5 Tips That Will Help You Learn How to Pack Shoes for Moving Within Windy City

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Want to move around Windy City and wonder how to pack shoes for moving? This can be a pretty serious task, especially if you have a lot of different pairs that you don’t know how to organize and protect. With our convenient tips and tricks, you’ll learn how to pack shoes for a move and handle this challenge like a pro, so keep reading to find out more.

This Part of the Moving Process Can Be Challenging, So Follow Our 5 Tips to Stay on Track

Every relocation process has its differences, and no matter how many times you relocate, you can always find yourself in some unknown and challenging situation. You must stay on track so begin by making a to-do list where you will write down all of your goals. 

If you have a big collection of footwear, keep in mind that packing this part of your inventory can be one of the most challenging tasks. In order to move efficiently, you’ll have to follow some of the basic rules. You can also rely on the convenient tips mentioned in the text below, and you’ll handle everything without any signs of relocation stress

Hands holding footwear
This can be a challenging task, especially if you have a lot of footwear

#1 Begin With Decluttering and Reorganizing Your Collection

One of the biggest benefits of relocating is that you can think of it as a fresh start. Decluttering and reorganizing your belongings such as wardrobe possessions and other inventory can feel like a huge relief. If you are busy with work and other daily responsibilities, it’s probably hard for you to find time for regular decluttering. 

Don’t worry, most people are the same as you, and it’s hard to find a person who likes doing this. Especially to do it on a regular basis, even though that is recommended. In most cases, people decide to make these big decluttering sessions right before the relocation itself, and that’s completely fine. Better late than never.

Decide What to Keep and What to Get Rid of and Sort Your Shoes Into Different Categories

Once you choose some of the best Chicago neighborhoods and find your dream home, you might find out that your wardrobe won’t be as big as the current one. You know what that means, right? You can’t bring all of your favorite footwear with you, but at least you’ll be able to leave some pairs in storage. Don’t worry, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. The less you bring with you, the more place you’ll have for new ones. 

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You Can Sell Some Pieces

This is also one of the ways to save money to move, even to earn something if you decide that something is worth selling. You may have some uncomfortable designer heels that you only wore once or never, so now is the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to them. Consider what’s worth selling, and you’ll have a bigger budget for other relocation needs, such as hiring professional Chicago movers. You can sell some of the stuff online or organize a garage sale if you’re into it. 

Consider Donating as Well

Sure, selling some of the expensive footwear can be your source of income, but what to do with other footwear that is still in good condition but simply not trendy anymore or doesn’t fit you well? You can always look for some charity centers around your area and consider donating them to the ones in need. This is especially recommended for boots and quality footwear that are comfortable and wearable for everyday occasions. Some of the places to keep in mind around Chicago neighborhoods are:

Person looking where to donate stuff before relocating with professional Chicago movers
You can always donate some of the things you don’t need

#2 Use Suitable Packing Materials You Can Find in Local Stores 

Materials that you use for protection can make a big difference. It is always important that you invest in quality supplies if you want to ensure all of your belongings go through the relocation process without a scratch. You can protect your delicate pairs with a few basic materials. The whole process should not take much time but can have a big impact. Take out your expenses checklist and add these materials as must-haves:

  • Cardboard boxes,
  • Packing paper,
  • Cushioning materials,
  • Tape,
  • Markers.

If you follow our instructions and procedures during the process, all of your favorite pieces will be protected and safely transported to your new home in one of the best Chicago suburbs

You Can Also Use Some Stuff You Already Have at Your Home to Pack Shoes for Moving

Another cool thing you can do is to take some of the stuff you already have in your home. For example, you can put some of your footwear into bags and transport them like that. These should be quality plastic bags, maybe even garbage bags can do the work. Another convenient thing you can use are suitcases. They will provide good protection even for your most expensive pieces. 

Person holding materials
You’ll need a lot of packing paper and some quality cardboard cartons

#3 Make Separate Categories for Every Shoe Type

While you’re reorganizing your belongings and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, you might as well create separate categories for sneakers, winter shoes, flip flops, espadrilles, children’s shoes, and so on. Once you make this selection, it will be easier to pack them because every category will have its own rules. We recommend sorting your collection by:

  • Season,
  • Type,
  • Material,
  • Owner. 

Also, once everything is nice and sorted, that is a perfect opportunity to do some cleaning. Perhaps some heels and sandals got a bit dusty, or you forgot to wash some sneakers. Now is the right time to take care of that and ensure everything is nice, clean, and ready for transportation.

You Can Put Teabags Into Your Sneakers for Extra Freshness

One of the cool relocation hacks you can rely on when packing shoes for moving is to fill them with unused tea bags to keep them smelling fresh. This is very easy to do. While you are filling your footwear with paper or socks, just add a tea bag inside. If you will be leaving some footwear in storage, this is also recommended. 

Person capturing favorite pair of sneakers with a mobile phone
You can try selling some expensive or rare sneakers online

#4 Use the Gathered Materials Properly if You Want to Know How to Pack Shoes for Moving Like a Pro

Once you organize everything in different categories, you can decide what methods and materials you’re going to need to protect your favorite pieces. For most of your footwear, here is the procedure you can follow. Take a piece of packing paper, crumple it, and place it inside the shoe. Repeat this process for all the leather boots, sandals, and sneakers.

A great alternative material you can use for stuffing is socks. After you’re done with this step, you can wrap sensitive pairs into more packing paper or put them in dust bags. After that, you decide which ones go to individual boxes and which ones you can mix together. Once you fill the box, you should close it with plastic tape and label it. Do not forget to mark which side goes up. 

The Best Would Be to Tie Shoe Laces to Keep Each Pair Together

If you decide to put many sneakers all together in the same box, you might as well want to tie each pair together. This will make the search process much easier once you try to pull out the specific pair from the box. You do not want to spend 10 minutes diving through the large box just to find the matching pair. This will reduce the search time and make you feel more organized.

Person taping a carton before relocating with Chicago movers
Tape every carton to prevent it from opening and ensure you label it at the end

#5 Place Several Pairs in Bigger Boxes or Bags

Should shoes be stored in their boxes? Sure, it is recommended that you store footwear in its original packaging but let’s face it, no one has that much space around their home to keep every single box. For example, you probably saved the boxes of some super delicate and expensive pairs. So what to do with others?

Less delicate pieces that are not made of leather or sensitive materials, such as flip flops, espadrilles, and all sorts of sneakers, can be packed together in bigger bags or boxes. This is allowed because you’ll know that nothing will end up damaged if you place them together. Just tie their laces together, so they do not get lost.

Place Heavier Shoes at the Bottom of the Boxes When Packing

For example, it is not recommended to put espadrilles at the bottom of the box and then add heavy boots for snow on top of them. Espadrilles could easily lose their shape and get wrinkly. So it’s always better to go the other way around. Place bulkier and heavy pairs at the bottom, add a layer of cushioning materials to create a barrier, and then add those sensitive pairs. Once you’re labeling the box, ensure you mark which side goes up – without this, everything will be tumbling.

Don’t Forget to Leave a Comfy Pair for Your Essentials Bag

Apart from toiletries and fresh clothes, your essentials bag should also contain some comfortable shoes. For example, if you’re relocating with pets or small children, you may not want to start unpacking immediately after you get to your new home. It is always recommended to walk around your new neighborhood first and explore the area. That’s not possible without your favorite pair of footwear, so do not forget to keep them close to you. Since once you unpack, you’ll have to sort your collection all over again, here are some ideas that could help you organize everything.

Consider Hiring Professional Chicago Movers for More Efficient Relocation

Now that you know the best way to pack shoes for moving, you can plan a move-out cleaning or a fun going-away party. You might also need to organize important documents, so why overwhelm yourself with all the tasks when you can simply hire professional movers in Chicago instead. If you decide to hire our moving company in Chicago, there is no need to worry about relocation scams. We are a trustworthy company, so you’ll move safely and comfortably in no time, no matter how much footwear you bring with you. Our offer includes different local relocation services that cover everything you might need. 

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