list of supplies to choose from is practically endless if you are creative enough. You will, of course, head to the supply store for new ones, but plenty of things from your home can be used as well. Besides boxes, here are some other essentials you’ll need:

  • Packing paper,
  • High-quality tape and a tape gun,
  • Stretch plastic wrap,
  • Markers for labeling.

Use Whatever You Can From Your Home

How can I make moving easier? Do you ask yourself this often? As we’ve said, if you’re creative, you can find a way to utilize plenty of household items as supplies that ease the relocation process.

  • Clothes and towels – Commonly, people find them useful for wrapping delicate stuff. Besides well protecting your dishware, this leaves you more space in the boxes meant for clothes.
  • Suitcases -They are unavoidable, as they can hold heavy stuff. They are suitable for packing books, considering that they are usually quite the burden for ordinary packages.
  • Drawers – You can use them as boxes, all you need to do is wrap them with plastic wrap, and they are good to go. Generally, one of the best tips is to put small things in anything large that resembles a box and can transport them, this will save you a lot of space.
Labeled boxes, plants, and a couch
You will need plenty of boxes, as well as other moving supplies

#3 Declutter Before You Start to Pack

The relocation is usually the exact moment when people realize that they have so many things they don’t use or need. If you try to take absolutely everything from your home, that will take you what feels like years. The question you ask yourself is – how can I move my house faster and efficiently? So, to ease the task ahead of you, you must first declutter. But, we must warn you – this cannot be done quickly. It’s best to leave a few days for the whole process. Additionally, you may want to ask a few people to help you, friends or family members. You will be done faster, and chatting with them will make decluttering less boring.

The Best Ways to Declutter – Donating and Selling Things

What are you going to do with all you don’t want to keep? The best option is to donate them, so you may want to check out places where you can do that. Selling furniture is usually a good idea, considering that furniture is hard to relocate. It will also bring you some money, in case the relocation dries out your funds. Plus, buying new furniture is a fun activity! When you’ve sold all that can be sold, all there’s left to do is throw in the garbage things that you can’t repurpose in any way.

It would do you well to remember that there are some items movers won’t move with their truck. It’s not because they are picky. The problem is that some household stuff is not safe to transport. Some are hazardous, some are flammable, and a reputable moving company in Chicago can’t risk anybody getting hurt. So, having this in mind, you must get rid of stuff like this. Plan and find places where it is safe to dispose of hazardous materials.

A mug, a napkin that is written on and a pen
Decluttering is an essential part of preparing for a move

#4 Packing in the Right Way Is Essential

What is the most efficient way to pack for moving? We can’t give you only one answer, so we’ll offer you the best tips to increase efficiency and reduce stress. Read carefully and then decide what you want to apply. We kindly suggest you apply them all.

Start on Time

When should you start packing to move? Experts say that it is best to begin approximately three weeks before the relocation. We agree, but it should be noted that if you can start even earlier than that, it can’t do any harm but only help you, especially if your home is large or you are a first-time mover. Better to be done sooner than panic the day before you have to leave.

Pack Room-by-Room

Once you start to pack your items to head for your new home, it may be confusing to run around the house and pick up things here and there. In the spirit of being well-organized, one of the tips we offer is this – once you begin with the room, there’s no beginning another one until the first one is entirely packed. This is bound to give you some clarity and a sense of control. Go slowly, box by box.

Begin From the Least Used Rooms

How to efficiently pack to move? Logically, you won’t wrap up most used rooms first. It wouldn’t make sense to do so since you begin weeks before you’re going to the new place, and it will make it hard to function in the house without essentials. This is why you should begin with storage areas, like the attic or basement. Just remember that you have to declutter them first. One more thing – leave the kitchen for the end so that you can eat home until it’s necessary to wrap it up. Also, prepare yourself mentally for this task. If you want to hear more about relocation hacks that will help you move efficiently and effortlessly, check out this video.

#5 Here’s What to Do on the Moving Day

Tips for relocation day will come in handy when you find yourself tired and wanting this all to be over. They are designed to have in mind all the chaos that comes with this occasion, and they’ll significantly reduce the stress that is the most intense now.

You Should Have a Bag With Essentials

Assemble things you want to have close to you during the relocation day. You should do this an evening before the move. Remember snacks and water bottles, you will be happy you did. Also, chargers are a must-have. Besides that, it is helpful to have a toothbrush, pajamas, and other things you will be looking for in the evening when you’re in the new house, so there’s no reason to unpack a single box then.

Take Important Documents With You

Important documents are also something you should keep close to you. People often forget them or lose them during relocation. You shouldn’t put them in a box and give them to movers, as this is not something you want in the truck. It’s too valuable to risk losing it. Valuables better go with you as well – no reason to stress out thinking if they’re okay in that truck. Just take them with you to be sure.

Plans for Kids and Pets

If you are relocating with pets or kids, keep in mind that they can’t assist you with anything once the relocating truck comes. It’s better to have an actual plan for them. Consider leaving them with family members of trusted friends until the move is over.

Sad girl sitting on the moving box, parents behind her
Make sure you have a plan for your kids on a moving day, so they don’t get bored

#6 Tips for Unpacking Your Items

You have finally arrived at your new place, and it is the best in Chicago, like no other. The last truck has left, and the relocation is done. Or is it? Well, there’s still unpacking to do. But that can wait till the following day, and you must take a minute to relax and maybe have a celebratory drink.

How to Unpack After a Move

Never try to tackle everything at once. You will just exhaust yourself. Unpack in stages and have regularly scheduled breaks to stay rested. Of course, unpacking can take days, and you shouldn’t worry about that. It’s normal. Eventually, everything will be done.

How to Speed up Unpacking

The best idea is to organize a housewarming party. You will probably have a going away party as well, but the housewarming one can be helpful in getting you to begin unpacking. Once you decide on the date for the party, you have a deadline for unpacking, and that will keep you motivated.

People clinking wine glasses
You should organize a housewarming party once you settle down

For Maximum Efficiency, Hire Professional Chicago Movers

Now that you have all the tricks up your sleeve, residential moving should be a piece of cake for you. However, if you want to be sure that it will all go according to plan, you should hire professionals. You won’t regret it if you choose us amongst many professional movers in Chicago. We can help you relocate even quicker if you book our packing services, and if you need commercial moving, we have you covered as well. We are fully dedicated to each of our clients, and our services are outstanding. To find out more and book your move, feel free to contact us!

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