How to Create A Moving Checklist

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When it comes to planning a local move, it’s everything but simple. We are trying to find budget movers who will do a high-quality service for us. At the same time, we want to make sure that the whole process is done smoothly. However, no matter how careful and detail-oriented we are, it always seems that something is missing.

Regardless if this is your first time searching for local movers to hire or you’ve done it dozens of times before, the first thing you have to have is a moving checklist. And not just any moving checklist, but the one that’s just perfect for your moving needs and wishes. Flawless moving service is possible only when we are super organized. That’s how you’ll be able to find budget movers who will offer white glow moving service.

planner on desk

Moving checklist for all moving types

Assuming that you’re moving from a household since those types of moves are the most often, this text will be focused on it. However, you will still create your moving checklist based on your needs, so if you are moving from the office – you can just slightly adjust it and get the solution for your upcoming project. The moving checklist we are offering is made for every and any type of move. That’s why we like to say it’s an ultimate moving checklist for a stress-free move. 

chart of who is moving

The main goal of our moving checklist

What’s the purpose of this moving checklist? Helping you stay on track during your search for your budget movers and making sure you don’t lose your mind in the process. We promise, it’s not that complex and we will leave you plenty of time to celebrate when the process is over! 

8 weeks before the move 

  • Create a digital moving folder

First thing first – it’s important you have a plan for every aspect of your move. And it’s impossible to keep it all in your memory, no matter how good it might be. The best option is to have an online folder where you can store all necessary lists, receipts, and documents you will get from your budget movers. Everything in one place – the best way to organize important paperwork.

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  • Call budget movers near you

Depending on the moving season you choose for your move, local movers in your area might get booked up pretty early. Waste no more time and call the budget movers in your area to get an idea of the final cost of hiring them. There’s no such a thing as calling your local movers too early.

Call budget movers in time
  • Come up with the moving budget

Moving budget is one of the biggest tasks, after hiring professional movers. Take some time, do your research, and try to come up with every single expense you might have. Even if they seem irrelevant at the beginning, when they pile up – you will have a serious expense. Prevent it by detailed planning.

Planning the moving budget
  • Request time off work 

Moving requires time and commitment, that’s why it’s best to ask for a few off days before the moving day. On the actual relocation day, you should do it anyway, because you will have to be there to instruct your budget movers on what needs to be done. 

6 weeks before the move 

  • Schedule local movers 

After you get quotes from at least five budget movers in your area, you will have an idea of the realistic price and services they can offer. Take some time to think it through, but don’t wait too long. As soon as you determine what price works for you don’t hesitate with hiring movers. Top-notch movers get booked up pretty fast, so don’t lose your chance.

quality local movers
  • Read all the documents you get from your budget movers

Once your budget movers put you on schedule, they will probably send you some documents that you should read and/or sign. Make sure to read them carefully and ask anything that might not be clear to you. It’s better to ask in advance than get caught by surprise when your local movers arrive.

Sign the agreement with budget movers
  • Plan a garage sale 

It’s time to say goodbye to all those things you didn’t wear, use, or even seen for years. Everything that can be sold – make sure to put it aside. Organize a garage sale and cover a part of the expenses for your budget movers. No need to pack up your new home with a bunch of unwanted items.

Garage sale before budget movers arrive
  • Set aside things to donate 

And if you don’t want to sell your items, but are not sure what to do with them – you can always donate them. Good deed always brings joy and there are many who will enjoy the items you’re not using.

Donate before your local movers arrive
  • Collect packing boxes

Unless you’re hiring budget movers who will help you with packing and bringing their boxes, you’ll have to do it on your own. There are many ways for you to get free, or at least cheap moving boxes. One of them is going to the nearby liquor store to ask for packing supplies or check Craigslist. If you are not sure how many packing boxes should you get, you can ask your local movers for advice.

Get packing boxes

4 weeks before the move 

  • Start with packing 

Less exciting tasks are coming! It’s time to plan and start executing your packing. If that’s too stressful, you can always find budget movers who will help you with packing as well. Otherwise, you should be ready to invest a few weeks of your time to pack everything safely. Don’t rush with this task, after all – the safety of your items is the number one priority. If you are moving for the first time, we always recommend hiring professional movers to take care of your miscellaneous belongings too.

Packing for the move
  • Mark moving boxes

Don’t forget to label the moving boxes, you will be grateful to yourself when you have to unpack. But that’s not the only reason. Your budget movers will know how to handle each box and if some require more attention by the label you put on them. If something is fragile, write that down on each side of the box, just in case. Local moves are usually careful with everything, but you don’t want to risk it.

Labeling moving boxes
  • Check if your building has some requirements (if moving from or to one) 

Moving in and out of an apartment building might seem easier, but you will have slightly more paperwork to handle. And that includes building requirements. Check if your building management has some requests when it comes to budget movers you’ve hired.

Building management might have requests for your local movers
  • Measure doorways, staircases, hallways to see if the furniture can fit through

It’s a big deal for your budget movers if they realize on a moving day that your items can’t fit through hallways or doors. That’s why you should measure everything that’s a bit bigger to confirm with your local movers it is doable.

Measure your furniture

2 weeks before the move 

  • Pack your valuables and move them on your own

No matter how trustworthy your local movers might be – sometimes things can get lost during the move. So, make sure your valuables are packed and handled by you. Pack your jewellery and irreplaceable documents aside and take care of them. 

Pack and move valuables on your own
  • Transfer your utilities

Before your budget movers arrive, make sure you transfer all of your utilities. 

  • Change the address 

Don’t forget to change the address and forward your mail to your new home. 

  • Hire a babysitter for your little ones 

When you have a full house of budget movers carrying heavy furniture, you don’t want to have your little ones running around. Hire a babysitter and make sure everyone’s safe on a moving day. The same goes for your pets.

Hire a babysitter for the moving day
  • Eat up

Yes, you’ve read this right! Budget movers are not allowed to move any food because it’s too dangerous for your other items. So, you should stop buying groceries and try to get creative with the food you have at home. 

1 week before the move 

  • Get rid of everything budget movers can’t move 

Furniture movers always have some rules when it comes to the items they can or cannot move. Make sure to get rid of everything hazardous or toxic, because that’s on the list for sure. In case you are not sure what can or cannot be moved, reach back to your budget movers and confirm.

Professional movers can’t move hazardous items
  • Return borrowed items 

Make sure to return everything you’ve borrowed from your friends or neighbours before you forget and get caught up with the chaos of moving. 

  • Clean your patio furniture 

If you have some patio furniture, make sure to clean it before your budget movers arrive. It’s easier to do it in your old home than doing that when you get to your new home sweet home. 

patio furniture
  • Defrost your freezer 

Budget movers can’t move any appliances unless they are disconnected. And when it comes to your fridge and freezer – those have to be defrosted. It’s not safe moving them with the rest of the items otherwise. 

  • Prepare a final layout of your new home 

Your budget movers will place your items where you want them in your new home, so make sure to come up with the layout. This is probably the most exciting part of your move, so enjoy it!

Make a layout for your budget movers
  • Make a plan for unpacking 

Unpacking can be equally tiring as packing, but with this, your budget movers can’t help. You’re on your own. So make a plan to be as efficient as possible.

The day before the move 

  • Pack an essential box 

Before your budget movers arrive, make sure to pack the box with all the essentials you will need on a moving day.

Pack your essentials
  • Clean your new place 

If you need help with organizing the cleaning of your new place, we have you covered! You’ll probably need another wipe up after your budget movers leave, bear that in mind.

Moving day 

  • Get up early 

Rise and shine! Your budget movers are almost there and you should check if there’s something left to be done. 

  • Be there when your budget movers arrive 

Signing the contract with local movers is usually happening on a moving day, so make sure you are present when they arrive.

Greet your local movers
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged

Just in case your local movers need to reach over during the move.  

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P.S. You’ve made it! It’s the end of your moving checklist. Happy moving! 

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