5 Easy Moving Tips and Tricks Every Chicagoan Should Follow

You have decided to move – the search for a new place was long and exhausting, but you’ve finally found your dream home. Now, the question is, how will you move everything you own. Don’t worry – if you follow our moving tips and tricks, you will be packed in no time and ready when the best Chicago movers come to transport your stuff. 

Why are relocations exhausting even though you are relocating within the same city? You can’t say that it’s exactly a huge change, but the fact remains that it is hard to wrap up every single item from your home. How do you ensure that everything arrives safely at the new address? What can you do to make this easier? Luckily, there are many tricks that people have found to be quite helpful, and we will share them with you. 

Why Do You Need Packing and Moving Tips? 

What is the most efficient way to move to a new Chicago home? If you haven’t moved recently (or ever), you might find it a bit challenging to organize an efficient move. However, a common technique that can help you relocate to the best neighborhood in Chicago is planning every step of the preparation process. If you’re well-organized, you don’t have to fear relocation stress.

One of the Best Tips for Moving to a New Home Is Following a To-Do List

What does it mean to be organized when it comes to relocation? It’s so much more than just organizing important documents while wrapping up your home office. You have to write a to-do list and stick to it in the weeks before the move. That checklist should contain everything – from what to wrap to any additional tasks such as move-out cleaning. Additionally, we suggest having a relocation expenses checklist that will help you keep track of all the move-related spending – and trust us, there will be a lot more than you can even think of. But, if you have been saving money to move for quite some time, everything will be fine. 

Keyboard, checklist, coffee, plant, and a pen
 If you stick to the checklist, there’s a lot less chance to forget something

#1 Book Local Movers in Chicago on Time

The first and most crucial step when a person decides to move to the best Chicago suburb is finding a relocation company. A rule of thumb says you should get at least three estimates from different companies that you have found reputable and then decide which one is the right option. Another great idea would be to have moving insurance – it’s better to be safe than sorry, don’t you agree? 

Watch Out for Scammers 

You want a company that isn’t a relocation scam. Of course, if you hire us to assist you with the relocation, there won’t be any issues. Still, you should know how scammers work. Some red flags can instantly warn a potential customer, and researching them is an essential thing to do before you move. Here’s what to pay attention to:

  • Lack of a well-designed website,
  • No USDOT number on the site,
  • Reviews that sound too good to be true,
  • Suspiciously low free quote,
  • Frequent change of the company’s name,
  • House inspection not being an option,
  • High deposits,
  • Lack of willingness to communicate with customers. 
A mover in Chicago, IL, carrying a package and another one holding a carpet
Don’t hesitate to hire professionals – a DIY move is almost an impossible thing to pull off

#2 Declutter Your Place Before You Wrap Anything

One of the basic relocation hacks that everyone should know is decluttering. You may think that sorting stuff is the last thing you want to do before the big move. However, this is the only thing that can make wrapping your belongings easier. The more stuff you get rid of, the less you have to pack. And if we’re honest, no one can move countless household items that they have been collecting for many years. You have to purge the whole house before you fill even a single box. Also, fewer items mean buying fewer supplies, so you will also save money in addition to saving time.

Donate Things That Are in Good Condition

While going through a garage or attic, you will likely find many belongings you never use that are still in decent condition. Why bother wrapping and transporting all that when you know that it won’t ever be used? There is a better way to handle this pile of belongings you no longer like, for sure. Why not donate to those less fortunate? Do you know where to donate in Chicago? Here are a few of our suggestions: The Salvation Army, Chicago Furniture Bank, Brown Elephant, Goodwill, and Habitat for Humanity ReStore Chicago. You can donate clothes, furniture, books, toys, and many more household items. 

Try to Recycle Whatever You Can

Don’t be so focused on your new greatest neighborhood in Chicago for families that you forget about the environment. Stuff that can’t be donated or of use to anybody could still be recycled. Throwing away should be your last option. Also, keep in mind that there will be leftover carton packages or paper after you’re done wrapping stuff. Those can easily be recycled. 

Make Sure You Get Rid of Items That Can’t Be Moved

What stuff should be on the list of items movers won’t move? It’s the things that can’t be safely transported – flammable or hazardous belongings. The list includes chemicals, paint, guns, and ammunition, amongst many others. You must throw these out (or move them by yourself). 

Additionally, professional movers in Chicago won’t move food or plants. Considering that the distance between the old and new place isn’t too big, you can move plants by car. When it comes to food, we have a simple solution – eat everything from the fridge and freezer before the relocation day. Your kids will be for sure happy to hear they must eat tons of ice cream – use this as a technique to help them feel better about the move. 

Person putting clothes on the pile on the package
Some of the typical stuff to donate are clothes you no longer like or wear

#3 Get Enough Quality Boxes and Additional Supplies

In order to pack many different types of belongings, you are going to require various supplies. Of course, boxes of all sizes are a must-have, but what else should you buy in a supply store? Boxes aren’t going to be enough for, let’s say, fragile stuff. Here’s what you should have by your side, even if you have to move in a hurry:

  • Packing paper,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Plastic wrap,
  • Tape and markers,
  • Moving blankets,
  • Dolly.

Use Alternative Supplies to Save Some Money 

Even those about to move to the most affordable neighborhood in Chicago might have to save some money – you never know what kind of relocation expenses can come up. So, why not try to save some cash on supplies? We have a great trick for you, even though it may be one of the most underrated tips for local moves. Use clothes or towels to wrap dishes. They can save you a lot of paper. Additionally, if you have plastic plates left from your going-away party, those can be used to separate dishes when packing plates

You Can Easily Find Free Boxes 

Let’s go even further – why not get free boxes and other supplies? Reusing a box can be a great way to save money and the environment both, right? A sturdy box isn’t too hard to find. All you have to do is visit a few local liquor stores or bookstores or find your local group on Freecycle. These are the most common places where workers will be happy to get rid of excess boxes. Consider checking out these large bookstores: Sandmeyer’s Bookstore, Unabridged Bookstore, 57th Street Books, and The Book Cellar. 

A pile of empty carton packages
Finding free cartons isn’t a problem, but you must pick clean and sturdy ones

#4 Start to Pack Your Belongings a Month Before the Move

When should I start packing to move? Most experts agree that one month is more than enough to pack everything. If you give yourself a few weeks for this demanding task, you won’t rush and make silly mistakes, such as overlooking the most commonly forgotten stuff to pack

Write a Packing Checklist to Help You Stay Organized

You have probably asked yourself this question many times – how can I make moving out easier? Sure, tricks that we’ve mentioned above are helpful, but they won’t be enough if you don’t have a packing list – it’s an absolute necessity for any kind of move. Without it, you would be completely disorganized and lost amongst so many belongings. Do yourself a favor – write the list, and you will be enjoying the benefits of relocating pretty quickly. Here’s a bonus tip – when you get to unpacking after the move, apply the same trick: write a list to guide you.

Non-Essential Things Should Be Packed First

What should you move first when moving? This is one of the most troubling questions. However, this isn’t as big of an issue as it seems if you follow the golden rule – stuff you don’t need daily should be packed first, and the kitchen and bathroom should be left for last. So, for example, wrapping books and living room decorations is a great place to start. You can continue with the living room by wrapping furniture in those specialized blankets you’ve bought in a supply store. Next up, you can handle your clothing. Try to wrap clothes in the correct order – meaning that off-season pieces should be placed in the box first. Check out the video below to learn one of the most famous folding techniques invented by Marie Condo – it will save you a lot of space.

#5 Prepare Properly for the Big Day 

If you have survived wrapping glasses and bowls, nothing can stop you. Once the relocation day arrives, if everything is packed, you will be fine. You might be worried about some small details, but don’t let it overwhelm you because you need to stay focused. You should focus on other stuff – there are tiny tasks left to do to prepare you for the relocation day adequately.

Have a Plan for Kids and Pets

If you are relocating with pets and kids, you will have to come up with a plan for them. They can’t be running around while the truck is being loaded, don’t you agree? They can get hurt or simply be bored all the time. Our advice is to find a reliable friend or a family member who can babysit until the move is over. This is easier for you, plus your little ones will have much more fun. 

Carry a Bag With Essentials on You 

One of the usual things you forget to do when you move is preparing a bag with essentials to have by your side. First of all, relocation is exhausting even if you have the pros to move large stuff instead of you (that’s how you ensure you move safely, right?). You are going to need snacks and water, trust us. Additionally, it wouldn’t be wise to put your chargers in some box – keep them close. Your laptop should also be in the bag (don’t wrap it like you would wrap a computer). Expensive jewelry and important documentation are better not packed in a box as well, and you’ll want to have cash on you to tip the relocation crew. Lastly, you should have toothbrushes and essential medication close to you. This is something you don’t want to look for in the evening after you arrive in the safest neighborhood in Chicago – you’ll be too tired.

Man, woman, two kids, and a dog surrounded by packages before the move with professional movers in Chicago
Kids can assist you with wrapping stuff, but you should find a babysitter for the relocation

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