5 Tips for Moving in With Your Boyfriend That Will Make the Whole Process Stress-Free

Moving in with your boyfriend can be a life-changing experience – that’s why it’s no wonder many people tend to make a big deal out of it. Some girls dream of this moment, but when it finally comes, they start questioning their decisions. What if you make the biggest mistake of your life? Guessing you’re beginning to live with someone you genuinely care about, you want to ensure everything works out well for both sides.

Is It a Bad Idea to Move in With Your Boyfriend? Not at All and Here’s Why

Does moving in ruin a relationship? Usually, it doesn’t, especially if you don’t do this in a hurry. This means you’re one step closer to starting a family or getting married, which are all some important and positive milestones. That’s why girls are sometimes scared or worried and experience severe relocation stress when this moment comes. Yes, living with your boyfriend can be challenging, and there will be ups and downs. No matter how strong your bond is, once you two start sharing every moment, arguments and small disagreements are inevitable. Luckily there are many great ways to avoid them, and we’ll talk about them in the following article. 

How Long Should I Wait to Move in With My Boyfriend?

Moving in with your boyfriend too soon is risky. Sometimes people spend years in a relationship with someone only to discover they aren’t actually made for each other once they start living together. It often happens that couples discover they are different in so many ways that life together isn’t possible, and that’s completely fine. That’s also why there is no exact time limit on what is considered too soon or too late. 

How Can I Avoid Making a Mistake?

Sure, you don’t want to spend ten years with someone only to discover you’re too different once you start living together. But, there is a much bigger chance that you’ll make this mistake if you move in with someone after a month of dating. Yes, this is a famous honeymoon phase where your new partner seems to be the love of your life and a perfect prince charming, but what if? 

What if he never does his laundry? What if he’s used to his mom cooking every day, and you’re too busy to do it all? What if he spends the whole night working on his computer and sleeping all day long? It is possible that you weren’t aware of these habits after only a few months of knowing him. But if you still don’t know after years of dating and make a big mistake, maybe your relationship wasn’t that deep or deep enough to start a life together. 

When Is the Right Time?

You should start living with someone once you’re entirely sure that you two are a perfect match despite the many differences you might have, and you’re both aware of them. Yes, you can pretend to be someone else, especially at the beginning of the relationship, while you’re willing to do everything in your power to be this fantastic, hard-working, and love-worthy version of yourself in your partner’s eyes. But with time, you’ll show your true colors, and your partner will be able to see them, so once you two are comfortable enough with each other, then you should start thinking about relocating together to some of the safest neighborhoods. The following tips will help you prepare for this step.

Couple lying on the floor of their first apartment
You’ll learn how to move in with your boyfriend without experiencing stressful arguments

#1 Know Your Boyfriend Well Enough Before You Decide to Take This Step

You should spend as much time as possible with your partner, and by that, we mean traveling together, doing some activities and spending time together for a few days in a row, and similar things. Think of this as a test situation. If you see your bae only once or twice a week for two or three hours at a public place, how much can you really know about him? He never takes you to his place or meets you with his friends? Ensure you meet this person well before making any big decisions – this is one of the first tips for a successful life with your significant other.

Couple bringing boxes inside the home
Moving in with boyfriend checklist begins with getting close to your significant other

#2 Do You Two Communicate? Let It All Out Before Moving in With Your Boyfriend

People often get into arguments because they have different expectations and preferences in their life. You have to ensure that you two at least agree on some vital questions before you start living together. For example, if he is career-oriented and you are thinking about children and starting a family, you should consider talking and compromising. Perhaps he would like to live close to his job, and you want to live in one of the best suburbs for families.

Talk About All Important Questions Regarding Your Relationship Before Making Final a Decision About Moving 

Does moving in together mean more boundaries in your relationship? Are you free to go out whenever and wherever you want, or do you have to be considerate of your partner’s sleeping schedule? Does he have to acknowledge everything you do? Is it really important that you still have date nights every Friday as you used to? Would he like to invite friends over for a game night? Every couple goes through these situations, which is why it is essential to talk and express your thoughts to come up with a  compromise. Ensure you go through all burning topics to any misunderstandings that may lead to further arguments.

Couple fighting over the fact they didn't hire professional Chicago movers
If you moved in with your boyfriend and are not happy, the reason can be poor communication

#3 Come Up With a Plan for a Shared Home Budget

Believe it or not, in this world that revolves around money, most people find it hard to plan their expenses and finances, especially if they have a mutual home budget. Sure, you know your significant other well enough you’re certain that they would give everything to you, but does this give you the right to deal with their personal incomes in the way you like? Of course not. To prevent these problems, one of the first things you should do before moving in together is setting up a plan for your finances. 

You Should Be Honest With Each Other 

Ensure that your significant other is aware of your current financial situation and vice versa. If he offers to pay the rent, you can cover other expenses such as utilities. If you’re currently unemployed and don’t have a regular income, don’t let yourself become completely dependent on your man. This can give them power over you in the long run, so you might have some problems in the future. Set up a budget plan as soon as possible and continue making rearrangements as time passes and the situation changes. If you two need to save money to move out, have this conversation first and plan how to spend every cent.

Couple with a piggy bank left with just enough money to hire professional Chicago movers
Moving in with my boyfriend and sharing a budget? Think of compromises and set up a plan

#4 Don’t Let Him Avoid Housework

Another major thing is sharing responsibilities – this can be one of the biggest benefits of relocation if you know how to split them. If you don’t mind doing all the housework on your own, that’s up to you, but most people won’t agree that’s completely fair. Most people in relationships prefer to split responsibilities and duties around the home. There is no rule saying which person should stay in the kitchen and which one should be responsible for mowing the lawn or unpacking after relocation, you two can create your own rules or do everything together. 

What to Expect When You Move in With Your Boyfriend?

Will he naturally and magically understand that you expect him to wash the dishes after you cook because that was the tradition you had with your college flatmate? Tell your partner how you feel about this. If he hates doing laundry, maybe you can do this instead and ask him to choose some other chore to help you with. 

Taking your dog for a walk, for example, if you’re relocating with pets. Everything can be arranged in a convenient way, but it is essential that you communicate about everything. While being your dream guy and superhero, your boyfriend is still just a regular human being who can’t read your mind and fulfill all of your expectations without knowing anything about them. This video will help you learn how to share house responsibilities.

#5 Try to Lower Your Expectations

Also, try to lower your expectations. Sure, living together is great because of all the moments you can spend together, but you should also consider the fact that you’ll be around your significant other even when he’s nervous about work. You’ll have to deal with his mood swings and activities that are much different from what you’re used to. Maybe he becomes annoyed by the time you spend doing your hair and makeup before the night out. 

Are you willing to change some of your habits for your partner’s happiness, or do you believe you are perfect just the way you are and only he needs to change his actions? Don’t expect that you’ll be in a honeymoon phase forever. The more you two relax around each other, the more small annoying bits and bobs you might discover. Try to stay rational and think of compromises whenever you can – that’s the key to successful and happy long-term relationships. 

Worried girlfriend
Ask your significant other about his needs and expectations before making any final decisions

Now That You Know Everything About Moving in With Your Boyfriend, You Two Should Hire Professional Chicago Movers

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