How to Pack Glasses for Moving So Nothing Breaks on the Road to Your New Chicago Neighborhood

Your move is approaching, and there is a lot left to do. While some tasks may not be very demanding, preparing your kitchenware for transport is a special kind of nightmare. Sure, plates are not so hard to protect from damage, but how to pack glasses for moving? It seems complicated. However, you shouldn’t worry – we are here to tell you exactly what to do.

All anyone wants to do after an exhausting relocation is sit back and relax. Of course, toasting to a successful move is something you must do. But, how will you do it if the glassware is broken? That’s why it’s essential to learn how to transport these fragile belongings, so you can fully enjoy the end of such a stressful period in your life. Keep reading for the best tips and tricks that will help you move these dishes effortlessly.

How to Pack Glasses for Moving Like a Professional – The Only Guide You Will Need

How do you pack glasses and mugs when moving to one of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago without stressing yourself out about the possibility of them being broken during the truck ride? We know that relocation stress is hard to handle, but you have nothing to worry about in this particular case. Packing glassware is way more straightforward than it seems. All you need is a bit of patience and quality materials that will for sure provide maximum protection. We’ll share a few relocation hacks that will come in handy and will help you check this task off your to-do list in no time.

What Is the Best Way to Pack Glasses for Moving?

There really can be a variety of answers when it comes to handling glasses. However, if you know how to move efficiently, you probably realize that nothing is impossible if you have proper organization and pay full attention to the task in front of you. Even those who have to move in a hurry can get everything packed just in time, only if they follow standard guidelines and tips that are proven to help. So, read carefully and try to use as many tips as you can – we believe you can do this perfectly.  

Girl holding a mug in a bubble package
With our tips, your favorite mug will make it to the new home in one piece

Packing Dishes Will Be Easy If You Have the Right Supplies

Everything starts with gathering suitable supplies. Make sure you buy materials on time and that you have enough of everything. Yes, quality stuff will affect your expenses checklist, but this is one of the situations where it’s better to pay a bit more for a better outcome. Also, we suggest you don’t get every glass in your home wrapped weeks ahead of the move – usually, kitchenware is packed last since you still have to eat something even though you’re swamped with preparations.

Which Supplies Will You Need?

Wrapping glassware is pretty much a straightforward job, and you won’t need an extensive list of different materials to do that. Since it’s more the matter of how and not with what you protect your fragile items, the basic supplies will be enough to perfectly prepare each glass you have for the bumpy ride on the relocation truck. Here’s what you should buy:

  • Boxes – You’ll get the best results with medium-sized ones. Try to avoid large ones since they would be tricky to carry, and even the most experienced Chicago movers would have trouble with them.
  • Papers – They are the alpha and omega of this job, trust us. Without them, there’s not much you can do. The same goes when you are packing plates and other dishes.
  • Tape – People often think that they can get any kind of tape and that things will work out fine. We are here to tell you that the quality of tape absolutely matters, so you better buy some high-quality ones if you want your packages to remain in one piece.
  • Markers – Labeling packages is crucial for your move’s success, and we will later explain why that is particularly important for packages containing dishes.
  • Bubble wrap – It’s not essential per se, but it can come in handy. If you don’t have it, it’s not a big deal. You can cover glassware with other materials, such as papers. 

Using Divided Box Is a Sure Way to Protect Every Single Glass

The best kind of moving boxes for glasses are divided ones – with carton compartments that separate items. They provide excellent cushioning for every glass, but the problem is that they aren’t that easy to find as the regular ones (you can find free packages in every larger grocery store). Your best bet is paying a visit to some of the large liquor stores in the area – they will likely have these kinds of packages available since they work well for transporting bottles, and they will be glad to get rid of them by giving them to you. Try asking in one of these stores: Binny’s Beverage Depot, Warehouse Liquors, Moreno’s Liquors, or Garfields Beverage Warehouse.

Feel Free to Buy a Lot of Paper – You Will Need It

We mentioned that papers are your top choice of protective material, so you will need a lot of them. Remember, you also have to wrap pots and pans. Plus, it’s hard to imagine wrapping plates without enough papers, which is why this is not the place to save money. The best thing about this material is that you can recycle it after your move (extra points for you if you recycle – we must protect our environment), and that’s the precise reason why you should stay clear of bubble packaging. While effective, it’s difficult to recycle, and it costs more. The way we see it, paper is a superior supply. It will do a perfect job, trust us.

Divided carton packaging
If you can find a divided box, everything will be so much easier

Preparing Your Boxes Is an Essential First Step

The problem with dishes is that they are pretty heavy, and not every box can take that kind of load. What can you do to prepare yours for carrying your valuable glassware? You wouldn’t want the box to fall open when a mover lifts it, would you? All your hard work would go to waste – so, let’s see how we can avoid that.

How to Prevent a Box From Falling Open During Transport?

It’s more simple than you would expect – all you need to do for that extra protection is to tape the outside of the box quite well before you place anything inside. How exactly? Well, you must tape the bottom, naturally, but you also want to tape the sides. Preferably, you should tape the bottom third of the package. If you’re going to be extra careful, tape the bottom half. No way your package will give under pressure if you do that.

After that, you should put a layer of paper to the bottom of the package before you place anything else. These little tricks are not complex like the ones you use to move a piano, for example, but they go a long way. Since the kitchen is one of the most challenging rooms to wrap up for the move, any tip is welcome. That’s why you should check out this video for more smart hacks that’ll help you move the whole kitchen to the new home.

What Is the Best Technique for Packing Glasses?

Before anything goes into the package, you must wrap every piece carefully. It’s important to mention that you should never let two pieces of glass touch each other – papers must always divide glassware. Don’t be scared to use as many papers as needed.

How Do You Wrap Glassware?

We suggest you do this on the kitchen table – you need a flat surface. Now is the time for all those papers we talked about. Place a sheet on the table and lay the glass on top of it. You want to put it on its side because the next step is to roll it until it’s completely covered with paper. After that, tuck the edges inside, and fill it to the top with crumpled papers. And that’s it – you’re done. It wasn’t so hard after all, right?

How Do You Pack Glasses for Moving Without Paper?

It’s unlikely that you’d find yourself in this situation, but for the sake of argument let’s say you got carried away planning your going away party, and you forgot to buy supplies, or you didn’t buy enough. What are you going to do now? Worry not. Glassware can be packed even without papers – and we don’t say use bubble wrapping.

You probably thought of newspapers, but that’s not the best idea. The ink can permanently stain your belongings, so we wouldn’t recommend this so-called hack. You want to use a plain, old T-shirt, or a sock – we just hope you haven’t packed clothes already.

Here’s How to Properly Fill Boxes With Glassware

One crucial rule you must follow when it comes to filling packages is this – always (and we really mean always) put heavier pieces of glassware at the bottom and lighter ones on the top. If heavy ones end up on the top, they might crush delicate glassware, and you will have to go shopping for new ones. After everything is safely tucked inside the package, fill the residual space with cushioning materials such as styrofoam peanuts or crumpled papers, tape the top, and your package is ready for transport.

Man taping a package labeled as "kitchen"
After you’ve wrapped everything and filled the package, tape it, and it’s ready

How to Pack Wine Glasses for Moving?

If you want to toast after the move with a bottle of excellent wine, you should adequately protect your stemware. We all know that stemware is quite delicate, especially the stem part. That’s why you should pay a lot of attention when covering these with papers. Protect the stem first, and then cover the stemware’s bowl. No need to mention that these objects must be at the top of the package or they will easily shatter to pieces, and you will have to drink your wine from plastic cups. Not so celebratory, don’t you think?

Man and woman holding stemware, a bottle behind their hands
A good sip of wine is a great way to celebrate the move, so protect your stemware

Remember to Label Your Packages

Now you know how to pack glasses for shipping, but it’s not all done. One of the things to do before relocating that we often overlook is labeling packages. In some cases, that’s not a huge problem – you can’t break your shoes or clothes, but when it comes to breakable things such as dishes, you wouldn’t want to forget labeling the package. Movers won’t know that they have to be very careful when handling those packages, and there could be some damage. To avoid that, simply write FRAGILE or HANDLE WITH CARE. It will only take you a second, but it means more than you know.

Man labeling a package with a tape with "fragile" written on it
Labeling packages with fragile objects is a must-do

Tips on How to Safely Load Glassware Onto the Truck

Okay, we’ve figured out how do you pack dishes and glasses for moving, but how will you load them onto the truck in case you don’t have the Chicago movers who will do that for you? Glassware and any other dishes should be put on top of heavy objects such as furniture. It’s best to simply load them onto the truck last. You can also fill the space between two pieces of furniture with a small package – furniture will keep it from tumbling around.

Pile of packages, plants, and a couch
You should load the packages with dishes last so that nothing can crush them

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