How to Avoid Injuries and Move Safely to a New Chicago Neighborhood

Relocations are tricky for many reasons. Packing and organizing a move are only part of the problems you will face before you settle in your new Chicago home. The day of your move can end badly if you don’t know how to move safely all those big boxes. So, we decided to share our best tips for staying injury-free and making your move less exhausting.

The last thing you need on your big day is a pulled muscle and backache. However, if you are careful and follow the provenly efficient steps and lifting techniques, there shouldn’t be any trouble. We can show you how to move your belongings onto the truck quickly and later unload everything once you’ve reached your destination.

You’re About to Move – Follow Our Moving Safety Tips to Stay Away From Any Injuries

Your relocation day is approaching, and you have avoided any difficulties so far. You have figured out how to pack fragile items, and you have remembered to pack all of the most commonly forgotten things to pack. It seems like you’re keeping it together so far, right? Sure, you have some expected moving stress, but that’s nothing you can’t handle. Does that mean that all the struggles are behind you? Is there anything that can ruin your move? Well, if you’re not careful, there could be some unexpected last-minute surprises – you can hurt yourself when lifting hefty packages.

Moving Can Be Risky and Cause Injuries, So You Better Be Ready

Injuries from hard physical labor aren’t uncommon, especially if you don’t visit the gym as much as you would like to. Of course, the easiest way to skip the nightmare called the DIY move is to contact the best movers in Chicago to help you move safely. Still, if your expenses checklist doesn’t allow that, you will have to learn to move everything on your own while following some standard precautions and safety measures. Keep reading to find out how to move to your new home while staying safe.

Man lifting the side of the couch
There are rules for lifting heavy objects like furniture or boxes – you should learn them all

You Will Be Grateful That You’ve Packed Boxes the Right Way Once You Get to Lifting Them

One of the most crucial rules of packing that will allow you to move efficiently is just as simple as it is important, and that would be this – never overpack your box. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, there should always be residual space that you will fill with padding materials. That way, your box won’t be impossible to lift. Check out these guidelines for how much weight can a box of each size take:

  • Small box – up to 50 pounds,
  • Medium box – up to 65 pounds,
  • Large box – up to 70 pounds.

Securing Sharp Objects Is a Step You Shouldn’t Skip When Packing

People rarely think about this, but sharp objects can damage the box and lead to cuts while packing and unpacking. We suggest you make time to properly handle stuff such as knives, scissors, or tools from the garage, even in cases where you have to move in a hurry. You wouldn’t want your hands to be bleeding after the exhausting day you will spend unpacking. To avoid this, make a note on your to-do list to protect yourself and your box from sharp edges wherever you see them. You can use packing paper or bubble wrap, or even both to wrap your items. Secure the material with the piece of tape, and you are good to go.

Labeled packages in the kitchen waiting for local movers in Chicago to pick them up
 If you properly pack each box, you will have less trouble carrying them later

Make a Plan and Prepare Yourself for Heavy Lifting

Although the heavy lifting for sure won’t be simple, some things can help you cross the search for a good doctor off the list of things to do after relocating. Safety protocols are some of the most critical moving hacks that you should know, but unfortunately, they aren’t talked about enough. Let’s start with preparations you should deal with before you even think about lifting the box or piece of furniture.

Wear Something Comfortable

Of course, the relocation day isn’t the time to think about fashion – you should be practical above all else. When packing clothes before the move, you should set aside something comfy, like your favorite tracksuit. But, keep in mind that you shouldn’t wear anything too baggy, as it can cause you to trip. Also, you should wear sneakers that will allow you to move effortlessly and keep your balance. Trust us, after the exhausting day you are about to have, tight shoes are the last thing you need to deal with.

Warm Up Before You Get to Work

You may think this step is unnecessary, but trust us when we tell you that it can mean the difference between a successful move and a pulled muscle or even a more serious medical issue. Since your spine is especially susceptible to injuries while lifting objects, you shouldn’t risk even a minor injury. Back pain is a common outcome of wrong lifting, and you should do everything in your power to prevent that. So, in the morning of your move to the best Chicago suburb, you should stretch. Also, keep stretching throughout the day, and don’t skip to do this after you’re done with work.

Make Sure You Stay Hydrated Throughout the Day

Dehydration is a severe condition that can lead to many problems, and one of its causes is severe sweating – like when doing hard physical labor. You must drink enough fluids during the whole move – otherwise, you risk dizziness or even fainting, especially since you will likely be relocating in the summer. Also, remember to eat well and take snack breaks occasionally. What good is properly packing pots and pans if you faint while carrying the box with them? Or packing books only to have them spill down your driveway once you drop the box – imagine the horror.

One of the Best Tips Is Using a Dolly to Move Hefty Packages

A dolly can help you get to your new home in the best neighborhood in Chicago efficiently. It comes in handy for large, heavy packages, and you can also use it to move pieces of furniture from the room to the truck. Finding a dolly is just as important as organizing your going-away party. You can search for one in your local hardware store (or any place that sells relocation supplies). Check out Andersonville Hardware Store, Keystone Ace Hardware, Clark Devon Hardware, or Gillman Ace Hardware. You will feel less stressed out while packing furniture if you know that a dolly awaits to assist you with transporting these items.

A dolly carrying a package
Your relocation will be easier if you rent or buy a dolly

Steps You Need to Take to Stay Safe When Lifting Boxes and Other Heavy Items

Now that you know how to prepare for the work ahead of you let’s see how to lift a box properly. Keep in mind that you should always trust your instincts, and if they tell you that a package is too heavy for you to move, don’t try to push through your limits – that never ends well. Here are the steps you want to take to lift and move heavy items:

  • Check the weight of the box – You should check if the box is too much for you to handle before you try to lift it. How to do that? Bend down and try to pull up a part of the box – you will feel the approximate weight and be able to decide if you can lift the box without any damage to your back. If you can’t move the box even an inch, that is a clear sign that you must either give up on the box in question or take out a few items so the package is easier to carry.
  • Stand so that your feet and shoulders are aligned – Next up, you should face the box and place your feet, so they are shoulder-length apart. If your feet are positioned differently, you can lose balance and increase the risk of hurting your back or falling. So, get your feet in the correct position for maximum efficiency.
  • Keep your back straight and bend your knees – Just like we do when lifting weights at the gym, we must keep our back straight when lifting heavy packages. Now, you should bend your knees and squat down, all while keeping your back straight. Get a firm grip on the box, and you are ready to lift.
  • Use the strength of your legs to lift the box – You should never lift with your back muscles, as that would lead to severe back pain or pulled muscles. Try to maintain balance while you’re lifting and bring the box up to your chest. Ensure that you’ve put it in a comfortable position, and head slowly to the truck.
  • Slowly put the box down the same way you’ve lifted it – You’ve almost made it. Once you find an intended spot for your box, carefully lower it down. Remember that all the work should be done with your legs. Bend the knees again, and keep your back straight while putting the box on the floor of the vehicle.

If you follow this straightforward protocol, there should be no issues. Your back will be just fine, and you will be in a good mood to celebrate the successful move to one of the affordable neighborhoods in Chicago. To be extra safe, check out the video below to see an example of proper lifting techniques.

Consider Asking Friends or Family for Assistance

Since relocations are new beginnings, it seems appropriate to ask close friends and family to assist you with relocating to your new home in one of the safest neighborhoods in the area. You may handle packages, but large furniture is too much for one person, even for one mover. Share the lifting techniques you’ve just learned with your friends and family so that you can move your belongings together.

Also, it would be helpful to have somebody open the vehicle door while you are carrying a box or bring you a water bottle if you are too exhausted to do so on your own. Relocations are not something you can handle completely alone. Additionally, if you are relocating with pets, it would be wise to find a trusted individual who can babysit your furry friend – you wouldn’t want them to get hurt in all the chaos. 

Two men lifting a couch without the help of Chicago movers
You will need your friends by your side on the relocation day

The Best Way to Ensure You’ll Move Safely Is to Hire Professional Movers in Chicago – Our Company Can Help You Out

Even though you may be able to pull off a DIY move, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. If the financial reasons are behind your decision not to contact some of the best local moving companies in Chicago, IL, we have a solution for your problem. Our company can provide you with a fantastic residential relocation experience for a more than affordable price. Check out the quote for each of our services, and see for yourself. There is no need to search for any relocation scams – you won’t find them because we are highly transparent with our customers and always put them first. Our Chicago movers are the best in the business.

We Offer High-Quality Moving Services in Chicago Area

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