How to Unpack After Moving and Settle Down in Your New Chicago Home in No Time

One might think that once the Chicago movers take the boxes to the new apartment, that you’re through with relocating. While most of the heavy lifting will be out of the way by that point, there’s still work to do. It’s time to figure out how to unpack after moving and actually turn the new house into a home. But where to begin? Well, let us answer that one with the best tips for unpacking after a move.

How to Unpack After Moving to a New Home?

Figuring out how to unpack after a move might seem tiresome and daunting after all that relocation stress you just went through. However, if you managed to learn how to pack as well as move efficiently, there’s no reason to worry now. If you want to learn how to unpack, trust us that it won’t be any more difficult than learning relocation hacks. All it takes is a few preparatory steps, useful tips, and some logistics, and you’ll be done in the blink of an eye.

How Long Should It Take To Unpack After Moving?

The information you are about to read might destress you or scare you, but the average American will unbox their last container approximately 182 days after the relocation is finalized. The statistics basically tell you that it’s completely normal to take your time settling in once you’ve had to pack to move in a hurry. On the other hand, if you don’t want your nesting period in the fresh, best Chicago neighborhood home to last half a year, know that there are ways to go around the envisioned period, and we are about to tell you how.

A girl about to unpack boxes local movers in Chicago left
The best of tips on how to unbox fast is to prepare thoroughly but not overthink the process

Have an Idea of the Room Arrangements Before You Take Everything Out

If you want to unbox your stuff quickly, there is some preparation to do after the move, prior to actually starting the job. The first thing you’ll want to do is to plan the room arrangements in advance properly. A new home means a new interior look, so make sure you measure the widths of your furniture and walls of rooms against each other to know what can fit where. You should try to create a practical and esthetically pleasing atmosphere for yourself, so don’t take the aforementioned layout easily. Spend some days on it, and think it through thoroughly.

Another Preparatory Step Is to Clean the House Thoroughly

A somewhat less fun preparatory step, although still an important one, is the cleaning process. One of the first things to do after changing your address is to ensure everything is crispy clean, and sparkling. After all, if so much of your effort and relocation expenses checklist went to cleaning your furniture, there’s no reason the same stuff should be placed in a space that isn’t as clean. Although the previous tenants probably left the place in a near condition, you should still go over everything yourself. So take out your cleaning supplies and get to work or find professional cleaners nearby to help you.

Cleaning supplies to use when best movers in Chicago leave your home
One of the first things you’ll want to do when your containers reach the home is to take a day out just for cleaning

How Do I Unpack Fast After Moving? By Getting Help for the Big Day, of Course

Friends and loved ones are more than just welcomed guests at your going-away party. Your party crew can also be of great help during the entire local move – including the unpacking phase. So, we advise you to set a deadline for when you want your place ready and invite your friends over. They can assist you with taking things you diligently packed out on the new shelves and racks. The more, the merrier – and the quicker unboxing will get!

Allow Professional Movers in Chicago to Help You Reassemble Furniture in Your New Home

In case you hired one of the Chicago moving companies to help you with your local move, make sure that your chosen packers and movers in Chicago stick around after they take the load up into the apartment. Most probably, the same employees helped you pack your furniture and disassembled some of them in the process. Once they’ve moved your large items, they will best know how to put them back together.

Professional movers in Chicago carrying a sofa
Although you might like to do things on your own, getting help either from your friends or from professionals will make the process much faster

The First of Our Unpacking Tips Is to Start With the Essentials

Once you’ve ensured everything is nice and tidy, the first step on your to-do list is to take out the essentials box. You’ll want to start off easy. And if you followed our tips on things to do before you move, you probably have a little bag with essentials on hand. The bag with the clothes you’ll wear in the first days of your Chicago suburb life, your medicines, toiletries, packed electronics, and similar important stuff should be there. As you’ve packed these in order not to be running back and forth to the store in the first few days, it’s only reasonable to unbox this bag at the very beginning.

A person holding his essential sweatpants
Your essentials bag (or box) is the first thing you should unbox

Unpacking After a Move Requires Picking Out One Room to Start With

Once you have your friends on board, the place is empty and clean, and you have a clear image in your head of a perfect layout, there’s nothing else to do but to get to work. Hopefully, labeling wasn’t a thing you forgot to do because the first thing you’ll want to do with the boxes is to place them in their belonging rooms. Afterward, you’ll decide on the order in which you’ll unbox. Relying on the good old logic of taking care of the essential spaces first, we recommend the following one:

  • Bathroom,
  • Kitchen,
  • Bedroom,
  • Living room.

We Recommend to Start With the Bathroom Boxes First

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a home, as well as a space that can’t be replaced by any other. As you already unpacked some of your essential toiletries, you can now continue with unboxing the rest. Take out your medicines, a fresh shower curtain, and hand towels. Put a basket for dirty clothes in a corner, and find the best way to organize your shower gels and shampoos. After all, when a hard day of unpacking and cleaning is done, you’ll want to wash the dirt and dust off before having a good night’s sleep.

It’s Best to Unpack the Kitchen Things Next

Once the bathroom is mostly done, you should continue with the kitchen. If you managed to box up your own dishes, that is, to box up each pan and pot, and wrap every breakable glass, you are probably not too excited about this one. The truth is, most of the kitchen items have to be thoroughly covered in wrapping when you are boxing them up, as you are packing fragile items. Extra caution might make the process of unboxing somewhat duller, but it has to be done.

And as the kitchen is also one of the most important areas, we recommend tackling it second. Start by hooking up all the large appliances, like the fridge and the oven. However, we do urge you not to be too hard on yourself with this one, especially if you own a lot of utensils – you don’t have to unbox every kitchen item at once. It’s better to fill up the cabinets and drawers with things you can use daily and leave the special china for later on. Give yourself time to unbox each plate you packed – there’s no reason to hurry.

Get to Bedroom and Living Room Essentials Last

Finally, once you’ve taken care of the most used spaces, you can continue to the bedroom and the living space. We recommend you start with the bulky stuff first – the bed, the desk, chairs, and the cabinet. These will make up the skeleton you’ll later put meat on. When you layout your bedroom, you can more easily spend time later on dealing with the packed books and decorations.

The living room is the least essential space, so you should leave it for last. A pro tip is to not put the TV on the moment you unbox it. We recommend you have some background music on – it’ll make unpacking more fun, and because of that, more productive as well. Although the living room is not a space you can’t live without, try not to procrastinate too hard. Since you should probably celebrate your move with a gettogether, you’ll want to have the space ready soon. However, the world won’t end if you give yourself a few days off. After all, you have done a lot of hard work up to this point and deserve some downtime.

A box with pillows waiting for Chicago movers
It is important to move every box in its corresponding room before you start unboxing

Last but Not Least: It’s Time to Decorate

Well, once you’ve positioned all the large furniture and taken all the essentials out of the boxes, you can actually have some fun. You can finally get creative with your space and get it to look just how you wanted it to. Take out the plants, the fairy lights, the posters, and the paintings. Bring out the coffee table books, the candles, and all the little figurines.

However, don’t decide on every single decoration in the first days. It might take you a few weeks or even months to figure out exactly what feels right for you and how to do it. If you’d like to get more ideas on how to approach the decoration of your new space after a move, check out the video down below:

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