Moving in With Your Girlfriend – 4 Tips for a Successful Start of a New Chapter

Moving in with your girlfriend is an amazing opportunity to start a new chapter of your life – only if you know how to handle all the challenging situations that might occur. If you never lived with a girl before, except for your mom or sister, it is natural that you start wondering what to expect. Do not worry – we are here to help and tell you everything about how to keep your relationship on the right track.

Do Relationships Change When You Move in Together?

You’re probably aware that this is a big change, and it is natural that it is going to affect your relationship in different ways. One thing is sure, you’ll definitely have more time for each other. However, some guys have the fear of losing their sense of freedom and even themselves in the process. 

Relationships can change for better or worse once you two are under the same roof. Sure, this is the period when she might realize that you’re not ideal and discover some of your flaws, but she can also see you in a different light when it comes to other things. Use this period as an opportunity to show her hidden parts of your personality she never knew about and make your bond even stronger. 

Does Moving Together Kill a Relationship?

No, it doesn’t have to. It is possible that your relationship becomes even better if you let your walls down. You’ll have more time for mutual activities, a better impression of your partner’s feelings, you’ll be able to organize your other responsibilities without any pressure, and you can take your relationship and closeness to another level. If you two are both ready for this step. Some couples move in and then realize that it is just not working, so this is a big test, as every other important step you two take together, but you’ll never know if you do not give it a go.

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What should I know about moving in with my girlfriend? Learn excellent tips in this article

#1 Don’t Stress About How Short or Long You Two Have Been Dating

How long should you be dating before you move in together? If you move in a hurry and start living together before you meet each other well enough, this can lead to some issues later on. It is essential that you know your partner and her habits really well before you two start living together. But, there is not a magic number of months or years that guarantees success

You can be certain about your decision after a month of dating and never regret it, or you can make the biggest mistake of your life by making this wrong choice even after seven years of knowing each other. People act differently when they are at home on their own and when they are outside in a crowd. A home is a place where you become a version that is closest to your true self, so living together with someone might open up new horizons. 

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How Long Should You Wait to Move in With Your Girlfriend?

Girls can get overly attached quickly, and before you notice, you start seeing their makeup around your apartment, they leave their clothes at your place, or start spending time with your friends and family. There is nothing wrong with it unless you feel like it is too soon and you’re not comfortable with it. However, we recommend you ask her to leave some of her things at your place or spend a weekend together to see how it works. If you live far from each other, these moments that you share will help you get to know each other better and create a stronger bond. 

You’ll also realize if this woman is the right person for you. If you feel like losing your mind after two days with her and simply want to have some time on your own, it might not be the right moment to start living together. Also, once you begin to live in the same space, you’ll need to consider having some activities that do not include your girlfriend if you want to keep your relationship strong and happy. This will help you avoid stress about moving in together. So if you need an answer to the question, when should I move in with my girlfriend – whenever you feel ready is the right moment. This video might help you decide if this is the right moment to take this step. 

#2 Know That You Shouldn’t Make Important Decisions Without Consulting Your Partner

It might sound like a stereotype, but some women tend to overreact and overthink every single thing you say or do. They do that only because they care about your feelings, so do not let them feel excluded from making important decisions. If you want to move to one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago that’s close to your work but far away from her parents or office, try making a compromise while being honest. 

Is she good with staying in this location, or does she want you two to meet halfway in order to stay closer to her parents? For example, if she lives in Aurora and you want her to move to Northbrook, she might not be willing to move there. Open communication will help you make the right choice, and you should definitely include her in the decision-making process when it comes to these and many other things that might seem more or less insignificant. Learn how to work as a team from day one, and success is guaranteed. 

Ensure You Understand Her Expectations – Learn How to Talk and Listen

Women usually like to talk about their feelings and expectations, especially when it comes to relationships. They often know exactly what they expect from their partner but sometimes give unclear signs and expect you to figure them out without actually expressing how they feel. For example, she can tell you that she likes how Susan and her boyfriend decorated their new apartment and then wait for you to mention making some changes in your current place. 

To avoid unnecessary arguments, ask her if she’s happy about the way the place you’re renting looks, especially if you lived there alone before she moved in. Bringing these changes is often harder than starting this chapter in a place that’s new for both of you, but it is still possible. Also, consider her habits and do not change everything about your lifestyle only because you are currently staying together. 

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You should let your girl help you make important decisions about your future together

#3 You’ll Feel Much Better if You Split Responsibilities Before Moving in With Your Girlfriend

Moving in with your girlfriend is a great opportunity to save money as one of the relocation benefits, especially if you want to share your expenses now that you’ll be under the same roof. For example, you can write a relocation expenses checklist and set up some limits when it comes to how much you’ll be spending on rent, utilities, and so on. If you’re making a to-do list, as you should, you can also split some responsibilities. Your significant other can be in charge of organizing documents while you pack a computer, for example. You can maybe pack glasses while she packs some other fragile items. As long as you both agree to compromise, you’ll have a more efficient move and healthier relationship.

Once you start living together, you can also share housework. Remember how much you hate ironing your shirts? Your significant other can help you do it but do not forget to thank her by doing something in return. Tell her that you’ll do the dishes after knowing she had a rough day or simply get her flowers without any special occasion. Every girl, even the ones who say they do not, fall for that. If you’re moving with pets, you can walk her dog when she’s feeling sleepy and so on. 

Don’t Let Finances Disturb Your Peace

It’s not a secret that couples often argue about finances. It’s not easy to decide about sharing these responsibilities, especially if you have never done it before. Luckily, if you are both working, living together can be beneficial for your home budget. You can move to a bigger apartment in some of the affordable neighborhoods while still managing to save up for other things you always wanted. Just ensure you both agree on some terms, and you won’t be experiencing any issues. 

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You should discuss splitting responsibilities if possible

#4 Keep Choosing Quality Over Quantity

One of the biggest mistakes couples make is losing the quality of the time spent together due to the quantity. After a while, you might start thinking – why is my significant other unhappy? If you gave her everything, spend every minute with her, what more could she possibly ask for?. Well, guess what – passively spending days with your significant other is not enough. You’ll agree that watching your favorite TV show while your significant other sits next to you even though she doesn’t like it isn’t quality time spent together, right? 

Even if you live under the same roof, you can still plan a fun night out occasionally, surprise her with dinner at a fancy local restaurant around the best neighborhoods in Chicago, or plan a weekend getaway. This will keep the spark between you, even after years you spend together. Also, let’s not forget you two have friends, remember those people who you used to see almost daily? Do not lose friendships just because you moved in with your best friend. Organize something to do together, as a group, go out with other couples, and do not fall into a routine so easily.

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Do not forget about romantic gestures that will keep the spark between you

Once You Decide to Live Together, Consider Hiring a Professional Moving Company in Chicago

One of the biggest issues about the relocation process can be relocation itself, especially if you do not have professional assistance. Some couples are afraid of potential relocation scams, so they hesitate to hire professional movers in Chicago and put everything on themselves. This can cause arguments between couples or lead to an unsafe move, and there is no need for that. With our trustworthy company, there is no need for any worries. Our team of trained Chicago movers can show you interesting and helpful relocation hacks for things you could never do on your own – for example, move a piano

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