Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago to Live in 2021

Whether you’re planning to move with your family, partner, or alone, you must be curious about the safest neighborhoods in Chicago. Relocations carry a significant amount of responsibility – you need to think carefully about your future neighborhood and things you’re looking for, and safety must be one of your priorities. Luckily, there are plenty of safe neighborhoods in Chicago, so it will be easy for you to pick a convenient solution.

Once you choose one of the safest Chicago neighborhoods and find your dream place, you should consider hiring professional movers in Chicago. With their professional assistance, your relocation can go smoothly and efficiently, plus you’ll have more free time to enjoy wandering around your new neighborhood.

Is Chicago a Safe Place for Living?

While being home to 2.7 million residents, this city is the third-largest in the United States – and when it comes to large cities, there is always a certain risk of higher crime rates. Luckily, this place doesn’t fit much in that stereotype, and like other large cities, it has its safe and unsafe parts. According to FBI crime data, one of the most common crimes around this city is motor vehicle theft.

Wonder which side is the bad side of Chicago? The South Side is considered one of the less safe areas of Chicago. If you’re planning to relocate here soon, you don’t need to worry – there are plenty of safe places that might suit your needs and requirements. Crime data and other significant factors might show that some of these places might be ideal for your new home.

What Is the Best Neighborhood to Live in Chicago?

It is hard to pick just one, but in the end, you have to, which is why we tried hard to narrow down the selection for you and present to you our top six choices. Safe Chicago neighborhoods that we picked offer something for everybody, so we are sure you’ll be able to choose your favorite easily. In the following lines, you’ll learn more about their attractions, amenities, and cost of living – everything you need to know before deciding which neighborhood suits you best. After making your final decision, you can start making a moving to-do list and planning your move.

Buildings and a tram
Every neighborhood has its unique differences

#1 Edison Park Is Calm and Quiet

What is the safest area in Chicago? When it comes to the safe areas of Chicago, Edison Park is considered to be one of the best neighborhoods, with crime rates 77% lower than the city average. This quiet and calm place located in the north was named after one of the greatest American inventors – Thomas Alva Edison. Its charming and welcoming community is definitely worth considering. One of the main reasons why this place is among the Chicago safe neighborhoods is that many police officers have their homes here. It offers an urban-suburban feel, attracting families and young professionals. It has about 13,000 residents, and about 80% of the population own their homes. Some of the public schools serving this part are rated above average.

Cost of Living in Edison Park Is Higher Than the US Average

If you’re interested in becoming a homeowner, this might be your perfect opportunity. Considering the fact that most residents here are owning their homes, it might be hard to find a place to rent and much easier to buy a property. The median real estate price is about $400,000, which is a bit higher than the median home price in the US. On the other hand, rent prices are pretty low – about $1,300 per month, which might sound great, but as we mentioned earlier, it might be hard to find an available apartment.

Cute houses in a row
The median real estate price here is about $400,000

#2 The Loop Is Considered Very Safe

This area has about 35,000 residents, and the majority of them rent their homes. Living in the downtown area brings many possibilities for both business and pleasure. It’s rich in diversity and nightlife options, so you will enjoy living here. Although the cost of living might be higher than in some other areas, the median household income is also high – about $110,000. The median real estate price is approximately $500,000, and the median rent price is $2,200.

You Can Enjoy Well-Known Chicago Amenities

If you’re blessed enough to live here, you will never get bored. You can start by visiting the breathtaking Adler Planetarium and enjoy virtual reality trips through time and space in the Sky Theater. The Art Institute treasures more than 300,000 original artworks and artifacts from around the world. Here you can enjoy fantastic exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, including the Art Institute’s architecture and design collection. You should also visit Civic Opera House, Theater and Cultural Center, and the Architecture Foundation. Take a look at this video to get more ideas about things to do around the Loop.

#3 Lake View Is Close to Downtown

This might be a perfect location for someone looking for a place to rent – it’s a large neighborhood with more than 90,000 residents. The crime rate here is 40% lower than the city average, and it is ideal for singles and young professionals. The neighborhood is located on the north side of the city, and it’s overlooking Lake Michigan. Here you can enjoy a variety of options for dining and shopping within walking distance. Good public transportation and proximity to downtown also bring out many possibilities.

The median home price is approximately $460,000, and the median rent price is $1,600, which is considered quite affordable. If you add the median household income of $100,000 in this area to your moving expenses checklist, you can find out that life here might be suitable for your pocket. Neighboring Lincoln Park is also great for living, but while Lake View might be affordable, Lincoln Park is considered more exclusive and, by that, more expensive.

Apart From Low Crime Rates, This Place Also Offers Excellent Schools

If you’re relocating here with children, you must be thinking about their education and the schools they can attend around the area. Luckily, if you relocate to Lake View, your children can attend some of the highest-rated schools in the city. According to Niche, some of the top public schools serving Lake View are Northside College Preparatory High School and Lane Tech College Prep High School.

School bus
Schools around here are highly rated

#4 Forest Glen Has Low Crime Rates

As opposed to the previously described, vibrant area, Forest Glen is more calm and relaxed. It offers sparse suburban vibes, and it’s great for families and retirees. It has about 20,000 residents, and the majority of them are families with children younger than 18. You can feel comfortable knowing that most of the schools serving this area are highly rated. This is also a great location if you’re relocating with pets because it provides many options for outdoor activities. After a long biking session on some of the well-maintained trails or a walk around some local parks, you’ll easily overcome all the moving stress. To wrap up a relaxing day, you can enjoy a delicious dinner at some of the many local family restaurants.

Cost of Living Is Higher Than in Other Neighborhoods, and Almost Everyone Owns Their Homes

One of the crucial things you should know about this place is that almost every resident here owns its home – according to Niche statistics, 91% of the residents are homeowners. If you were looking for a place to rent, that might be a challenging task around here. On the other hand, if you were planning on buying a property, you should know that the median value is about $460,000 as opposed to the national median value of $220,000.

People with a dog
Forest Glen offers plenty of options for recreational activities 

#5 Rogers Park in the North Part of the City Is Very Affordable

Located on the northwest end of the city, this place is very diverse and perfect for singles and young couples. As a part of the Police Department CAPS program, this area marked a significant decrease in crimes, making it one of the safest areas. Apart from being busy and vibrant, this area is also very affordable, compared to others. The median home value is about $200,000, which is about the US average. Rent prices are also low, approximately $1,000 per month, and most residents rent their homes.

Schools Here Are Highly Rated

If you already have children or are planning to start a family, you can feel comfortable knowing that excellent educational institutions serve this area. For example, some of the best-rated public schools here are Walter Payton College Prep and Jones College Prep High School.

Calculator and a piggy bank
Life here is very affordable compared to other cities in the US

#6 Norwood Park Offers Great Options for Outdoor Activities

Norwood is well known for its extensive green areas and idyllic surroundings, making it attractive to many families and retirees that live here. Safety is on a high level, so you can enjoy walking around some nice trails as long as you like. At the local park, you can relax at the 14-acre space with pools and picnic areas or participate in many recreational sports and activities. If you’re a fan of golf, don’t miss out on Edgebrook Golf Course nearby, and for those of you who want to have a fun and active day, Whealan Pool Aquatic Center might be ideal.

Cost of Living Is About Average

With its large population of about 40,000, where most of the residents own their homes, this might be an excellent place for homebuyers. Real estate prices are considered affordable compared to national median values. The median home value here is about $300,000, and the median monthly rent is about $1,200. The median household income in this area is approximately $85,000. Calculate potential expenses of your residential relocation before the move and see if these options are suitable for you. If you’re hiring professionals to help you move efficiently, be aware of potential moving scams to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Green space
Enjoy pleasant surroundings at the local parks

Relocate to Some of the Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago With Best Moving Company in Chicago

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