8 Tips for Chicagoans Brave Enough to Try Moving Large Items on Their Own

Moving large items is challenging, adventurous, and potentially dangerous – you shouldn’t jump into it without any previous knowledge about this process. No matter how strong you think you are and how much weight you can lift at the gym, this process requires some skills and lifting techniques. Read all about them in the following article and decide if you’re ready for it. 

Moving Heavy Furniture on Your Own Is Potentially Dangerous 

Not only that, even thinking about how you’re going to execute this can lead to relocation stress, but it can also lead to some potentially dangerous situations and injuries. So, it’s not only that it’s threatening your mental but physical health as well. Luckily, there is more than one way to get through this process and move safely while keeping your efficiency at the highest level. You can learn many convenient relocation tips and useful relocation hacks in this article. 

Consider Getting Some Assistance – If Not From Professional Movers, at Least Ask Your Friends for Help

Maybe you’re the strongest and the smartest person in the room, we won’t argue about that, but this is a situation where you should admit that you can’t do everything yourself. If you’re relocating with your boyfriend, for example, he should assist you with relocating heavy objects, especially if you’re relocating in a hurry. You can also ask your friends and family members for assistance. 

Group of friends lifting a sofa
How to move something heavy? You’ll definitely need some help

#1 Plan in Advance Where Each Item Goes

Once you find out that you have enough reasons to move and find your ideal home in some of the best Chicago neighborhoods, you should write a packing list and decide which items you’re going to keep and relocate there. It is also essential that you know exactly what you will do with your furniture once you start with the unpacking process. Where you are going to land bulky pisces is one of the vital questions. If your bulky sofa can’t fit the new living room, what’s the point of relocating it?

Consider Decluttering if Some Furniture Items Won’t Fit Your New Home

Now the question is, what to do with this sofa or any other object that won’t fit your new home? Sure, you can always get the in- and-out-of storage service and transport them to your storage unit. But if you know you don’t plan on using them, there are many other convenient solutions:

  • Selling it might be an excellent way to earn some extra money,
  • Donating can be a good way to help those in need,
  • Recycling is another way to get rid of unnecessary stuff, so check out local Trash Warrior or Recycle by City.
Decluttering sticky notes
Decluttering is one of the things to consider before relocating something that won’t fit in your new apartment

#2 Learn and Use the Proper Lifting Techniques

One of the first things you should learn when it comes to handling heavy stuff is the proper lifting techniques. Sure, there is more than one way to handle large furniture, but some of the basic rules are the same. Just to ensure you don’t get any injuries, every time you lift something, you should:

  • Bend your knees,
  • Squat carefully,
  • Keep your back straight and keep a good posture,
  • Hold the load close to your body,
  • Change the direction of moving by using your feet and hips.

High-Low Is One of the Most Popular Moving Techniques

One of the most recommended techniques, especially for tall and heavy objects in the high-low technique. This works only if the two persons are involved, so ensure you have an assistant. You should tip the object backward so that one person holds the top while the other is lifting the bottom. If you have to carry the object downstairs, this can be a more convenient way to do it. Just make sure there are no obstacles in your way, and make sure your cat isn’t lurking around if you’re relocating with pets

Person trying to lift a sofa without local movers in Chicago
Don’t hurt yourself and learn the proper lifting techniques before it’s too late

#3 Gather the Proper Packing Materials

One of the most important parts of every good to-do list is getting the right packing supplies. This is essential if you want to protect your furniture. No matter how bulky they are, some pieces of furniture can still be very delicate, especially if they are made of sensitive fabric or delicate wood. That’s why you need to protect them adequately before you start relocating them. Once you get the suitable equipment, you should ensure that every part is covered and nothing is exposed. Consider getting:

  • Cardboard boxes,
  • Plastic wrap,
  • Plastic tape,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Packing paper,
  • Moving blankets. 

Blankets and Plastic Covers Will Be the Most Useful Materials

If you’re on a budget and don’t want to waste too much on supplies, one of the best things you can do is to hire professional Chicago movers. They bring their own blankets and wraps, so you won’t have any additional expenses. Another option is to use blankets you already have at home. When it comes to delicate wooden furniture, blankets should be the first layer of protection, and bubble wrap should be used on top of it. 

Packing Techniques You Should Follow for Every Item

Carefully wrap the object in the blanket. If it’s heavy, ask the other person to help you lift it so you can cover all the edges. After covering it, tape it with plastic tape. Add bubble wrap on top of it and tape that as well. You can put pieces of cardboard as a top layer to maximize protection. For less fragile objects, wrapping them in plastic wrap could be enough. 

Properly wrapped belongings
Try covering all the corners by using proper materials

#4 Disassemble Bulky Pieces, if Possible

One of the most convenient hacks for bulky objects is disassembling them before you start wrapping. Obviously, this isn’t always possible, but in most cases, it is. All you’ll need are some basic tools for disassembling, such as a screwdriver. Assembling objects back can be much more challenging, especially if you lose some of the screws or don’t label which piece goes where. To avoid this complication, ensure you take pictures or write down the details of disassembled parts or simply hire professionals who will disassemble them before and reassemble everything at your new home after relocation. 

Ensure You Protect All the Pieces

If you figure out that you can disassemble some pieces, such as chairs or tables, you should definitely do it. As long as you protect all the parts, this can make the whole process easier and much more efficient. The number one reason for doing this is that you’ll have much more space in the truck if the bulky pieces are disassembled. Just follow the instructions, and there is nothing to worry about. Also, put all the screws in plastic bags and label them accordingly. That way, you won’t waste time trying to assemble your chair by using screws from your desk. 

Chicago movers loading a chair into the truck
Disassembling pieces can sometimes make the process much easier

#5 Ensure All the Floors Are Protected From Scratches

Another important rule when relocating bulky objects is protecting the floors, especially if we’re talking about fragile wooden ones. Pushing or pulling bulky objects across the floor can cause significant damage to your floors. Don’t let this happen and avoid additional expenses you could have for repairs. Simply covering them with cardboard should be enough but carpets are also good for protecting fragile wooden surfaces. Furniture sliders are another convenient option that will help you avoid these problems.

Protect Doors and Doorsteps

Don’t forget about protecting your doors and their frames. These can also be made of fragile materials, and you’ll need to push large objects through them. Even the most experienced movers sometimes aren’t able to do this without hitting the edges of the door, so protecting them should be one of your priorities. Just put cardboard over the door edges and tape them in order to stay in place, and if necessary, remove the door frames.

Carpet on the wooden floor
Don’t forget to secure delicate floors and other surfaces

#6 Always Use Straps and Sliders to Make the Process Easier

Here are some other tools that you can use to make this process even more efficient in just a few simple steps:

  • Lifting straps or shoulder dollies are some of the best tools you can get. This useful tool will help you take the weight off your back. Another great thing about this is that your hands will be completely free for maneuvering. They are not recommended for stairs but are still more than convenient for flat surfaces. 
  • Carrying straps are suitable for different-length objects as they can be adjusted in different ways. Also highly recommended for maneuvering on flat surfaces.
  • Hard plastic sliders are another handy tool recommended for carpet-covered floors, while soft-padded sliders are suitable for hard flooring. 
Professional mover in Chicago, IL doing his job
Straps and sliders can be more than helpful when relocating a bulky item

#7 Conquer the Stairs Like a Pro By Using Hand Truck

As we already mentioned earlier, the high-low lifting technique is one of the best ways to conquer stairs. Just ensure both parties follow all the rules, and you shouldn’t experience any problems. Besides that, a hand truck is another convenient option for stairways. Hand trucks have wheels and a flat base supported with an upright ladder and hurdles. You should slide the flat base under the desired object and strap it securely to the upright support. 

By gripping handles firmly, you should tilt them towards your body to balance out the weight on the wheels. If you’re going up the stairs, you should be walking backward, while when going downstairs, it is recommended to walk forward. While going up, pull the hand truck one stair at a time, and while going down, lower it one stair at a time. 

Professional movers in Chicago carrying a shelf down the stairs
Even the stairs can be conquered if you know all the right hacks

#8 If You Don’t Feel Like Moving Large Items On Your Own, Consider Hiring Professional Chicago Movers

Now that you have found your perfect home in one of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago and you plan to move in together with your soulmate, the only thing left is to decide how to move heavy items. Hiring Legit Movers is always a good solution. We are one of the best-rated Chicago moving companies, so if you choose to relocate with us, you’re safe from any relocation scams and frauds. You’ll only have to check what items movers won’t move, and we can assist you with everything else. If you are willing to move your household inventory, the residential relocation service might be the best option. 

If you want to move your office equipment from your company, such as large tables and electronics, commercial relocation services could be more than helpful. Our team of packers and movers in Chicago knows all the proper techniques and owns all the equipment, so there is no risk of something getting damaged during the process. You can also hire us for a labor-only relocation service if you want our movers in Chicago to help you carry bulky objects or help you with loading or unloading the truck. Just contact us right away, and we’ll try our best to meet your needs. Apart from all the amazing services, we can also offer you a free quote so that you can put potential costs of our services in your relocation expenses checklist right away. 

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