Top 10 Chicago Neighborhoods To Move To

Are you thinking about moving to Chicago but still find yourself questioning the pros and cons of our city? If that is the case, as one of Chicago first class movers we find ourselves responsible to share with you all the reasons why you should move to Chicago as soon as possible and you can take a look at them here. However, even though you might be already convinced that you want to move to our vibrant and amazing city, you might still have questions and doubts about where you should move to Chicago.

Don’t worry, because your first class movers came up with a solution to this dilemma too. We decided to share with you our guide for the top 10 neighborhoods you should consider when you are moving to Chicago. The city divides into 77 community areas, loosely called “neighborhoods” since there are several “neighborhoods” within a community area.

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Our Legit Movers Welcome You to The City of Chicago

Have you ever been to Chicago before and are you already a fan of our city? If not, you should know that it is undoubtedly one of the best cities in the USA, and clearly has a lot to offer. Whether it’s the rich cultural scene, stunning skyline or delicious food, it is truly a place where people from all over the world come for a living and raise their families. That is why Chicago first-class movers are always there to provide our future friends and neighbors with valuable information. 

Why is Moving to Chicago Popular?

The city of Chicago attracts renters from all over the world. It’s often high on the list of renters looking to relocate, which is why it is not so easy to find professional movers here since they are fully booked throughout the year and you have to think in advance and plan wisely if you want to find good reliable Chicago first class movers. 

However, even though many people come to live here, it can be challenging to determine whether Chicago is right for you specifically! It is a large city with many distinct neighborhoods, each offering its own look and feel.

It is important to choose a neighborhood that’s right for you. Luckily, the city offers plenty of unique neighborhoods. You can be certain to find one that is a good fit for you. Our first class movers are here to share with you a list of the best neighborhoods in Chicago. Let’s dive in!

1. West Loop

West Loop is an up-and-coming Chicago neighborhood, located just across the river from the central Loop. It is an industrial zone turned chic foodie paradise near Chicago’s business district. Chicago first class movers here have a lot of work to do, because it has become a hotspot over the past decade or so, and Chicagoans all flock to this neighborhood for its modern, upscale bars and restaurants. Apartments/housing is expensive but good deals can still be found in the surrounding neighborhoods.

The vibe of West Loop housing is the “loft” style – exposed brick, timber, and warehouse elements – due to the industrial past of the neighborhood. It is both a great place for families and young singles who are looking forward to enjoying their growing business as well as nightlife. If you are thinking about moving to the West Loop, get in touch with Chicago furniture movers to find out all the information you need to move in like a boss and find all the best places and things around. 

2. Old Town

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Old Town is a vibrant neighborhood and has many entertainment venues, from restaurants to shopping to movie theaters. It is a convenient location and has nice features. Old Town includes some new development but it’s also loaded with history and the area even has its own historic district, which should easily make it one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago. It is next to Lincoln Park and the Gold Coast, near Lake Michigan and the lakefront path.

It has a community feel thanks to shorter high rises and single-family homes. People who hire packers and movers to move them to the Old Town are usually impressed at the first sight of everything that the neighborhood has to offer. Its diversity makes it good for both singles, families, professionals and retirees. This neighborhood also holds St Michael’s Church, one of only seven buildings to survive the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

3. Hyde Park

Both the University of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry lie within Hyde Park’s borders, as does a portion of the beautiful Jackson Park. That is why you will never lack options to spend your free time and enjoy your life in Hyde Park. Since the University of Chicago campus is in Hyde Park, many students, faculty and staff live here. The area has great independent shops and restaurants as well as cultural institutions.

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 Hyde Park is also on the shores of Lake Michigan, giving residents and visitors beautiful views and easy access to the 18-mile lakefront running and biking path. That is what makes it perfect for families who usually are the ones who get in touch with our first class movers to move here. You see people walking and riding bikes in the community daily. In the summer there are over a dozen community festivals and live outdoor jazz concerts that are free for the community. What could be a better place for a perfect family home?

4. Pilsen

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Pilsen is a heavily Latino community that supports a thriving art and music scene, active nightlife and delicious food. Whether it’s from a tamale or corn street vendor, a bakery or one of the many restaurants, food is the main attraction of the Pilsen neighborhood. Colorful building murals are found throughout the National Museum of Mexican Art, which attracts locals and visitors to its free museum daily (except Mondays, when it’s closed).

However, even though Pilsen is quite a unique neighborhood, it is very welcoming to the new residents and people who hire our Chicago first class movers are usually more than pleasantly surprised when they arrive and see how friendly and close the community is. It is a pleasant place for all sorts of people and even though Mexicans are dominant, you can meet people from all over the world who are coming here to experience this unique atmosphere. If you are looking for a neighborhood that has a little more character, Pilsen is the right place for you. 

5. The Loop

The Loop is the 35-block downtown area that includes the business area. LaSalle Street is home to many large financial institutions including the Chicago Stock Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. That is why most people who hire our packers and movers are the businessmen who have found the Loop to be the perfect place for work and home. However, Loop is not only great for doing business.

Residents in The Loop’s high rises simply have to walk a few blocks to access cultural attractions like The Art Institute of Chicago, Broadway in Chicago performances or enjoy opera and classical music at the Lyric Opera of Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Not only the Loop is a great place for businessmen but also for students who are having the time of their life living and studying in the Loop. If you are interested to learn more about the Loop, get in touch with Chicago first class movers because we know everything that the future resident of the Loop neighborhood should be aware of and we are willing to share it with you.

6. Wicker Park

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The residents of the Wicker Park area say that this place has such a great vibe that it is almost beyond any words. You will see people from all walks of life. If you are thinking about moving to Chicago, you will find a home for yourself here. Whether you are a family, an artist, or a college student, Wicker Park is the place for you. Not only is that great in the way of diversity, but Wicker Park also has so many unique diners and historic structures. Plus, it is famous for its great nightlife. Thus, it is easy to see why it is among the best neighborhoods in Chicago.

7. Printers Row

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Printers Row is one of the neighborhoods that many clients of Chicago first class movers highly recommend. The area is still not too crowded which makes it great for families. Printers Row is centrally located to pretty much everything the city has to offer that simply can’t be beaten. The access to pretty much all of the Chicago L trains and two subway lines make the need for owning a car non-existent.

There are so many dining options within Printers Row and the immediate surrounding area and the lake, Grant Park, Museum Campus, State Street, Michigan Ave, all within walking distance. The surprising part is that you can still get a loft or condo in one of the charming older buildings for a pretty affordable price. Buy now because things are still happening in the area.

8. River North

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Here is the neighborhood that welcomes you with a warm community and beautiful surroundings. However, even though it is often suggested to provide you with quite a high-quality lifestyle, that comes with a price and this neighborhood is famous as one of the more expensive ones. Even though finding an apartment here might cost you more, the options that you get are priceless.

Life here is very convenient because everything you need is in the walking range, the neighborhood is beautifully arranged and it is in the central area of Chicago which makes it close and easy to navigate from. When it comes to food, drinks and shopping, the choices in River North are endless.

9. Lakeview

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Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood is home to some of the city’s most famous attractions, while also offering beautiful scenery. Lakeview is a community part of the Northside region of Chicago. The area is very dynamic and the openings of new parlors, diners, retailers, and cafes for every dining need happen regularly here. Besides this, there is no lack of activities in the area. Lakeview has first-class comedy clubs, concert venues and night-out opportunities.

Both Belmont Harbor and the pretty lakeshore path are must-sees for anyone living in Chicago. Also, Lakeview is only about 20 minutes from one of the famous beaches, so you are not far at all to relax on the beach on a sunny day. If you want to experience life in Lakeview, get in touch with Chicago first class movers and find your apartment quickly, since the area is getting more and more popular every day.

10. Edgewater

Chicago cityscape

As you have probably noticed, your first class movers tried to really come up with all kinds of options for Chicago neighborhoods, thinking both about the quality of life in certain neighborhoods and everything that they have to offer, as well as, the different people who are reading this and are in search of different things.

Thanks to the large number of immigrants coming mainly from Africa and Eastern Europe, Edgewater has entirely different vibes that consist of the ultimate blend of pace and versatility. If you want to live in Chicago with a good view of Lake Michigan but don’t want to pay enormous prices, Edgewater is the perfect pick. It is a diverse neighborhood located in the North of the famous Loop area. Plenty of greens, enchanting views, and ethnic restaurants define this locality the best.

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