7 Signs That Show You Two Chicagoans Are Ready for Moving in Together

Moving in together is exciting and scary simultaneously. You are probably asking yourself a hundred questions: How do you know when it’s right to move in together? What if it turns out to be a bad decision? Do relationships change when you move in together? First off, take a deep breath. Truth be told, you can’t be sure what the future holds. However, here are some telltale signs that show your relationship is on the right path.

What to Know Before Moving in Together?

If you are considering living under the same roof with your boo, you might be a bit all over the place. And it’s no wonder – while living together is an exciting milestone, it’s simultaneously a big change. So if your mind is racing all over the place, be sure that it’s a completely normal thing. However, if you are interested in what to do before you move in with a loved one and what to communicate about with your significant other to reduce anxiety, we got you. There are always indicators that show you are about to make the right choice, so we’ve listed all of them up.

Two women laying in a bed
Communication is the biggest strength of all successful couples

#1 You’ve Been Together for a While Now

There’s no right or wrong time that can guarantee your living decision will be a success. As they say, nothing is set in stone. However, the longer you’ve been with someone, the better you can know where your weaknesses and strengths as a couple are. In the beginning stages of a relationship, people tend to put their rose-colored glasses on and become blind to the color red (as in, the color of red flags). That can cause problems when starting a life together. However, you don’t have to be together for years to move in. Just make sure you are feeling comfortable and stable in your partnership.

When Is It Time to Move In Together?

So, it seems that you’re not buying our ”no right or wrong answer”, and want to know precisely how long should you wait to move in together? Is 6 months too soon to move in together? Is 3 years too late? Well, statistics show that around 45% of couples wait at least a year before changing their address, and once they’ve passed the second year mark, around 70% of them will move in. However, what’s more important than how long you’ve been together is your preparedness to talk about it and listen to your partner. 

Bare feet of a couple coming out of sheets
Even new couples can successfully move in together

#2 You Know How to Have Difficult Conversations

That being said, you must know how to talk to your partner, especially when you are going through a rough patch. No two people can agree on everything or always be understanding of the other person. That’s why it’s important to be able to voice your needs and boundaries with your significant other without constraints. Before you decide you are the couple moving in together, ensure your relationship is a healthy, safe space.

You Can Disagree With Your Partner Without Starting a Yelling Contest

Make sure both you and your partner have the patience and empathy for the other one, even and especially when you don’t see eye to eye. There’s no way the two of you will always be in harmony. In every relationship, disagreements and fights are bound to happen, even if it’s once in a blue moon. However, you want to ensure that such arguments that are bound to arise don’t leave you empty and tired but with a feeling you’ve just had a productive encounter. In case you aren’t sure how to approach difficult conversations but would like to work on it, check out the following video:

#3 You Want to Make an Effort Even When Things Gets Tough

A relationship is no walk in the park, especially when there’s an entire move to a Chicago suburb with your partner ahead of you. Relocation stress will arise, and you have to know there will be challenges. What matters is that you’ve decided that they are worth your effort and that you have a plan on how to deal with possible problems. 

You Actually Feel Like You and Your Boo Are Partners Even on the Bad Days

That being said, you want to know that although you and your bae might be in a serious fight, or can’t stop bickering, that you still have each other’s backs. Knowing that someone is committed to you, even if you are getting on their nerves, is an important part of a partnership. And when you choose to share a home with someone, you are starting a life journey together. Ensure both parties involved are 100% invested when that happens.

Two women on a beach
Relationships are not always sunshine and rainbows, so showing endurance in hardship is a good sign

#4 You Are Already Spending a Lot of Time Together

Both of you must put in the effort to spend quality time together. If you already can’t imagine a day without them, it’s a key sign you want the other person in your life. It is also a good clue that shows that you will enjoy everything that happens after you move. 

With all the move-out cleaning, packing, and relocating, you might not have a clear picture of the life that awaits you in the safe Chicago neighborhood you are relocating to. However, living with your significant other doesn’t mean you have to stay at home all the time. You’ll still need to plan to have quality dates together. That means that if you are already doing that now, the chances are it won’t become a problem later on. 

You’ve Met Each Other’s Family and Friends

A compatible partner doesn’t have to be an ideal one, but their family and friends can tell you a lot about the person you are dating. So, if you are already invested in each other’s lives, and more so, like hanging out with each other’s family and friends, it indeed is a good sign you are a compatible couple. It also means you will be able to enjoy hanging out together with a variety of friends on dinner dates in your new home in one of the best Chicago neighborhoods.

A group of people having drinks together
You don’t need to be best friends with your partner’s friends, but enjoying their company is a good sign

#5 You Are Comfortable Talking About Expenses

Before you say ”I think we should move in together”, there are some other conversations that should be on your to-do list – one of them being money. Starting with a relocation expenses checklist and talks about employing one of Chicago moving companies, cash will be an ongoing topic if you plan to move in with someone. So before you throw a going-away party, ensure you are comfortable with exploring sensitive topics like finances with your boo.

Financial Plans and Circumstances Are Among the Most Important Things to Discuss Before Moving in Together

Not everyone is comfortable with talking about money, but if you want to share an apartment, you should be ready to be transparent about this topic – it shouldn’t be something to forget about when you move. Here are the crucial topics we recommend you go through with your significant other before you finalize the deal:

  • Decide on a rent maximum and how you’ll split it – Before you start packing furniture, you should have a rent budget determined. More importantly, decide how to split it before relocating and ensure both parties are okay with the decision.
  • Have a plan for splitting utility bills – People go differently about sharing their rent and bills, so all you have to do is negotiate with your boo what works for you best. Maybe you decide to split each bill or take charge of different utilities. Still, do this before you unpack your things, and it’s too late to have a calm conversation.
  • Know each other’s credit scores and debt situation – Your credit score can severely impact your goals and aspirations. So, it’s important to be aware of each other’s financial possibilities and setbacks so you can work as a couple on overcoming them.
A man and woman who have their finances sorted out and can hire one of Chicago moving companies
Financial conversations are a huge part of deciding to live with someone in a new home

#6 You Have Compatible Ideas About the Future

In this day and age, it can be hard to conceive and plan a future. However, it’s important to share your general views and aspirations of how you would like your lives to unfold. While you don’t have to have the same goals, they should be compatible. At least, the two of you should be excited to support each other in your achievements. That being said, one of the many benefits of relocating with your boyfriend or girlfriend is that you are about to have your best friend cheering you on at all times – you just got to be clear about the directions the cheers should go in.

The Only Way Your Relationship Will Stand the Test of Time Is if You Are on the Same Page About Important Questions

No one can guarantee your relationship will stand the test of time, whatever you do. But, some make-or-break topics can tell you whether you’ll make it to the second lease. Here are just some of the crucial topics you should have in mind when wondering what to discuss before moving in together:

  • Having pets – If you aren’t already relocating with a pet, and animals are important to you or your significant other, you should have a conversation regarding the possibility of adopting a pet sooner or later. 
  • Thoughts on marriage – A lot of people have expectations they take for granted, while the reality is that someone might not share their beliefs and goals. Ensure you and your boo are both on the same page when it comes to opinions about marriage.
  • Aspirations surrounding children – Some people might want children, and others don’t. While you might not personally care about your friend’s aspirations, when it comes to a person you are in a relationship with, this is an important topic to cover.
A family photographed after professional movers in Chicago relocated them
When you decide to live with someone, all the things that seem unimportant before getting a new value

#7 You Don’t Feel Like You’re Rushing in or Being Pressured

Big decisions shouldn’t be made under pressure or on a short time notice. And you shouldn’t move in with someone on account of how long you’ve been together or because it financially makes sense to do so. Just because something makes sense in the eyes of others doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to. So avoid packing to move in a hurry, and talk about your reasons to move in thoroughly.

Before Moving Into a New Place, Take a Holiday Together

If you are still not certain it is a good idea to hire a mover in Chicago, IL with your partner, do a trial run before you officially change your address. You can do this by taking a holiday together, or by trying out living together for a few weeks or a month. That way, you’ll have an idea of how compatible you are before you start packing pots and pans, and it’s too late to go back.

A man kissing a woman on the cheek
More and more couples travel together before they decide to live together

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