Questions to Ask Your Movers Before Hiring Them

Whenever we think of moving, the first thing that comes to our mind is that moving is stressful. On one hand, your items are so valuable and you want them to be safe and sound. On the other hand, you don’t want to spend a fortune on moving your items. There are so many local movers Chicago has to offer, so how do you determine what team to hire? Of course, different local movers are offering different services, so you will have to determine what are your priorities. If you are moving on a budget, you will have to find affordable movers. If you have a lot of valuables and fragile items, you want to find gentle movers who will know how to handle them right. 

Moving checklist

The ultimate goal all of us have is finding the best local movers Chicago has. Once you determine your essential moving needs, you will have to prepare a list of questions for them. This is something you should do no matter if you’re moving for the first time or you have moved many times before. Having in mind that you will have so many things on your plate when planning a move, we have prepared a list of the most important questions you should ask your potential local movers Chicago. Having the right local movers will show you that moving can be a pleasant experience that’s just a new happy chapter for you and your family. Let’s work together and make sure you have a stress-free move! 

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Price related questions

What’s the price for the moving service?

Let’s be honest, the most important question you will have is related to the moving price. After all, we are planning our moving budget and based on that we are searching for professional movers. Since there are so many local movers Chicago has, there are different price ranges, so there is no doubt that you can find the team that will fit your price limit. Some professional movers are charging hourly while others are charging flat prices. Many people are worried when there are hourly rates, but since most of the local movers Chicago is charging these, we have to say that you shouldn’t be worried. Professional movers will never do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable, so they will try to be as efficient as possible even when they are charging hourly. 

Preparing for a local move

Are there any additional charges? 

We’ve all heard many different stories about shady furniture movers, but since we are living in Chicago, we are saved from that! Our area is regulated by the state, and that’s why many local movers Chicago are charging fuel fees that are determined by the law. These fees are always known before the move, so you won’t have any surprises on a moving day

Calculating the price for the move

Is there any minimum when it comes to the price or hours? 

Local movers Chicago that are licensed usually have 3 hours of minimum when they are charging hourly. When you think about it – it makes total sense. Imagine if you are moving just a few items, you call professional movers, and they finish it in 20 minutes. If they charge you for that only, they won’t be able to cover the expenses of coming to your location and returning back. And every company is paying their local movers, so they can’t cover that either. That’s why local movers Chicago usually have some minimum hours to charge for. 

What’s included in the price? 

Even though the price is important, you should also check what services your professional movers can offer. Different local movers Chicago are offering different services. There are same-day movers, apartment movers, office movers, labor-only movers, etc. Depending on the type of your move and additional requests you might have, you should hire local movers. That’s why you should have a list of different wishes to check if your local movers Chicago can make them real. Sometimes this is even more important than the final price. 

Is the moving insurance included in the price? 

We can’t stress enough the importance of hiring professional movers who are offering moving insurance included. Local movers Chicago should at least offer basic coverage insurance, so you can decide if you need additional third-party insurance or you’re good to go. You will feel way safer with furniture movers with insurance because in case something goes wrong, you can always reach back to them and ask for a solution. 

Moving insurance

Do I have to pay something in advance to hire local movers? 

Most of the local movers Chicago require a deposit if you wish to use their services. This is great for you and them because both parties will know that the service will be done for sure. However, you should always check what cancellation or rescheduling policies your professional movers have. No one likes to be told a day before the planned moving day that you don’t need the service any longer. You should respect your local movers’ time. Most of the local movers Chicago require 48-hours notice if you wish to change your moving day, so make sure to double-check what’s the policy of your chosen team.

Paying the deposit

Moving team-related questions

Are your local movers trained? 

When we are hiring professional movers, we expect to have someone who knows how to handle even the most fragile items, and we want to feel safe and comfortable during the service. Since there are numerous local movers Chicago has to offer, we have to be honest and say that not all of them are skilled and trained. You want to find a company that provides training and education for their team members, so they can provide you with top-notch service. Ask your chosen local movers Chicago if their team members are trained, background checked, and how do they do the selection. The ultimate goal is to feel comfortable in your home with the furniture movers you are hiring. 

Make sure you have trained local movers

Are you licensed? 

We’ve mentioned how important it is to find insured local movers, but another thing that’s usually related to it is to find a licensed moving company. These are related because when local movers are licensed, they are carrying the insurance too. Checking if local movers Chicago are licensed or not is so simple, all you have to get from your team is their PUC number and check it. This will help you avoid any potential moving scams. 

How early in advance should I hire local movers Chicago? 

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to this, but our general advice is to hire your professional movers as soon as you know the moving day. If you leave it for the last minute, you will probably end up changing your plans. Top-notch movers have hired weeks ahead, sometimes even months. Especially if you are planning your relocation during the moving season, it might be a mission impossible to find local movers a week or two before the moving day. On the other hand, why wait? 

Booking local movers

Can you move my heavy items? 

Every moving company has some rules when it comes to moving heavy items. There are some restrictions when it comes to the size and weight of the items, and local movers are avoiding handling these because of safety reasons. That’s why it’s important, to be honest with the local movers Chicago you have chosen, and alert them in advance if you have some heavy items they should be aware of. Even if your furniture movers can’t move something for you, they will recommend additional solutions that might be helpful. 

Questions about additional services local movers Chicago can offer

Can you help me with packing? 

We can bet that the actual moving won’t be that stressful if there wasn’t packing. No one likes it because it’s very time-consuming and you have to be super focused so you don’t damage something. We think that majority of local movers Chicago are offering packing services as well. You should always ask about this because it usually comes at an additional price. However, don’t let that hold you back because hiring packers and movers is the best! You won’t have to lift a finger and all of your belongings will be transported to your new location safely. A stress-free move is guaranteed. 

Packing boxes for a move

Do you provide storage services? 

Sometimes we have a lot of items that we don’t have where to put in our new space, so we have to store it somewhere for a time being. That’s why some people decide to use storage units. Local movers can always help you with the relocation of your items in or out of a unit of your choice. But if you would like to learn if your professionals are offering storage units too, make sure to ask, because it’s not rare they do. 

Can professional movers throw away things for me? 

Decluttering is always a part of a moving service because we don’t want to pack our homes or offices with unneeded items. Small items and clothes are usually handled by you because you know where you want to donate them or you can just get rid of them on your own. When it comes to big furniture, you might need help from professional movers. Most of the local movers Chicago offers a service of decluttering but under some specific conditions. Make sure to learn more about it before you hire your team. 


Do I have to be present when local movers Chicago arrive? 

If you are not sure that you’ll be able to be there with your professional movers on a moving day, you should check if that’s requested on their end. We always recommend you are there because no one could instruct your furniture movers better on where to put what and what goes where. Also, signing the agreement with your local movers is something that’s a must. Unless you have someone who is willing and who you trust to sign it instead, you will have to be there. But life can get busy, so if you just can’t make it, check what’s the procedure with that case. 

In case you are looking for the best local movers, Chicago has to offer – you are in the right place! Legit Movers Chicago is the company of choice for many Chicagoans. We can assure you that you will get efficient and professional moving service done by the moving experts from the area. Our passion is helping our neighbors move, and we are looking forward to making you our next happy client. Grab your phone and reach out to us, getting your moving quote is free, so no reason to hesitate. We’re waiting for your call!

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