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Before you begin packing to move, you should make sure that you find the right Palos Heights movers that can have your back during this time. You may have already browsed countless reviews before you found this page – and you are at the right place. We are one of the top Chicago moving companies, and we serve your new town, as well. As we know the place very well, we will first tell you something about it, and then we will introduce our local team and the services we provide.

Living in Palos Heights, Illinois

This is a small city and a suburb of Chicago located less than 20 miles away from Windy City. Palos Heights is home to some of the best neighborhoods around Chicago, and people say it’s among the best places to live in Illinois. It offers its 12,480 residents a sparse suburban feel while being close to major cities. Most people here own their homes, and let’s see how much it costs to live here and how you would like it.

Cost of Living in Palos Heights, Illinois

We’ll go over the cost of living first, so you can have your moving expenses checklist in check on time. The overall cost of living index lies at 112.2, according to BestPlaces. That is a little over the state average of 93.4, which is mostly because of property prices. That means that you can plan to spend around $272,000 for a home here, which is the median home value. Your other option is renting, and in that case – expect the median rent for a 1-bedroom apartment to be around $1,570. But considering the fact that some of the safest neighborhoods around Chicago are in this city – that’s pretty good value for money.

A Lovely Suburb in South Suburbs of Chicago

This is one of the lovely suburbs south of our city. Here, you will get a feeling that you live with nature and still have all the amenities nearby. The community is diverse, especially with the presence of Trinity College. People are friendly and welcoming, and the community is tight-knit. Schools are above average, and the place is family-oriented. The city is very safe, with extremely low crime rates, and the presence of police cars gives a sense of safety to residents. If you are relocating with pets, you and yours will be able to enjoy the abundance of trails and forest preserves in the area.

What’s There to Do Around Here?

The biggest appeal of the place and the most popular activities around here are outdoor activities. Lake Katherine Nature Center is the go-to place to have a nice day and forget all about the moving stress you’ve been under. There are beautiful hiking trails and well-kept forest preserves. But there are also all the amenities – everything you need from food to shopping and entertainment is within a 15-minute radius. And when we say food, we mean all food – Italian, American, Asian, or any other. There are also great pubs and places like Mister Mo’s and Trio. All in all – it’s one of the best suburbs in Illinois.


When you’ve decided where you want to base yourself – you should make a to-do list and choose the Chicago movers that will make moving easy. We are a reliable company that has been in this industry and business for years. Our local team has the right kind of skills, experience, and relocation hacks to make sure you are able to move efficiently. Avoid the moving scams – choose our company, and our local team will be there on time, work hard, and provide you with a successful move.

Our Palos Heights, IL, Movers Have Your Back

Our team is experienced and forthcoming with any kind of help you may need – they can help you pack plates, or they can move a piano or take your belongings to a storage facility. There is a small number of items our movers won’t move. Such are some hazardous materials or other illegal substances, so make sure you check the list before you start packing. Other than that – they can help you in every way with the great number of services they provide to our customers.

What Moving Services Do Our Movers in Palos Heights Offer?

It is our goal and pleasure to provide you with assistance every step of your relocation. That is why we have various services available for you to choose from depending on your needs. The quality of service is exceptional for each one of our services – you only need to pick the one that fits your needs.

  • Residential moving service – One of our staples is our residential service. It is the one you should choose if you want us to assist you in settling into your new home.
  • Packing service – Contact us if you want our professional packers to pack dishes or anything else for you.
  • Commercial moving service – If your company or business needs relocating – contact us. We will have you all set swiftly and efficiently.
  • Labor service – We have a professional team that can carry out all the heavy lifting instead of you if you choose to rent a truck.
  • In-and-out-of storage service – If you want your stuff moved to a storage facility you’ve rented, contact us. We can transport your belongings into or from any storage location.

Check the Reviews to Find the Best Movers in Palos Heights

Before you sign a deal with professional movers in Chicago – make sure to browse through various reviews online. Reviews will help paint a picture of each company without having to go through the good and bad with them. See what people have to say about each company through the reviews and choose the one for you.

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When you see for yourself why we are on top of all charts, contact us and request a free quote. Each individual interested in our services can get a free quote that will serve as an estimated cost of any of our services. So, get your quote, see how it sits with you, and get ready for your moving-away party and to swiftly move into a new home.

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