How to Pack Plates for Moving Within Chicago

It’s time to start preparing for your move, and you know this will be a stressful period of your life. There’s so much to be wrapped, including many breakable items such as dishes. Have you figured out how to pack plates for moving yet? If not, our guide will be of great use to you. Keep reading to learn everything there is on packing plates for a relocation.

Packing plates for moving isn’t as difficult as you may think. You will see that they are the least of your problems when it comes to dishware, so you shouldn’t stress over this task. In the following article, we will recommend the best way to pack plates to ensure they stay in perfect condition. Follow our tips, and you will be enjoying famous Chicago pizza on your plate in the evening after your move.

How to Pack Plates for Moving Without Breaking Any of Them?

So, how to pack plates for shipping and keep them safe during the transport? They are pretty fragile, and most of those who move dread the day when they have to wrap these dishes. Will your favorite pieces survive the ride to one of the greatest neighborhoods in Chicago? The truth is, people make unnecessary fuss about wrapping dishware – it’s not that hard. Sure, you have to put in a bit of effort, but we will teach you all the tips and tricks to speed up this process.

Learn How to Pack a Plate First So That You Can Handle More Complex Dishes Later

We often suggest taking care of platters before another dishware since they are pretty simple to handle. Then, after you have gotten a hold of how things work, you can get to more significant issues such as packing glasses and stemware or wrapping all of your pots and pans. The great thing about dishware is that you mainly use the same wrapping methods, so learning all of them won’t take much of your time.

Two platters with toast, one full of cherries and blueberries
If you do this correctly, you can continue to enjoy delicious meals right after your move

First, Let’s Find Adequate Supplies

Nothing can be packed without quality supplies. The first step is asking yourself what kind of boxes you should get for this job. The optimal type of box you can use is, without any doubt, a dish barrel. That’s a specially designed box that can provide maximum protection for dishware. You can find it in any well-stocked supply store, but there is a downside to this genius package – it’s a bit more expensive than your average box. If your relocation expenses checklist is already quite long, you can go with the regular medium-sized boxes, but be extra careful when wrapping your stuff. Here’s what other supplies you need to use:

  • Clear wrapping paper,
  • High-quality tape,
  • Markers,
  • Padding materials of your choice,
  • Bubble wrap (optional).

You Don’t Have to Spend a Lot of Money on Packing Supplies for Dishware

If you’re relocating on a tight budget, there’s no reason for supplies to be increasing your relocation stress. You can find cheap or free supplies – if you know the right relocation hacks. Sure, paper is cheap, but what about cartons? Not everybody knows this, but free boxes are really easy to come by. Just check your local grocery or liquor stores – they have plenty of cartons they don’t need and will happily give them to you if you ask. Even better – visit some Chicago bookstores and see if they have saved boxes from their last shipment. Try asking in one of these: Unabridged Bookstore, 57th Street Books, or Sandmeyer’s Bookstore.

Man taping a package, woman behind placing books in another one
You can’t do anything without the proper supplies

Before You Start Packing Any Dishes, Clean Them Thoroughly

This may sound like a silly suggestion – you probably didn’t intend to move dirty glasses or platters, right? Well, maybe you didn’t, but don’t underestimate the effects of stress and pressure to move in a hurry. You wouldn’t believe how forgetful people can get when trying to handle everything at once. They forget to get rid of stuff movers won’t move or accidentally overlook the most commonly forgotten things to pack. So, we will remind you, just in case – make enough time for washing all the dishware.

Cleaning Your Kitchen Can Take a Whole Day

Since the right time for wrapping dishes is as close to the move as you can, pretty soon after that task, your to-do list will alert you to clean the house, including your kitchen. Now, we all know how easy it is to make a mess in the kitchen, so you’ll have a lot of work ahead of you. We suggest you figure out how to clean your fridge the right way – that’s a huge part of the move-out cleaning. Check out the video below to see how a professional cleaner would clean the kitchen.

Prepare the Boxes So They Can Endure the Weight of Dishware

Why did we say you should have quality tape? This is the exact reason – you have to tape the box carefully, so it can’t fall apart when loaded with heavy dishes. The method is the same as when packing books. Don’t spare the tape. First, tape the bottom of the package and then the sides. It’s wise to tape the bottom thirds of the sides. Some experts say that you should tape the bottom half, so you can do that with a package where you will put some valuable dish.

Package with "moving day" written on it and a tape
You have to tape the packages carefully if you don’t want them to fall apart in the truck

Make Sure You Wrap Each Plate Carefully

You are finally ready to start wrapping. Be very careful when doing this. Even the tiniest mistake can cost you. Why spend money buying a new plate or a whole set? After your move, you won’t feel like spending much, even if you have just moved to one of the affordable neighborhoods in Chicago. After that long relocation day, you will be so tired that all you will be able to do is order a deep dish pizza and get wine glasses to toast with your family members for a successful move to the best neighborhood for families. If your dishware breaks, that won’t be so simple to do, don’t you agree?

Best Tips for Wrapping a Plate

One of our top tips would be to wrap every dish on a flat surface. Clear your kitchen table – it’s the perfect spot for wrapping. Lay a clean paper sheet on the table, put the dish on top of the sheet, and slowly pull the edges of the paper towards the middle of the plate until they meet. Get a small piece of tape and secure the paper so it can’t move. Just be careful – you don’t want the tape to touch the plate, or it will get sticky. And that’s all! It’s not so difficult, just as we promised. If you want to be extra cautious, add a layer of bubble wrapping, but know that it’s not necessary.

Pro Tip – Newspaper Is Your Enemy

Unfortunately, using newspapers for wrapping dishware is one of the most common tips out there, but it’s not a good tip. Newspaper can stain a plate, and sometimes the ink can’t be washed off. So it’s better to stay clear of any inked papers when wrapping anything. Clear sheets are unavoidable, so buying enough of them is one of the essential things to do before relocating.

Wrapping papers in a package
Clear papers are crucial for this task – avoid newspaper

It’s Time to Place Everything in Packages

Okay, you are almost done. If you are 100% positive that you have wrapped each plate accordingly and that it will be safe from bumps on the road to your soon-to-be residence, it’s time to get all the stuff in the packages you’ve previously prepared for this purpose. That won’t be a particularly demanding task like it would be when wrapping electronics – if you have survived wrapping the stuff with papers, you will be fine.

How to Place Items in the Box So They Don’t Get Damaged?

All there is left to do is carefully lower each wrapped plate in the box. But, one important note – stack them vertically, like you would put them in the dishwasher. Add additional papers between pieces for extra protection. You can also put a styrofoam plate between two ceramic ones if you have some left from your going-away party. Keep in mind that you should never overpack any package with dishware, as it would be too heavy to lift, let alone carry.

Remember to Fill the Residual Space

Before you seal the package, you must always fill the residual space inside, so the stuff can’t tumble around during the ride on the truck to your house. It’s important to mention that this also goes for packages with other dishware and other belongings in general. In some cases, it won’t be such a disaster if you overlook this step (like when wrapping clothes, for example), but imagine what can happen if you forget to do this when you get to wrapping a computer for a move.

It’s Essential to Label Packages With Fragile Belongings

When your local Chicago movers arrive to load all of your belongings on the truck, they will be careful with your stuff – if you picked the right company for the job, that is. Spoiler alert – that would be our company, but more on that later. Anyway, every professional mover handles packages with care. But that might not be enough for delicate things. You have to label packages that contain dishware, so the movers know to be incredibly gentle with them. Even the best movers in Chicago can’t do much for your belongings if you didn’t make it clear that they are breakable. Get that marker and write – breakable, handle with care, dishware, and so on. Also, it would be wise to add an arrow that shows which side of the package is up, so the movers won’t accidentally turn it upside down and increase the chance of damage.

One of the Chicago movers, holding a package labeled as fragile
You must label packages so the movers know to be extra careful

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