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Hiring a few excellent Skokie movers to assist you will make your relocation a lot simpler, and that’s exactly what our local company has to offer. Whatever services you might need, we have them, meaning you won’t have to go to another mover ever again. Contact us for additional details, and you will get a free quote almost instantaneously.

Skokie’s Amenities Make It an Excellent Choice for Just About Anyone

If you’re looking to move to a suburb just north of Windy City, this village might be the perfect choice for you. Skokie’s excellent urban and suburban qualities make it an ideal choice for just about anyone. The entire area is very diverse and features plenty of great real estate and amenities, ranging from shops and restaurants to cultural institutions and parks. Last but not least, it’s only 15 miles northwest of Chicago’s Downtown Loop, allowing you to get to the city center in just 20 minutes.

There’s Plenty of Excellent Real Estate for Buyers

The village offers plenty of excellent housing just outside the city limits. According to Niche, the median home value of $319,000 is about 24% higher than Chicago’s $258,000, which is not surprising considering 60% of housing costs between $200k and $399k. Renting prices are also slightly higher, with the median rent of $1,250 being about 13% higher than Chicago’s $1,100. Similar to buying options, 50% of rentals are in one price range, costing between $1,000 and $1,499 a month. Take these numbers into consideration when doing your relocation expenses checklist, as you want to leave enough funds for professional movers in Chicago.

It’s One of Chicago’s Most Diverse Suburbs

The village is home to various groups and ethnicities, making it one of Chicago’s most diverse suburbs. It’s well known for having one of the largest Jewish populations in the area, representing nearly 30% of the entire community. According to recent demographics, Jews and other White ethnicities make up about 50% of all residents. Asians follow them with 27%, Hispanics with 11%, and African Americans with 8%, which goes to show just how diverse the village truly is.

The Village Provides All Kinds of Interesting Amenities

Despite being a village, Skokie’s amenities are more like that of Chicago’s best neighborhoods. It’s a continuation of the city, providing the locals with plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities. You can also find plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars on Dempster Street or visit the nearby Pointe Plaza and Village Crossing shopping malls. History buffs won’t be disappointed with the sheer number of historical spots and museums.

Some of the more important local institutions include Skokie Heritage Museum,  The Illinois Holocaust Museum, and Education Center. The latter serves to preserve and honor the memories of those who lost their lives in WWII. Considering the village is a suburb, there are several great outdoor opportunities as well. If you want to shake off some of that relocation stress, Harms Woods and Flatwoods are great spots for hiking, picnicking, and wildlife viewing. The narrow 2-mile long Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park is unique, as it displays over 60 sculptures alongside its biking trails.

Make the Relocation Process Easier By Hiring Our Local Movers in Chicago

Relocations are never simple, particularly if you have a lot of things on your to-do list. While some relocation hacks can make the process bearable, hiring one of the local moving companies in Chicago, IL, is often the better option. If you decide to hire a professional, Legit Movers will make your moving experience much more enjoyable, allowing you to move with as little stress as possible.

Excellent Customer Reviews Show That We’re One of the Best Movers in Skokie, IL

Although most Chicago moving companies are good professionals, relocation scams do occur from time to time. To ensure you’re not dealing with a scammer, you can always check the company’s reviews before booking their services. Customer feedback on Google, Yelp, and similar platforms are always legitimate, as companies can’t influence them. If a mover has a great review score there, hiring them is perfectly safe. Our company is also on these platforms, and reviews left by our previous clients prove that we’re one of the best movers in Chicago.

Hiring Our Skokie Movers Will Give You Access to Some of the Top Moving Services in Chicago

Hiring our mover in Chicago, IL, gives you access to several excellent services. Considering not each customer will require the same things, we made sure that our options cover everything you might need. Anyone who wants to move efficiently should consider getting at least some of our local moving services:

  • Household relocation – Home relocations are our most common services. If you’re moving to a house, you’ll get a residential move, while those relocating to and from a high-rise building should get an apartment relocation.
  • Commercial move – Although relocating a large company requires a lot of time and resources, hiring a professional will allow you to get back to work quickly.
  • Packing and moving – While the previous two options include furniture packing, they don’t cover anything smaller than a standard one cubic foot box. If you have to pack a computer or some other fragile items, it might be better to get this option and not worry about packing whatsoever. We also have to acknowledge that there are some things movers won’t move, so be sure to ask our representative about these non-allowables when getting an estimate.
  • Labor-only service- This service is particularly attractive for anyone who has to move a piano or other heavy equipment and furniture. Even if you’ve already secured a truck, our team can still assist you with the heavy lifting.

Besides Packing and Moving, Our Company Also Provide Excellent Storage Relocation Services

Besides the options we mentioned, our movers and packers in Chicago also offer in and out-of-storage relocation. What makes this service particularly useful is that you can use it even when not relocating. Although it doesn’t provide storage itself, it will allow you to transport your belongings to a unit you’re already renting. It also works the other way around, meaning you have something from the storage delivered to your new address.

Contact Our Moving Company in Chicago and Get a Free Quote Right Away

That was only some of the vital information we had to share with you about our Chicago movers. To learn more about everything we mentioned here, contact us and ask for a free quote. You’ll get a quote almost right away, allowing you to book a relocation as soon as you get all the necessary information.

Legit Movers are waiting for you to schedule your relocation with us. If you’re still not ready to set the moving date, we are still at your disposal to answer any questions you might have. How often do you get a chance to work with one of the best Skokie local and long distance moving companies? Take it! Contact our representatives right away and get the process started.