7 Tips That Will Help You Forget About Moving Stress Once and for All

If you are heading towards a local move, the moving stress must already be settling in. And if you are already far along in the process – you may be in over your head. So, why is moving so stressful? Well, there’s too much to be done, things don’t always go as planned, and it’s hard to stay on top of everything. It is hard, but not impossible, and we know some ways to ease it.

Take it from Chicago movers – people do it, some of us even every day. There are ways to make it easier for everyone involved, and there are some steps you can take to mitigate the stress of moving. And guess what – we are sharing all of them, and we hope they will be of assistance to you. So, sit back, relax, and scroll through the words of wisdom.

What Are the 3 Most Stressful Things in Life?

If you are feeling stressed out now, don’t worry – you’re not the only one. And it’s not for nothing – according to UHhospitals, relocating is among the top 5 most stressful events that a person can experience. That’s right, relocating is a bigger stressor on a person than a major illness or injury. According to them, these are the top five stressors in a person’s life:

  • Death of a loved one,
  • Divorce,
  • Relocating,
  • Suffering from a major illness,
  • Losing a job.

If we take into account that the average American moves 11.7 times in life – you get the picture and understand just how big of a deal this is. And you also understand how important it is to feel in control of the situation and to adopt the right techniques and moving hacks to deal with it. And we bring you just that.

Why Is Moving Stressful?

There are so many reasons for that, and usually, it’s not a single thing but rather the mix of everything. The biggest issue is the change. People simply don’t respond so well to changes, and this is a major change in life, even if you are just relocating to a new block in some of the best neighborhoods in Chicago. Then, there are other factors like the many tasks that should be done, the paperwork, and the fact that you can’t control everything and not everything goes according to plan. Plus, most people can’t take time off work due to relocating, making it even harder, and this process takes time.

Is Moving Stressful on a Relationship?

This whole stress seems to accumulate in every family member and then bounce off of each other. So, yeah, it’s hard on the whole family and on the relationship, as well. Even if you two are finally buying a new, better home in some of the safest neighborhoods in Chicago, you will both feel stressed out during this period.

The important thing is not to take it out on each other, but rather to let this experience bring you closer and strengthen your relationship. And, ultimately, it will. Wait until you’re 70, and someone asks you what you have been through together as a couple, and you start mentioning this and every other move along with all the kids you’ve had and other major life events.

 A couple relocating
Your move can strengthen your relationship

#1 Help Yourself by Accepting Moving Stress

Now, we would be lying if we said that you could go through this whole experience without even a pinch of nervousness. And you know that we are reliable, professional movers in Chicago, and lying is not in our book. We can show you ways to lessen the bad experience and turn this into a more positive one.

How stressful is it to move? That depends on you, but if you start by accepting that you will be stressed out and face challenges, it will be easier for you to overcome the obstacles and deal with the pressure. So, accept that fact first, keep a positive mind, and then you will be able to move efficiently and turn this experience into a positive one.

Engage in Stress-Relief Activities

Issues like how to pack plates or how to pack dishes can’t be all you are thinking about these days. Do you know what’s good to take your mind off of relocation issues and relieve the tension you’re under? Physical activities. Take yoga, for example – people can’t keep talking about how much it’s helped them reduce tension and helped their bodies look better. So, why not give it a try?

You don’t have to worry about being a pro or getting all the poses right – use it just to relax. And if yoga is not your thing, try running or pilates. If you go outside to exercise – even better. Get that serotonin running through your body. Take a look at some of the advantages of yoga in the video below.

#2 Plan Ahead – It’s a Lifesaver

Even if you are not much of a planner – you’d better become one ASAP and plan ahead. Don’t let yourself become one of those people who end up googling how to pack to move in a hurry. Trust us – it won’t do you any good. So, as soon as you learn you will be relocating – create a to-do list. The more ahead you plan – the better and easier it will be for you, and you’ll have less work to do each day. And you will have to familiarize yourself with checklists if you haven’t already – they will make sure nothing slips your mind in this hectic period. So, jot down everything you are supposed to do. Make separate lists for separate categories like what needs to be done, paperwork that should get sorted, and a packing list.

Say Goodbye to Moving Stress by Hiring the Best Movers in Chicago

When you create a to-do list, you should also set a budget and create a relocation expenses checklist. Then you’ll be able to figure out if you can hire a moving company in Chicago. If you can, you won’t have to worry about how to move a piano or other tasks – the movers providing you with moving services in Chicago will do it for you.

We are a reliable mover from Chicago, IL, and we can ensure your move to a new home goes a lot smoother. If you don’t know how to pack books for moving, you can hire our professional packers – they will do a great job. You won’t have to worry about unprofessional moving companies in Chicago or relocation scams – we are at the top of the game, and the reviews of our customers can tell you why so feel free to contact us.

Two relocators carrying furniture
The right local movers in Chicago will be a lifesaver

#3 Know How to Organize Your Time Well

The best thing you can do for yourself in this process of settling into a new home is to organize and manage your time well. You will have a lot on your plate during this period, so you should make sure you have time-management down to a T. Like we said, start early on, and divide the whole process into smaller tasks. Don’t leave it all for the last moment – that can’t amount to anything good. You’ll see how great you will feel when you cross off a task from your to-do list. And these small steps add up really fast, and before you know it – you’ll be sitting in your new home looking at photos from your going-away party.

Take a Break, but Don’t Get Distracted

Even when you divide the whole process into more tasks, you will still be left with a lot of work. Especially if you already work at the office and have a family to tend to. It’s not easy to keep up with such a workload, so indulge yourself and take breaks. You’ll be more relaxed that way, and much faster and better at work, too.

Schedule a Saturday pizza movie night or go to your favorite bar on Tuesdays. Watch your favorite show or game, but don’t let yourself become too distracted either. Try to find that good balance and eat and sleep well – everything’s so much easier and better after a good night’s sleep and a good meal.

A man and woman eating pizza
Give yourself a break here and there

#4 Employ the Right Moving Hacks and Packing Tips

Being organized and starting early on is a guaranteed path to a successful and stress-free move. It’s also good to know some tips and hacks that will ease the process, particularly when it comes to packing. Packing may be the biggest and most time-consuming challenge in this whole process. Let us share some tips that will turn your packing into a less daunting task and one that you will be able to finish faster. Unpacking will then also be much easier, so set a good foundation for that from the start.

Declutter and Know Where to Start

Take this chance to get rid of everything that you won’t use in the future. Why even bother unpacking the items you don’t have a place for in your new home? So, throw away what’s not necessary or in poor condition and give away those items if you don’t have a place for them or don’t need them.

Start from storage and items that are already boxed up somewhere – it’s much easier. Work your way up to the items you’ll require until the last day, and keep an essentials bag with you. Keep one for your pet, too, if you are relocating with pets. Find free boxes at stores and use suitcases or dresser drawers as containers to save a buck on packing supplies.

People unpacking
Unpacking is much easier when you’ve properly packed everything first

#5 Let Your Friends Give You a Hand

The great thing about local moves is that all your family and friends (or most of them) live in the same place. And they will be happy to give you a hand during this period. Most folks understand how challenging relocating is and are willing to be of support. If your friends or family members haven’t offered you assistance – ask them for help. They can watch over the kids on days you’ve got a lot of work to do or the move day, or you can throw a packing party, and they can assist. They can even just hear you out when you feel a need to vent or take the dog out for a walk instead of you. Small things like these mean a lot in these times.

A man pushing a woman in a cardboard box
Let your friends come to the rescue – it’ll be much more fun

#6 Relax – You’ve Got This

While it may feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders – breathe and relax. You’ve got this, and you will get out of this. As we said, be sure to sleep well even though you may have lots of work to do. And, don’t skip on your meals. Something will go out of hand here and there. Deadlines may be broken, but take it easy. Worrying and stressing over every single thing that goes wrong won’t do you any good, and it certainly won’t help. If you’ve followed the other tips – you don’t have to worry about it so much. Here are some breathing techniques that can be helpful.

#7 When You’ve Assembled Everything – Make Your New Home Your Own

And when you do go through all the mess and chaos of a local move and finally end up in your new home – enjoy it. You will realize that it was all worth it as you and your family will have a place of your own. Make it your own – decorate it with family photos and into a style that best reflects the personality of your family. Let this vision stick in your head, so you have something to look forward to, and let this picture give you motivation in times of a tough relocation process. Good luck, and hopefully, you’ve found our tips helpful.

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