How to Throw a Fun Moving Away Party

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The process of finding a new home and relocating can be a tiresome and stressful venture. You will have so many tasks on your plate that you might forget what this is all about – the joy of starting your life afresh. Throw an amazing moving away party to remind yourself of this and to reminisce about the life and memories you and your friends shared at your old place.

Don’t let the fact that you are only relocating locally and leaving to another one of the Chicago neighborhoods stop you from fulfilling your heart’s desire. It is still a new chapter, and you are still entitled to your moving-out party. These bittersweet moments are best shared with friends and loved ones. So, ensure you have the right Chicago movers working on your relocation and check out party ideas for someone moving away – maybe you get an idea how to throw a moving away party from these.

What Is a Moving Away Party?

As the name suggests, these kinds of parties are held when someone is leaving their place of residence. Just like there are different kinds of moves – there are different kinds of parties. It can be anything you want it to be. It can be just a casual meetup of your friends, or there can be a theme, gifts, and games involved. It’s not like there are sets of rules and regulations to be followed – you can make it to be anything you feel like. There are only options and ideas you can choose to implement if you so wish. These options range from going away for college to retirement parties – depending on your reasons to move. Today, we’ll share some ideas with you, and we’ll tell you how to organize a successful celebration of the new chapter you’re about to embark on.

People having lunch
Take a break from the stress of relocating and have some fun

How Do You Throw a Moving Away Party?

No matter what kind of event you plan on hosting and the theme or reasons why you are hosting it – there will be certain things you’ll need to do. Like there are some relocation hacks you turn to when trying to move efficiently – the prep work is the same no matter the kind of event you settle on. That’s the organizational aspect of the event, and this is what you should tackle first before you delve into more intricate details. So, here’s what you need to do to organize your moving out party like a pro event planner.

Set a Budget for a Going Away Party

You are about to embark or already are in the midst of an expensive endeavor. Regardless of this celebration, making an expenses checklist should be the first thing on your to-do list. Relocating isn’t cheap, and it comes with many unexpected costs attached, like figuring out how to move your piano. So, allocate a budget for your relocation and figure out how much you can spend for this celebration. When you set a budget, it will be easier for you to determine the other aspects of the celebration itself, like if you will be able to host a gathering in a restaurant or at home. It will be much easier to move forward from this point on and also to make sure you don’t get too wild with the food, decorations, or attractions.

Choose the Place and the People

When you have a rough idea of how much you will be able to spend on this celebration, you can choose the perfect venue for it. These kinds of events are usually not that fancy, so you don’t have to book an expensive restaurant or hotel. You can simply hold it at home. But, you can make it as fancy and celebratory as you want – it’s your day. Make a guest list of people you want to attend and choose a venue that would best suit you and your guests. If you feel more like having a casual event – host it at your place. If you want to go big for your farewell event – choose a nice place and make reservations early on. If you are relocating with pets and you want yours to attend the event – ensure the place is pet-friendly before booking it.

Send Your Moving Away Party Invitations Early

Even if you go through with the most amazing idea, the event will be nothing without the people attending it. So, ensure you give your guests enough notice and time to plan for it. Send invitations 3 weeks in advance so they can save the date. Simple invitations like emails or text messages will do, just ask them to send an RSVP. This will give you an idea of how many people to expect at the place and is especially important if you are holding the celebration at a special venue. Even if you are hosting it at home, you will need to know how much food and drinks to prepare, so kindly ask everyone to let you know if they will be coming.

Ensure You’ve Got More Than Enough Food

No matter what kind of celebration and theme you decide on – food is a part of all parties. People like to eat and snack at every event, and this will be no different. So, order or prepare more than enough food to go around. Be aware that food is on the list of items movers won’t move, so if you have leftovers, you can send them with your guests. If the time of the event coincides with a meal, ensure you have enough food to compensate for it. If not, light finger food and snacks will do. Serve the food buffet style and go with options that everyone loves, like tacos or pizza. Don’t forget about refreshments. And use plastic plates and cups, so you don’t have to bother washing and packing plates afterward.

Guestlist and a laptop
Set a guest list and send out invitations early on

What Do You Do at Farewell Parties?

There are different ways people can make these kinds of parties fun and different things you can do. It can be a simple get-together with your family and friends over food, or you can include a theme and some games. If you choose to spice up your event, it can ease some relocation stress off of you and be a fun way to say goodbye and farewell. Here are some ideas.

Moving Away Party Ideas

Introducing some games and activities to these parties helps take away from the fact that someone is leaving and people are there to say goodbye.

  • Photo booths can be rented by the hour at reasonable prices, and you and your guests can take photos as keepsakes for farewell. If you don’t want to rent one, you can simply clear the area by the wall, put up a white sheet as the backdrop, and include some props.
  • Singing karaoke is also a popular option for parties and celebrations. It is like singing under the shower. You don’t have to sound like you’re the next Adele, it is all about having fun.
  • Throw a packing party, and your friends can help you pack books or remind you of the most commonly forgotten things to pack.
  • A classic barbecue get-together in your backyard is always a great option, especially if the weather is nice.  

Add a Theme to Your Moving Away Party Decorations

Decorations always brighten up the mood and create a fun setting no matter what kind of an event you are going for. How you choose to decorate your place for the event depends largely on the theme. So, if you are hosting the celebration because you got a new job, the decor could be related to your work. Similarly, if you are relocating for college – you can decorate the place with your college’s colors and even use the mascot and ask your friends to dress as cheerleaders or jocks. If the cause is retirement, the decor can still be about the job the person is leaving and the new place they are about to move to. Either way, go with cheap, plastic decorations you can throw later, especially if you will be packing to move in a hurry.

What Do You Bring to a Going Away Party?

If you are invited to this kind of event, be careful about the gifts you give. The last thing a person who is relocating needs is a bunch of new useless stuff to pack and carry. So, try to give them something practical like packing supplies or a gift card for home improvement stores. A gift doesn’t have to be a thing – you can also pay for their residential moving services in Chicago and help them have an easy transition into a new home. If you are the one hosting the event, you can also ask your guests to bring something you need as gifts. Or you can register at a home improvement store and let them know, so you get everything you actually want and need.

Give Your Guests a Farewell Gift

Saying goodbye is never easy, even if you are relocating to some of the best neighborhoods in Chicago that are nearby. You can make saying goodbye a whole lot easier and memorable if you give unique gifts to your guests. You can create a photo album for each guest with the memories you shared. Include some handwritten notes or even letters they can keep if they want to reminiscence the times you’ve shared. This is especially nice if the occasion is due to retirement or leaving for college. Or if you are leaving the neighborhood where your friends and your children have grown up together. That way, you will always cherish those memories or moments.

Wrapped presents
You and your guests can exchange gifts

Don’t Stress Too Much About It

Whichever approach you decide to take – don’t stress too much about it and don’t turn it into a burden during this time. This especially goes regarding the financial aspect of – you don’t have to spend much money to have a fantastic celebration. And, you most definitely shouldn’t when you are in the midst of a move. Decoration, props, and attractions are only there to improve the experience – they are not the essence. Remember – the most important thing is that you and your friends spend some quality time together and enjoy yourselves. So, take a breath every now and then and take it easy.

Worried woman
Don’t let this cause additional stress

Say Goodbye and See You Later

Saying goodbye is never easy, even if you are just going to another part of town. So, prepare yourself for some bittersweet moments and maybe even some tears along the way. But, also, keep in mind that you will still be living in the same city or region. While that is not the same as sharing a neighborhood, you and your friends are far from saying goodbye and closer to saying ‘see you later.’ You will still have the opportunity to visit each other easily and frequently. And, while you may not see each other as often as you did, your relationship can still remain close.

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You and your friends will still have many more memorable moments

Pick the Right Movers in Chicago to Work on Your Move

The only way you will be able to enjoy these going away festivities is if you have the right moving company in Chicago working on your move. Entrust one of the top Chicago moving companies with relocation tasks so you can prepare the celebration and enjoy it without stressing about the relocation itself. We are professional movers in Chicago, and we can help you have an easy move. We can offer packing services as well as in- and-out-of storage services. If you are relocating on your own, you can use our labor service and have your furniture unloaded from the truck by professionals. Contact us to get your free quote and find out why we are the best movers in Chicago.