Tips for Moving With Pets Within Chicago

Did you know that roughly 67% of US households live with a pet and that around 31 million Americans move every year? If you add up the numbers, simple statistics will show you how standard moving with pets is. Since it is a fairly widespread practice, you shouldn’t get worried. You are neither the first nor the only one to go through it. And we’ve compiled a list of all tips and hacks to help you figure the process out.

A Move Is Among the Top Three Stressful Experiences for People, But It’s No Walk in the Park for Animals Either

Research shows that there are three ultimately stressful experiences in life. Along with the death of a loved one and divorce, relocating is third on the list. So, if you feel any relocation stress, know that you are not the first to experience it – it is a fairly common feeling. Relocating with family members (including non-human ones) can turn a move even more, anxiety-inducing, as you have to look out for others as well.

Do Animals Know When You’re Moving?

Dogs, and cats especially, are territorial beings who get attached to their surroundings. You don’t have to be trying to pack a TV, just shifting it around your living room can get your furry family member aware that something is going on. While animals can’t understand the concept of relocation, they will always sense that a change is underway.

A cat or a dog is very attuned to its owner’s feelings and behaviors. So once you start to act stressed out, they’ll be able to pick up on your anxiety, a feeling almost unavoidable when relocating. So, to answer the question: yes, furry friends are aware that something is going on, and they can get stressed about it. However, if you keep up with their routines and show them affection even amidst the relocation chaos, you’ll lessen their stress about the move.

Felines laying on the floor
Cats might seem cool, but they get stressed very quickly when something is happening to the space they consider their own

How Do You Move With Pets to a New Home?

For the reasons mentioned above, you must act in responsible and caring ways while you move. Your cat or dog is, after all, your obligation, especially when a move is in order. It is important to note that even if you contact and hire one of the Chicago moving companies, they won’t assist in relocating your furry friends.

Namely, each company has a list of things movers won’t move, including living beings. That’s why it’ll be up to your friends, family, and designated hotels to keep them safe for a few days and help you move them. However – it will be up to you to create a thorough plan of the move and everything that precedes it. Luckily, we have some relocation hacks and moving-with-pets tips to make sure you don’t forget to do any of the important things to do before you move.

Plan the Move of Your Pets Thoroughly

If you ask any mover in Chicago, IL, they’ll tell you that a good relocation to-do list is half the move. When you organize your move thoroughly and on time, the chance you’ll fail to remember any of the most commonly forgotten things to pack is going to be close to none. It goes without saying that a special part of the list should be designated for your animal’s stuff. It should incorporate all of the following:

  • Pack their beds, bathroom, and sleeping nook – Your sofa is not the only furniture to pack before the move. To pack your furry friend’s furniture and other items, ensure you get boxes, wrapping materials, tape, and some markers. The expertise of professional movers and packers in Chicago will also be great for packing their stuff.
  • Bring their food jars and water bowls – It’s essential to know how to pack plates and other dishes when you aim to move efficiently. And although you are relocating to a nearby safe Chicago neighborhood, you’ll want to take your pet’s favorite dishes and food, as you might have trouble finding the same brand in your soon-to-be local shop. You’ll need foam peanuts, packing paper, and bubble wrap to ensure these are all loaded safely.
  • Take their toys and blankets to your new home – Many people will refer to their doggos as babies, and it’s no wonder. Both have their favorite squishy toys, as well as blankets. So bring them – you won’t require anything you won’t already have to pack your clothes – a box, some tape, labeling, and that’s it.

Declutter Items and Toys Your Pet No Longer Uses Frequently

A move is an excellent time for a declutter, both of your and your pet’s things. It’s a perfect occasion to throw out anything you no longer use. And when you plan to hire a moving company in Chicago, decluttering your items is wise as it will lower the resources you have to allocate for your relocation expenses checklist.

There’s no reason you should throw this stuff out. You can donate your pet’s old things to one of the multiple Chicago rescue centers that take donations. We recommend visiting Chicago Canine Rescue’s website and checking out their wish list. They are located at 5272 N. Elston Ave., so ensure you see them before you move. For a glimpse into the process of decluttering animals’ stuff, check out the following video:

Prepare Their Documents and Medical Records Promptly

Did you know that packing documents is among the most common things people forget to do when relocating? When a person is relocating in a hurry, the chances of forgetting documents grow that much higher. Your pet probably has a passport or a type of ID, medical records, and papers of adoption, or receipts of being bought. Pack each and every one, and double-check if you packed them all. Leave a few hours to organize important documents at home, and trust us, you won’t forget any of these.

Consult the Veterinarian About the Upcoming Trip

If anyone knows your cat or dog better than you, it’s your vet. Get your pet checked out one last time before you relocate, and pick their medical records up while you’re there. Your vet will be able to tell you how to best deal with them during the move, as well as whether it is okay to give them calming medication in case they get too stressed.

Your Vet Can Recommend a Medical Expert Who Works Near Your New Home

Now that you are relocating to one of the best Chicago suburbs, it should go without saying that driving your dog or cats back and forth to your old vet any time they require a check-up isn’t optimal. Their office will probably be a bit further away, and besides, getting your furry friends into a carrier is hard enough as it is, as they get stressed either way. They shouldn’t have to wait out, stressed in a car the whole trip back and forth. So make your lives easier and have your current vet recommend a colleague located near your new house.

A vet checking out a dog before moving services in Chicago arrive
Your vet will be able to inform you if your dog or cat should and can take a calming medicine before the travel

When the Day of the Move Comes, Make Sure They Are Not Around

Whether we’re talking about a dog or a cat, they are all very curious. They will always play detectives once you start to shift your furniture and relocate large items around the house. Trust us when we say that this is one of the most important safety tips we have on the topic: you don’t want your furry friends to get into any danger, so make certain they are not around the home when the moving day comes.

Get a Trusted Pet Sitter to Look After Them

You can always ask your loved ones to see if they can pet-sit for a few days. We recommend you use your going-away party to see which of your buddies gets along with your furry friend the best. That way you can be sure both of them will be enjoying each other’s company in the days of the move. In the unlikely case no one is free to look after them, a hotel is always an option. Check out the following daycare centers in Chicago to find the one that will work for you.

 A girl holding a dog
Every friend group has that one friend who is a perfect pet sitter

Things Your Pet Will Require for the Move

When the day comes that your pet is to travel to your new address in one of the best family neighborhoods in Chicago, there are going to be a few things they’ll need for the move.

  • A carrier to take them in – Although you’ll be driving them in a car, it’s still best to have your animal in a carrier. If you are to take a highway, you are also obliged by law to have them restrained so they don’t distract you or injure you or themselves while they travel.
  • Food and water for the trip – Even if it’s not a long trip, have their food and water on hand. Have some treats to calm them down in case they get stressed.
  • A toy to keep them entertained – It’s always a good idea to put a toy or a blanket they like in their container. This will keep them entertained and calm since if you are the one driving, you won’t be able to give them the attention they might require.
A cat laying around
No matter how calm your cat might generally be, place them in a carrier for travel, even if it’s not a long trip

How Long Does It Take for a Pet to Adjust to a New Home?

Just remember how, when you first got your furry friends (especially if it was a cat), they went through a few mood swings before getting completely adjusted to the space. Cats tend to hide around, sitting under tables and chairs, before they feel free enough to prance around. The same goes for dogs. However, when adjusting, they tend to bark, run and maybe even sleep a bit more. Still, soon before long, they’ll get used to the change.

Your animals will require anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to get used to the change. The transition will go more smoothly if you manage to keep up with their usual daily routines. Ensure you take them out for walks, and feed them at the same time each day. It might be a good idea to have your timetable freed up, so you can spend more time with them till they get adjusted. It will surely help.

Two animals waiting for the local movers in Chicago to relocate their home
No matter if you own cats or dogs, they’ll require some time to get accustomed to the place

Moving With Pets Is Much Easier With the Help Of Professional Movers in Chicago

If you are wondering how to move with pets in the least stressful way possible, consider hiring one of the professional moving companies in Chicago, IL. Although professionals might not be able to relocate your pet, they can help you with everything and anything else.

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