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The moving process comes with a boatload of choices. One of the first decisions is whether to hire pro movers or to organize the relocation on your own. Since we are in this industry for a long time, we like to say that moving is just making a bunch of decisions, from which house to buy, which furniture to move, to which local movers to hire. All of this may make you feel overwhelmed before the actual process starts. That’s why we are here – to help you understand your needs and figure out which moving method is the right one for you. 

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Before making a decision if you should hire pro movers, think about this… 

Should you hire pro movers or not is as simple as thinking only about your moving budget. It’s much more than that. Your final decision should be made after you think of your budget, proximity to your new place, the complexity of the move, the amount of excessively heavy items, your physical ability to handle heavy items, and if you are going to have some friends to help you out. Many questions that you have to answer. 


Of course, that hiring pro movers is more expensive than moving on your own. But once you put it on the paper and see the benefits of hiring furniture movers, you might end up thinking that it’s worth it. When you opt to move on your own, don’t think that it comes expenses-free. You will still have to rent a moving truck, tools, gas, buy insurance, etc.

On the other hand, when you hire pro movers all of this is usually included in the price. Bear in mind that there are many different local movers Chicago has to offer, so there is no doubt that you will find a team that is within your moving budget. It’s all about the research. Before making a decision and hiring pro movers, you should plan your moving budget in detail. 

Setting the moving budget

Mileage between the locations 

If you are moving within the same building, it might be convenient to move on your own. However, if your new home is dozens of miles from your current one, hiring pro movers is a way safer option. The further the new place is – the more complex your move might be. Just imagine if your items don’t fit inside the truck you rented and you have to move back and forth driving for miles. It’s way easier to hire pro movers to handle everything in one trip. After all, you should think about the convenience and time you have to invest. 

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Time available for the move 

Even though we always recommend planning your move as soon as possible, sometimes life can get busy or hectic and you might have to move in a short period of time. What’s the best option in a situation like that? Hire pro movers! Moving companies are offering experienced local movers who can pack and move your home in just a day or two, so if you don’t have much time left – it’s the perfect option for you. 

The only obstacle might be finding top-notch movers in a short time. You should hire them at least a week or two before the moving day. On the other hand, if you have more than enough time to plan every single detail, you can even determine moving on your own. Especially if you are not planning on moving all the furniture pieces in just a day or two, but you want to do it little by little. In this case, it might be fun to gather your friends and family from time to time and they can help you out with the moving project. 

How much time do you have for moving?

Help you have 

Speaking of friends helping you, you should definitely have some help when planning your DIY move. However, that might be tricky because you will have to coordinate all of your schedules so you can all gather. But let’s be honest – your friends won’t be thrilled for having to spend their weekends carrying heavy items. And without their help, you won’t be able to lift most of the possessions you have. 

That’s why most people decide to hire pro movers. When you hire local movers, you are not allowed to help them, which means that you won’t have to lift a finger. They will handle everything for you and you can be worry-free about dialing a bunch of phone numbers to ask for help.

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At the same time, imagine if your friends damage or drop something by accident. What can you do about it? Pretty much nothing, because you don’t want to ruin your relationship with your friends over some items. Regardless of how meaningful they might be, your friendship is priceless. 

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The size of your move 

The bigger the move – the more complex the move is. It is logical, but you will also need much more time. This means that you will either need more friends to help you or you will have to plan to spend many more days on your relocation. And no one wants to stress out about it longer than necessary. Pro movers are skilled to handle safely every home or office, no matter the size of it. Sometimes even the smaller homes have a lot of furniture and miscellaneous items around if you are detail-oriented. Just imagine how much time you will need just to pack all of it. When you’re done with packing, you are not going to be in the mood to load all of it in the moving truck. But if you hire pro movers, everything will be done in no time. 

How big is your home?

Physical strength

Be honest with yourself. Are you physically able to handle heavy furniture? There’s a reason why there are so many pro movers, and that’s because most of us are not strong enough to carry around a heavy fridge. And that’s completely fine. If you don’t think you can do it or you maybe have back problems, just hire pro movers and avoid any potential injuries. 

Strong professional movers

Your priorities 

At the end of the day, it all comes down to your priorities. If you don’t want to bother with many different tasks on your own and if you want to have a comfortable relocation, hiring local movers is your go-to option. On the other hand, if your priorities are moving budget and being in charge of everything when it comes to organization, you might need to move on your own. The same goes for people who don’t like letting others have control. 

Nowadays, pro movers are offering many different options, so you can choose what types of services are the best for you. You can choose a full pack service where your pro movers will do everything for you and you won’t have to lift a finger. On the other hand, you can do everything on your own, and your local movers can handle only your heavy items. It’s up to you to determine what suits you. 

Determine moving priorities

Benefits of hiring pro movers 

If you love enjoying simplicity and perfection – hiring pro movers will definitely suit your needs. Here are some of the main benefits of hiring local movers. 


We’ve mentioned this already, but when you hire pro movers your relocation will be done in a day or two. And if your local movers need two days imagine how much time you might need. Scary, right? Nowadays, time is the most valuable asset we have, and we are sure you can find better ways to spend yours. Let pro movers do what they do the best, and you can spend your time with your loved ones doing something you enjoy doing. 

efficient movers

Team of trained pro movers 

Professional movers are a group of skilled, trained, and background-checked people who know exactly how to handle which piece of furniture. And they did it so many times until now that you can be sure your items will safely arrive at their destination. Isn’t that the ultimate goal you have? Sure it is. That’s why hiring pro movers can’t be compared with DIY projects. 

Team of helpful pro movers

Moving insurance 

We mentioned already that when your friends are helping and damages happen – you can’t do much about it. You are not going to ask them for reimbursement. But when your pro movers make some damages, you can ask for it freely. Local moving companies will find some solution for the issue – you will either get the repair, or a part of the item’s value will be refunded. Local moving companies care about their clients and they will do their best to keep you happy. 

Insured local movers

Safety reasons 

Hiring pro movers means no injuries and probably no damages. If we’re being honest, damages happen to everyone. Your local movers are not robots, and mistakes are possible. But you can be sure that no one will get injured due to a lack of experience because all of the pro movers are trained to handle different belongings safely. 

Stress-free moving 

We are living in a stressful world, and everything that’s making you lose your temper that can be avoided – should be avoided. That includes moving as well. By hiring pro movers you can forget about the stress because they can help you with every step of your move – planning, packing and moving. You will be settled in your home in a blink of an eye if you opt for hiring local movers. 

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